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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Praying For Tony

Sorry. No pic today or fancy formatting. Just words. I'm writing this post on my phone because I'm without my usual home comforts at present.

In fact, there will be no Dance of Revenge post either, because there is something far more important I need to tell you about today.

Lori of Random Ramblings of A Stay At Home Mum is currently sitting by her husband, Tony's bedside in ICU willing for him to live. A bunch of fellow bloggers and tweeps are there by her side in a figurative sense praying or using positive thoughts to ask for a positive outcome. Myself included.

To read more, please visit Lori's blog. I'm sorry I can't work out how to link to Lori's blog on my phone for you, but if you just Google "Lori RRSAHM" you'll find it.

Anyway, today I'm asking for your positive thoughts and/or prayers for Tony. Collectively, we can make a difference.

Lori - I am praying for Tony and for you every time I think of you, which is often. May God give you strength today and all the coming days ahead. Lean on Him if you need to. He will gladly carry you through this difficult time. And know that many are praying for Tony, you and your children.


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