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Friday, January 28, 2011

This Week I'm Grateful For...Technology

I'm joining in again this week on Maxabella Loves' weekly grateful post. 

For those of you who have known me for a while, you will know that I've wanted an iPhone for quite some time. Well, I finally bought one just before I headed to Perth at the beginning of the month, and just like my friend, Jen, promised - it has changed my life.

Well, not changed my life per see, but most definitely helped me to get organised.

I'm sure Hubby would confirm that I'm one of those people who thinks they're a lot more organised than what they actually are. I have a diary, but it doesn't always get checked. I constantly forget birthdays, or I remember them, but forget to send a card and/or gift. I've been known to deliver my 6yr old son to school dressed in the wrong uniform because I have completely forgotten that he had an excursion that day.

I mentally write To Do lists, convinced I won't forget the ingredients I've run out of, or to pay that pathology bill that came in the other day. Or was that last week? Last...month? Surely not. Gulp.

Now, with my iPhone, I've got my calendar sorted. My contacts are correct (for the first time in years). I downloaded an application called Errands and I have lists for Food Shopping, Vouchers to Use, Miscellaneous Purchases to make, Stuff to do Around The House and so on.

In my Notes, I write blog ideas (that I usually file in my head, and promptly forget).

I can now access Twitter and Facebook and update both whilst the kids do their activities. (Yippeeeee!)

I can read blog posts and comment on the go. (SO handy.)

I have Password Keeper - so all the passwords I need for my blogging etc I don't have to try and remember anymore. Or search for the paper I wrote them on.

I haven't set up my emails on it yet, but once I do, I think that will be an enormous help. I can check emails when I'm out at my kids' various activities, rather than sit down at home and do it when I could be doing something else. With them.

I'm taking more photos, and capturing moments on video with my kids that previously I haven't bothered to get the camera out for. I can also make them retro looking with Hipstamatic, and 8mm Vintage Camera.

My first ever Hipstamatic shot. Hubby would be proud.

Quite simply, I love it.

So, this week, as shallow as it sounds, I'm grateful for technology. I think this particular piece of technology is going to help relieve some of the stress of every day life.

So long as I can stop playing Cover Orange, that is

Do you have in iPhone? What applications do you suggest are useful?

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