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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Until There is More Sunshine...

It has been quite an unusual week. And not in a good way. It's time to put things in to perspective.

I had planned some other posts this week, but none of them seem appropriate now. Not with what a fellow blogger faced over the past week (you can still donate to Lori), and with all the flooding in Queensland and so many families without a home to go to - not to mention those who have so sadly lost their lives. I just can't bring myself to post Hot or Not or anything else vaguely entertaining, because it just seems so trivial to me right now.

Therefore, until next week, the old blog is on hold our of respect for Lori and all those in Queensland affected by the floods.

I'll be back here on Sunday with The Dance of Revenge that I promised would commence last week, and we'll go from there. One blog post at a time.

As I said, not really a week to write about anything else.

Take care all. Here's hoping for more sunshine next week.

Jodie x

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