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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Dance of Revenge - Chapter Eleven

'Tis Sunday. 'Tis time for another chapter of The Dance of Revenge.

If you're a new follower here (thank you!), this is the book I started writing at the age of 14. It wasn't supposed to be a comedy, but...

If you want to catch the story to date, just scroll down the RHS of the homepage until you come to the ballet slippers. All the entries to date can be found under that. Enjoy!

Last week, Louina was showered with gifts from her foster mother, and waited in anticipation to finally meet her 'good-looking' plastic surgeon. Today is the day Louina finds out if he really is as hunky as Marianna thought. (Very important when choosing a plastic surgeon, you know.) ;)

Without further ado, here's this week's instalment!

Chapter Eleven

THERE was no sound coming from the clinic’s main office when Louina and Marianna reached the door. Louina read the words and sighed.


There was no turning back now.

Marianna raised her delicate hand and knocked gently on the door. There was the slight sound of ruffled papers and then of footsteps on the floor. They stopped and the door handle turned slowly and the door opened revealing a man bent over trying to get a paper that was stuck to the bottom of his foot.

Louina giggled quietly, but the man heard. He looked up, his face flushed with embarrassment.

“Madame Silk?” he exclaimed. “I’m sorry about this, I was gluing and I must of got this stuck on my foot when I got up.” His attention turned to Louina. “And this young lady must be my next patient. Louina, isn’t it?” Louina flushed slightly. [You would think he would know that already, huh?]

Oui. I am Louina.” He smiled and reached out his hand.

“Pleased to make your acquaintance, madamemoiselle.” Louina took his hand softly in hers and they shook. After the introductions he ushered them inside and sat them both on two luxurious chairs that sat in front of his plush leather desk. [Fancy, schmancy place, huh?] Louina looked around the room noticing the light brown walls and the cream carpet. Posters hung everywhere. All medical ones of course. [I’m picturing a doctor, scalpel in hand with a big smile on his face. Weird.]

“Do you like my office?” he asked Louina.

“Very much,” she replied quietly. He was a good-looking man. [Ah, yes. Back to how he looks. Hey, people – how about asking him about his qualifications rather than assessing whether he’s gorgeous or not?!]  He had curly brown hair and a flawless face. [So many people have ‘flawless’ faces in this story. Probably because I was 14 at the time, and had the opposite, but would have loved flawless skin!] His deep-blue eyes shone behind his glasses. “My room is lovely too,” she continued. “This whole clinic is wonderful.”

Doctor Menuier glowed in her praise. [Why? Did he design it? Did he, like, pick out the colour-scheme or something? DOUBT IT!]

“I’m glad you like it. Now down to business.” [Thank goodness for that.] He walked around from behind his desk and examined her profile and all of her face. When he had finished looking, he went and sat back down in his enormous chair. “Louina, by just looking at your face, I can tell that your face may need more than one operation. [Ya think?!] It depends on how the first one goes.” He paused, looking at what was most likely her file. “You realise, Louina, that this may be quite painful and once I’ve started there’s no turning back?” Louina nodded and swallowed hard.

“Yes. Marianna told me.” Doctor Meunier nodded thoughtfully.

“Are you willing to go on?” Louina didn’t even have to think about it.

Oui, monsieur.

Bon. We will now go to the photo room. All right?” All three arose from their seats.

“Maybe it will be better if I just go and occupy myself,” Marianna said. [Yeah, Marianna. You could walk around and admire all the décor.]

“If you like,” Doctor Meunier said, nodding.

“Yes, I think I will. When will you be finished with Louina, doctor?”

“Give me half an hour with her. Is that all right?”

“That is fine. I’ll see you then, Louina.”

“All right, Marianna. Au revoir.

Au revoir.” She was gone. Louina felt a little nervous now that she was by herself with Doctor Meunier, but after a minute of his jokes as he set her up in a chair, she felt better.

“Now, Louina,” he said cheerfully, “I am going to take some photos of you from different angles. Just of your face, of course, so then I can sketch your new face.” The way he said it made Louina all excited about having a new face soon. “It will be beautiful, Louina,” he said as he took picture after picture. Sometimes he would stop and change her in her seat so he could get better lighting and more of a profile. In twenty minutes, he was finished, leaving Louina with sore sides from laughing so much at his little jokes. [The poor girl can barely eat properly. What was he thinking making her laugh like that?!]

“Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?” he asked, helping Louina down from the high stool.

“Not at all. I quite enjoyed it Doctor Meunier.”

“That’s one thing we’ve got to fix before everything. Please call me Pierre. Hmm?” Louina laughed when he pulled a face.

Oui, Pierre, thank you very much.”

They talked for a while and then Marianna came, ready to take Louina back to her room. She said goodbye to Pierre and then followed Marianna back to her room. [I’m not sure. Do you think they were going back to Louina’s room?] There they sat down and talked for a while.

“I rang Pierre at home today,” Marianna said brightly. [I probably should have thought more about this. I have two characters with the name, Pierre. Marianna’s husband, and Louina’s doctor. Could get a tad confusing. Yes?]

“Is he handling everything all right?”

Oui, ma cherie. He’s handling things just fine. He is working a lot, though I wish he didn’t [or wouldn’t]. His work means a lot to him, Louina, and the money he has now just wasn’t fed to him. He worked for three quarters of the money and the other quarter he inherited from his uncle and some from his father. The rest of his father’s money was given to charities of different kinds and hospitals, schools, etc. Pierre’s father was very rich, but he worked for his money too.” She looked at her hands and frowned.

“What is wrong, Marianna?” Louina asked with concern.

“I was just thinking about my son. He is over in America at the moment in college. He’s a little hard to handle sometimes, I’m afraid. Pierre isn’t letting him live on our money. Of course, we give him his own car, buy his clothes [that sounds a pretty good deal to me], but once he leaves the house for good, he’s on his own. Do you understand? Pierre left home when he was eighteen and from there on he got a very good job as manager of a big firm [nothing to do with the fact his father was filthy rich? I mean come on…how many people leave school and become the manager of a large corporation?!] and then when he had enough money, he then bought more firms [you know, just like in Monopoly]. Of course, to buy those firms he had some money in the bank that his father sort of built up for him over the years, but not millions or anything like that.” Louina was intrigued by Marianna and her stories of her past.

“I was brought up under a strict family [or even ‘in one’, I’m thinking]. My father was especially strict. My mother wanted to spoil me from the start, but father was against it. They were filthy rich too. [Ha! How many people refer to themselves as ‘filthy rich’?] I had it a little easier though because they both left all their money to me, as I was their only child. I met Pierre at a high society party in Hollywood [even though they’re both French]. We both hated really big do’s [dos or functions], so we left early together. Would you believe we went to a teenage delhi? [I don’t think I was referring to a place in India. I believe I meant, ‘deli’ and by deli I meant, ‘café’ or something similar.] We sat in those booths [you know, like in Happy Days] and just talked for three hours. Then after that we dated regularly and fell in love. We married three years later. It was a very large wedding. My mother and father arranged it. Ten years later, my mother and father were killed in an aeroplane crash and all their money was left to me. So, all the time I knew that Pierre didn’t marry me for my money. He knew I didn’t marry for his money either because had just started his finance business. With our money pooled together, we both brought out money [huh?] to buy businesses like Madame Silk, Silk Oils and Silk & Satin Industries. They’re all very largely known now.”

Silk & Satin Industries?” Louina asked, curiously. Marianna laughed heartily.

“John and Julie Satin were friends of ours since we first married thirty-two years ago. They worked up quite a bit of money so we joined thinking it was a catchy name and went in to partnership. A lot of people at first always asked what were the real names of the owners. They were all quite shocked to find out they were our real names.”

“I can believe that. You have a very interesting background, Marianna.” Marianna smiled.

“And you wish you could recall yours?” Louina was taken aback in shock.

“I…ah…yes.” Marianna cocked her head on the side and looked curiously at Louina. This made her uncomfortable. [Yes. Cocking your head to the side can be very uncomfortable at times, especially if you suffer from…oh, wait. I meant it made Louina uncomfortable, right? Sheesh!]

“Marianna, we’re late for our exercise class.”

“So we are,” Marianna said, looking at her diamond and gold watch. “I’ll go get changed. Put your new leotard on, all right?” [Leotard. It was the 80s, people.] Louina nodded and said a quick goodbye as Marianna left the room. She sighed with relief that she had gone. For a minute, she thought that maybe she had slipped up. She’d have to be more careful.

*     *     *     *     *

“And bend to the left, bend to the right. That’s it, girls. Well done. You’ve all done well for today. Class is fini! Tomorrow at the same time. Au revoir!” The pretty dark-haired girl jogged off over to her husband who was the men’s physical fitness teacher. She kissed his cheek and grabbed his hand. Together, they jogged off and dove into the pool and swam laps together.

Marianna and Louina watched this with amusement.
“No wonder they’re married. I bet their children will end up jogging to school and jogging around the garden for leisure,” Marianna said, laughing. Louina joined in and soon they were on the floor laughing. [Um, it’s really not that funny…]

Their names were Catherina and Charles Frulest. They had both been one of the staff since they were married three years ago.

Louina was exhausted from the fitness class and she could tell that Marianna was tired too.

“Marianna, you don’t have to…”

“I want to do this, Louina. I need the exercise. All right?” Louina smiled.

“All right.”

Stay tuned next week, people. Enjoy your Sunday. :) 

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