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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Decision Making Process

Just like you do, from the moment I wake up, right through until the moment I fall asleep, I'm constantly making decisions.

For the most part, I get it right. But I'm not perfect. Who is? Sometimes, my decisions turn out not to be the best ones I've ever had. (Like some of the decisions I made in my youth during school holidays.) Some are plain bad. Not intentionally bad - they just turn out that way.

Although I wouldn't call myself impulsive, I don't always think things through completely. I'm not going to use, "That's just who I am," even though I'm tempted to (and I'm certain I've used that line before), because it doesn't really cut it. I take responsibility  for any decisions I make that go wrong. I'm sorry. I'm human. But I can assure you that I'm working on this. I'm definitely getting better at it.

Unfortunately, it seems, turning a certain age doesn't guarantee you suddenly have limitless common sense and know everything and do everything right. (Ain't that a bummer?)

And sometimes the decisions that I innocently make, affect me in a bad way. Sometimes they affect my children. My husband. My family. My friends. I feel terrible when I get it wrong. I don't shrug my shoulders and think, 'Oh, well. Too bad. Maybe next time I'll get it right.' I'm thoughtful about it.  

I will say this though: I'm constantly learning from my mistakes during my decision-making process, and I believe all decisions that people make innocently - good or bad - are made for a reason. Call it fate. God's will. Whatever you believe...decisions don't get made for no reason at all. Even the dodgy ones have their place in the world. Sometimes what you think was a bad decision you made, turns out to be a good one later on, because it serves a purpose for something or someone else.

Even if that purpose is simply to learn something from a not-so-great, innocently made, decision.


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