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Friday, February 04, 2011

Hot or Not? Enrique Iglesias

Welcome to this week's Hot or Not!

Well one thing is for certain: it's certainly 'hot' around here. In most places in Australia, that is. This weather! Phew. Thank goodness for air-conditioning, I say.

It's time for another Hot or Not. Last week, Gerard Butler, set a few hearts racing. Verdict: HOT.

This week's choice comes from hearing his latest song on the radio over and over and over again when I was in Perth recently. And I kinda like it. Although, to be honest, I was rather shocked when I went to iTunes to download it to find the original is an EXPLICIT version. Yikes. I like the radio version MUCH better thank-you-very-much because then I'll be able to actually play it around my kids. ;)

Anyway, I started to wonder what Mummy Mayhem readers thought of this 35-year-old Spanish singer? (To be honest, I had to check his age. He looks a lot younger, dontchya think? Or maybe that's just good airbrushing.) 

I like the three day growth thing he's got going on. But is he too...'pretty boy' perhaps?

Anyway, it's not about what I think anyway. Over to you, people. Enrique Iglesias...hot, or not?

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