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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

How One Pen and One Teacher Got Me Interested in Writing

I remember the first time I became interested in writing. I was in primary school (8 years old), and my Aunty Maun brought me a pen back from Singapore. I loved it - it had a digital clock built in to it, and it inspired me to sit down and write a story called, Why Baby Boys Wear Blue.

Unfortunately, I don't have the story any more, but I recall it was based on women in France being executed with the guillotine (something we had studied in our French language class) and people dressing their babies in blue for some reason that was linked to that. Sorry - it was a Very. Long. Time. Ago. And it sounds morbid, doesn't it? But I promise you there was a positive spin on the story. (Although isn't it interesting that I have a french theme going on in my writing? If you've seen my Dance of Revenge posts, then you'll know what I'm referring to).

In any case, my teacher at the time LOVED it. She made a really big deal out of it: pinning it up in the class room, and asking everyone to read it, as well as issuing me with a Merit Certificate - which I still have to this day - that states: "Awarded to Jodie for Writing an outstanding story - Why Baby Boys Wear Blue."

Miss Millar - you have no idea just how much your encouragement meant to me back then, and how much you inspired a love of writing in me. (And thanks, Aunty Maun for the cool pen. It's probably your fault I spend so much on stationery these days. ;) )

I wrote another story soon after that, which my teacher also made a fuss over (although I can't remember what it was called), and I just kept writing.

Encouraging kids when they show an aptitude or interest in something is so very important. Had my teacher just passed my story off and not bothered to read it, I'd have no doubt felt disheartened and would probably have never bothered to keep writing.

Which is why I LOVE Alphabet Soup Magazine. Firstly, the magazine makes for some great reading, and will no doubt give your kids some great examples of the sort of writing they can aspire to. I've been reading some of the stories to my boys. The 7yo said the other day after reading one story in particular, "That's very descriptive writing, Mum." Indeed, my child. Go forth and write like that!

The magazine encourages kids to send in their stories, poems and book reviews. (They can also become a member of the book reviewers club - ages 6 to 12. Members receive a FREE book to review!)

And can you imagine your kids seeing their story/poem/review in print? Wow. I thought the primary school magazine was doing it big...but something similar in my day would have been amazing!

Go to the website for more information and to see how you can subscribe.

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