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Friday, February 11, 2011

On Mummy Mayhem This Week & News About My Blog

Well, good morning all (or eve - depending where you are), and welcome to our weekly wrap up. 

Here's your chance to find out what you may have missed here this week.

Last week we pondered if 35 year-old singer, Enrique Iglesias is hot, or not? (And more in a little bit about that too.)

Find out why I was grateful for some time to myself last week.

We knocked over Chapter Ten of The Dance of Revenge. Find out what Sherrie...I mean, Louina is up to now.

I shared a story about my awkward Valentine's Day waaaay back in 1991. Share your V Day stories!

Find out how one pen, and one teacher inspired my love of writing, and if you're a writer/blogger, tell me who/what inspired yours.

Stay tuned next week for a great GIVEAWAY. You're gonna love it.

Nothing happened on the old recipe blog this week. Ah, well. Life is full and all that.

Now on to a couple of things about the old bloggy...

I have decided to shelve Hot or Not. For now at least, anyway. Why? Well, I've come to realise the last couple of weeks that it's feeling more of a chore rather than a bit of fun for me at this stage, and that wasn't the purpose of having a blog. This blog was established so I could enjoy my love of writing, and with the Grateful For posts on Friday eve and Dance of Sundays, I've got a couple of weekly posts going on at the moment that are keeping me busy! Who knows? I might return to it at some point.

You may see the odd product review/promotion pop up on my blog. Although I haven't done a lot of product-related posts to date, I'm going to make sure they don't take up too much of my blog time either. Some stuff I'll be placing under my "What I'm Lovin'..." header on the RHS of my homepage.

If you see a piece here about a product or service, please know it's because I believe in the product, and I hope to continue doing a few kids' book reviews etc because I love spreading the word about great children's books on the market. I don't get paid to write these posts (but would disclose it if I did), but I am sent a copy of the product or given an opportunity to trial the service I write about (which, I'm sure, you already realised) - never with an obligation to write about it (but I've loved the stuff I've had the opportunity to trial to date).

I would love to bring some great giveaways to MM occasionally though. The giveaway I mentioned above that I'm having next week is a little something I really love and use all the time myself, so I'm excited to give one away. I also have another product, that you may have seen on my blog, called the Toosh Coosh that I am in love with (as are the 4yr old and 7yr old). We'll be giving one of those away soon too, so keep an eye out for that.

Anyway, that's me and Mummy Mayhem this week.

Enjoy your Friday!

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