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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stuff to Look Out For...My Review

Apart from the fact that I get to write whatever I like here, and receive some lovely comments on my posts from so many of you, I also occasionally get sent some free stuff to review. Bonus!

I'm a bit fussy about what I receive though. I only want to accept something if I think it might interest you lot. I'm not paid to write these reviews (although, I do get to keep the stuff!), and I don't promise a review to the companies sending them either. I just always, from the outset, intended to share stuff I like with my readers.

So here are a couple of items I was sent recently...

Stubbies Schoolwear
Stubbies have a schoolwear range that you can buy online. Isn't that handy?

The 7yo has himself a gorgeous sky blue in the polo top pictured above (which has been endorsed by SunSmart), but I'm thinking I might get him the same in Gold for his Athletics Carnival later in the year (and for the almost 9yo too). I really like the fabric. It's soft and the tops have underarm venting which is a big bonus. (Smelly armpits = ewww.) I like sports tops with collars. I think they look sharper. ;)

They come in a range of colours and RRP is $14.99. Very reasonable price for the quality in my opinion.

Inner-B Stationery
You know how I love stationery, right? LOVE it. So do many of you, I know. Well, Inner-B sent me the Mum Organiser (RRP $44.95) - a really beautiful looking diary/organiser. Mine is in 'Fuchsia' (ie hot pink!), but it also comes in a gorgeous green, blue and sand colour. 

At first glance I thought that the week-to-view on the diary was a little small. But, when I looked at it further, I realised there was also a section underneath the calendar part for recording birthdays and anniversaries, and then underneath that, a section for the kids. You can write up their activities, play dates - that sort of thing. So in actual fact - more than enough space for the average Mum trying to organise her life. Here's an example below (click on the image to get a closer look):

But it's the stuff at the back of the organiser that I think is really handy. There's too much to list here, but there are sections to record:
  • Contact Info - broken up in to sections like Emergency Contacts, Entertaining Contacts, General Contacts etc
  • Special Days to Remember
  • My Goals
  • Must Read Books/Must Listen to Music/Must See Movies
  • Favourite Restaurants
  • Family Medical Information
  • Immunisation Schedule
  • Holiday Ideas + Planning
  • Holiday Checklists
the list goes on...and if you like lists - this is definitely for you!

My only concerns with the product was, firstly, that the diary is kind of chunky. If you're someone who likes to carry your diary around with you all the time, you're gonna have to get a bigger handbag! But, if you're like me, and tend to keep your diary on your desk/opened up on your kitchen bench top - only taking it with you to school meetings etc - then that will be no problem for you.

There was also a little issue with the wrapping around the diary using a glue which removed some of the diary's cover (inside), but Inner-B assured me that they were aware of this and had taken steps to have it rectified, and all new product should not be affected. (And that stuff happens. Easily fixed. Trial and error, you know?)

Check out their website, because they also do a bunch of other stationery items, like a Pregnancy + Baby Organiser, Feeding + Sleeping Journal (I would have LOVED one of those when feeding my three boys), as well as some planners for Family activities, Meals that sort of thing.

Thanks Stubbies and Inner-B!

Oh, I'm having a GIVEAWAY next week of a product I'm really, very excited about. It is something we use in this house every day. So handy! Keep an eye out for that next week. ;)

Got a product you'd recommend right now? 

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