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Friday, February 18, 2011

This Week I'm Grateful For...Rediscovering Playgroup

It's time to join Maxabella and tell you what I'm grateful for this week.

The 4yr old and I haven't really done a lot of the stuff I used to do with my two big boys. I'm currently working on rectifying this. I have some big plans for us this year as it's his final year before he runs down the road off to school, and I'm going to enjoy some together time with my little man.

You know, up until Thursday this week, we had never been to playgroup together. EVER.

I used to take my other boys ALL the time - especially my first born. We tried a couple of different playgroups before we found one that really suited us (or rather, me).

I'm not someone who's comfortable at small community playgroups where your input is required. I don't like the responsibility of remembering to bring the plate of fruit in Week 3, and I'd just rather come and go as I please. I also don't want to feel like I have to socialise if I don't feel like it. When a playgroup's a little bigger, you can just lose yourself there if you want to.

There's so much to do there for the kids: painting, climbing, playdough, craft, sand activities, sport...tons of stuff. It's two hours of bliss for the kids, and I'd forgotten about how great it can be for the parents too.

We had a great day weather-wise for our first day...

Blue sky...

Watching the 4yr old painting under the shade of the surrounding trees reminded me so much of painting at my kindergarten when I was the same age (fond memories).

Le Artiste!

Of course, the 4yr old was in his element with all the climbing equipment there. That was by far his favourite part of the morning.

He was singing the theme music to Indiana Jones during his climb. ;) 
How wonderful that playgroups are available - both for kids and parents. How on earth did I manage without it for the past few years?

What are you grateful for this week?

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