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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Dog Finally Gets a Slice of the Pie - GIVEAWAY

The dog has been quite sad.

I mean, look at that face will you? It says it all doesn't it?

You see, he's noticed that since starting my little old bloggy, I've occasionally been on the receiving end of a few nice (free) things.

His brothers have also scored. (And continually live in hope that anything their hearts desire, may eventually be sent to them. I'm not about to shatter that dream. Saves me being hounded for it. ;) )

Even Hubby has benefited. He makes some mean milkshakes for himself and the kids with my Braun thingy. (Although, he still lives in hope someone will send him a car. Pffft. Good luck with that, Hubby.)

Anyway, up until now, the dog had gotten nothin'. Zip. Nada. And this was causing the droopy draws look. (Or maybe the scarf was too tight? Hmm.)

But THEN...!

In celebration of a new television series on Channel 7 called Eukanuba Extraordinary Dogs (Saturdays at 5pm), the Dog scored himself a cool pack like this one:

Isn't that AWESOME? Check out how happy the dog is now...

Now, don't tell the dog, but it kinda benefits me as well, because the pack is worth just over $100, and we seriously love Eukanuba dog food! In fact, our local vet recommended it.

But that's not ALL! (I sound like a Danoz Direct commercial, don't I?)

YOU could also win the VERY SAME PACK for you your dog, because I have TWO PACKS to GIVEAWAY! Not one...TWO! (I don't know...is it obvious I'm a little excited to you?)

Now here's what you have to do:

1. Leave a comment below by Tuesday 22 March, 6pm AEDT
2. Tell me the BREED and AGE of your dog (so you get the right food type sent to you).

That's it. Easy.

I'll be posting the winners up in my noticeboard (above) on Wednesday 23 March, so make sure you pop back then to see if you're one of the winners! (I'll attempt to contact the winners, but it's not always possible.)

Comp is open to residents of Australia only. (Sorry O/S readers!)

Good luck!


Your Cheeky Monkey said...

Hi Jodie - YES PLEASE I would looove to enter!!! I have a girl boxer and she is 9 1/2 years old and a very special member of our family. thank you! (What an unreal giveaway) Monique xx

nicky said...
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nicky said...

I, I mean, Ollie, would be SO very excited to win something. He's an 11 year old Wheaten Terrier and doesn't pull his weight around the house at all. Apart from being cute and cuddly, I do the shopping, feed him, walk him, pick up after him...it seems to be all about him.

Winning (not in the Charlie Sheen way), would be awesome sauce.

N x

Megan Blandford said...

Yay for the dogs getting a look-in in the blog giveaways!

Well, you know how much my 10yo Labrador ADORES food - she'd be thrilled! ;)

ClaireyH said...

I am a brand new dog owner. four days in and I didn't realise there was so much to learn about keeping a dog, phew, I am exhausted working out how much to feed her, how much attention she needs, worming, microchippong, de fleaing!

This could be the helper I need.

River said...

Sadly, I don't have a dog.

Naomi said...

Yay for dog blog posts! I posted about our pup last year when he was in an oxygen tent for 2 days... yes we love him so much we forked out for 24hr emergency care when he was hit by a car.
Our gorgeous, full of beans 20 month old Fox Terrier Rusty would love this! He jumps up and down with utter joy when we pull out his food for his breakfast. At dinner time he does laps of the coffee table and bounds over the 17 year old cat in an attempt to make us HURRY UP with the food already!

Alice Shaw said...

Oh my dog would love to win this prize! She looks like she could be a cousin of your dog... similar eyebrows! Our girl is 2 and a half years old and as for breed, well she's a rescue dog so bred is hard to pinpoint. But we've been told she's part Kelpie, part terrier (and part Beagle apparently!). She's very cute.

Caz (The Truth About Mummy) said...

We have two border collie pups (jack and lucy) who have just hit six months. I think they'd love this pack!!! They're adorable - but just a tad on the naughty side :O)

Ali @ Mummahh said...

I feed my dogs this!! I can not tell you how good it is!!
I have Daisey a Moodle she is 7 in 2 weeks and
I have Nahla a cavoodle she is 4 in 2 weeks also!

melissa said...

Well, I have a 5 year old labrador called Bella (and a cat that likes to eat her food) and she LOVES to eat. So yeah, this pack would last her, oh, maybe a week?

Seriously - we'd love to win!

macsnorky said...

Our boy Beagle Bailey is 6 years old. He's lazy, will only obey DH, never comes when he's called, and will run to the next suburb without a backward glance if the gate is left open. He's just lucky he's got those giant brown eyes that mean you can't help but love him!

Maybe a fabulous pack like this might stop him doing the bolt next time the kids don't shut the gate ;-)

joyjoyc said...

I have a cute little white fluff ball named Bailey, he's a cross shitzu and maltese terrier. He's nearly 3 years old.

His birthday is coming up so this would be a great treat for him!

femmelafashionista at hotmail dot com

alliecat said...

Oh, ace giveaway! Our little old doggy is the best kind - she's a bitzer we rescued from animal aid. Hence we don't really know her breed or her age! But we think she - Jess - is half border collie half staffordshire terrier, and about 16 years old. We've had her since Feb 1996 and we think she was about a year old then, so we call Feb her birthday. Either way, she's ancient but doing really well and we love her to pieces!

The Mummy Hat said...

Oh I LOVE this giveaway!
I have a 6 year old English Staffy named Bella and a 3.5 year old Chihuahua named Bear.
They are the best of friends and refuse to be separated. They eat together, play together and sleep together!

mummabear1970 said...

we have an almost 3 year old "suburban cross" named Trixie, whom we purchased from an animal adoption organisation. We don't know her exact blend but are sure she is part staffy, terrier & maybe a bit of ridgeback? she is a medium sized dog with short hair & has the BEST temperament ever!

Leanne said...

Oh Ms Mayhem, I applaud you!! thank you for thinking of our furry friends. My wonderful ash blonde Labrador is currently recovering from some minor (which looks suspiciously like major) surgery. Max is 10 years old and in bloody good nick for an old bloke. But he'd love a prize ....just to endorse the love and all ...

SOL's view said...

I'm babysitting my daughter's dog. He's about 18months old, a border collie.

And up for food and fun. Lots of each. Whew.

I have a photo:


He's right at the bottom! :)

Joni Llanora said...

I actually enjoyed the Eukanuba pup book & it's nice to hear they got a show. Our pup DALI is a Cavoodle (Cavalier xPoodle)and I'm sure he'd love me to win this pack for him. Woof!

Felicity said...

Our family is very lucky to love a nine year old Frankendog by the name of Luke.

What's that?
You've never heard of Frankendogs before?
Well that's hardly surprising they are very special and very rare. You only find them at the pound and they are a wonderful mismatch of special breeds with parts that don't really match.

Luke resembles a Golden Retriever except he's a glossy black. He has a galloping lope that would do most Push-Me-Pull-Yous proud* and of course he has a heart of gold and a voice to rival Pavarotti.

Whomever left him at our local RSPCA doesn't know what a gem they left behind....but we do!

xx Felicity

*Dr Doolittle will be your 'go to' if you haven't heard of these either

Oh Gorgeous Baby said...

We have a very cheeky 18month old Jack Russell called Ben,who also doesn't come to Benny, Boofhead,stopitbenny,nobennnn oh I could go on and on...

Meredith @ thinkthinks said...

Sweet puppy you have there. Our boy is a black lab/border collie cross named Ralph, because that's what he did all over me when we picked him up. I always say he's the dog kids draw when you ask them to draw a dog.

He's nearly 10, so about 8 months younger than my son. (I know - a puppy and a baby at the same time! Crazy!)