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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

It Was a 'Feeling' That May Have Saved My Unborn Child

Have you ever had a 'feeling' that turned out to be right?

When I was around seven weeks pregnant with the 7yr old, the 9yr old and I set off in the car to drive to a local-ish shopping mall.

I turned the car left off our street on to a slightly busier road - an 'alternative route' the UBD might refer to it - and kept driving at the normal speed until I spotted a car on my left reversing out of a driveway.

I slowed my car down. It never hurts to assume people won't see you, even if, like me that day, your car is in clear view.

The reversing car was moving slowly too, as if it was about to stop any moment now and wait for me to pass, however I suddenly had the feeling the driver was not going to stop. I checked out the road in front of me. There was no oncoming traffic to be seen, and being a very wide road I knew I could easily move around the car should I need to, and readied myself to do so.

Just as I thought, despite my car now only being metres away, the person reversed on to the road and I easily drove wide around the back of them and kept going.

I didn't think much of the incident. Stuff like that happens almost every day. I kept driving.

Eventually, I came to an even busier road. Once again, I turned left on to it, and got in to the right lane in anticipation for turning right after a couple of sets of lights. I stopped at the first set when the light turned red. A car, coming from the intersection on my left, turned right - driving past my car so as to take their right lane - adjacent to my mine. The car came so close to my car, I instinctively pushed hard on the brake and braced myself for the impact. The hit that I had anticipated, thankfully, didn't come.

It's then that I thought to myself, 'That's two.'

My mum has always said, "Things come in threes," and just like I did on that day, I can't help but feel the same way.

The light turned green. I continued on to the next set of lights, keeping in the right lane, ready to turn right this time on to an even busier, multi-lane road.

The light turned red and I found myself at the front of the lights, my indicator on to turn right. There were two more lanes on my left that were also right-turning lanes.

Sitting there waiting for the lights to change, I had a feeling that I shouldn't go, even when the light eventually turned green. I wasn't being superstitious - this was a 'feeling'. In fact, I knew what was about to happen. And so, when the light turned green, I didn't go anywhere. I just stayed in my lane, my indicator still flashing, my foot firmly on the brake.

The two cars to my left drove forward in to the intersection to turn right. A car coming from our right - which should have stopped at the red light it was just given - didn't stop at all and drove straight through the intersection. I sat in my car and watched as the driver screeched on his brakes, and the other two cars on my left - now in the middle of the intersection and right in the path of the oncoming car attempting to stop - screeched on theirs.

The car coming through the red light finally managed to stop - less than a metre from the side of the car nearest on my left.

Right in front of my car.

Had I taken the green light that I was supposed to, the car would have driven straight in to the side of mine. My side.

Up until that point, I had been nervous about my unborn baby. Having experienced two miscarriages before my 9yr old was born, I had worried I would experience once again.

I will never know what would have happened had I accelerated that day. I would have undoubtedly been injured. Or worse. I could have lost my baby. My son, sitting in the back seat on the RHS, whilst further away from the impact, may have also been injured. Or worse.

Sitting in my car at the intersection that day after the third incident, I looked down at my stomach and put my hand protectively on it and smiled. It was then that I knew my baby would be ok.

Have you ever had a 'feeling' about something that turned out to be right?

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Louisa said...

Wow - shivers. That's an amazing story, I'm glad you were OK.

macsnorky said...

Believers would say that your previous two angels were watching out for you that day.

The universe and its spirits work in mysterious ways.


Caz (The Truth About Mummy) said...

Oh - that's fabulous stuff (and a great read!) Caz

Maxabella said...

Oh my! Thank god for instincts and that little bit of psychic power we all have. I definitely listen to that part of me. And I also believe that things happen in threes. For all we know, they happen in fives, but I stop counting at three. Three is all we an handle!! x

Thea said...

Wow! No, I've never had that kind of feeling. But that is so cool. Love hearing stories like this.

Jacki said...

Amazing story! I love stories like that, thank goodness you trusted your intuition!

River said...

I've never had that kind of feeling. About anything.

Penny said...

Ooh I feel all stress-buzzed after that! So glad it worked out ok!

Super Sarah said...

Gosh that is an intense story, amazing! I know that there have been occasions when this kind of thing has happened but nothing like that. I do tend to listen to my "gut" when it comes to certain situations but have also been known to get a bit paranoid about some imagined gut feeling. Bugs my husband no end!

Crinau said...

Your instincts and a little bit of psychic power does the trick for you. Me too.

mummabear1970 said...

Goes to show you were right to trust your instincts.. And I'm with the others, it is psychic stuff. I tend to sense speed radars.....some days I think "no, I won't overtake that car (overtaking lane) because that would make me speed" & within a couple of minutes a police car comes the other way. If I had overtaken I could have been booked.

mummabear1970 said...

Goes to show you were right to trust your instincts.. And I'm with the others, it is psychic stuff. I tend to sense speed radars.....some days I think "no, I won't overtake that car (overtaking lane) because that would make me speed" & within a couple of minutes a police car comes the other way. If I had overtaken I could have been booked.

Trish@Show and Tell said...

My husband has always said he had that same intuition about a bad car accident we were involved in about 10 years ago. BUT....he didn't listen to his intuition. We ended up in hospital and our car was a write off.

I actually think you should be really proud of yourself that you trusted in yourself enough to stay put. Most people wouldn't I don't think.


Being Me said...

Yes I do. I have it about good and about bad. Of course, sometimes I have it about neither and the good and 'bad' happen anyway *shrug*

Fantastic stuff. I love hearing about people listening to their instincts. Yours must have been strong that day. You might like my post from the other day, if you're up for (another) long read from me! ;)

4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle said...

I have those feelings all time time! So glad it's not just me. I am a big believer in "all things come in 3's", but now that I've written that for everyone to see I wonder if it actually makes any sense? Do we just stop looking for things after 3?


Jane said...

Oh my God! Goosebumps! x

Miss Pink said...

Wow that's scary!
I have 'feelings' all the time, sometimes i follow them, other times no, and sometimes things are still ok, but many times have i stopped after the fact and thought "Gee i wish i would have listened to that."
I am so glad you followed yours and that now you, the 9 year old and the 7 year old are ok.

Christie said...

My gosh, was it a full moon? Thank goodness for your feelings. I don't think I've ever acted on feelings and been right. But I have acted on feelings and just not known if it was necessary.

mott said...

That's amazing. Things do happen in threes'... I've always believed that.
(well, bad things anyway).

I've had a bad feeling about a man who wandered off the street and walked to my door. He told me he was a fortune teller and wanted me to pay him $50 to read his fortune. I felt I was under a spell. I walked back into my home and kept telling myself not to give him any money. I turned around and told him, I had no cash with me and turned back to my home. I decided to look back, but he had completely vanished.


mott said...

oops..I meant, read MY fortune! :D

Shelly - Tropical Mum said...

I am so glad that you acted on your instinct that day.

It's never happened to me personally. I think I am too distracted to be in tune with my instincts.