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Friday, March 18, 2011

On Mummy Mayhem This Week

Catch up time!

You know, I've really been enjoying blogging even more than usual lately. I have a list a mile long of posts I really want to write in the near future. It's just finding the time! But, you know, life is full and here to embrace, so I'm going to do that, and write when I can. I love writing, and I love writing here, so I hope you're enjoying reading!

Without further ado, here's what I wrote about this week...

My friend Teresa had her birthday last Saturday. I am grateful for her friendship.

In The Dance of Revenge this week, we discover yet another Aussie link to the story (funny that), and Louina and Marianna relax before Louina's first operation.

If you have a dog, you will LOVE my latest GIVEAWAY. With two packs to give away worth over $100, you just have to enter. ;)

The hairstylist that won't stop chatting to you during your conditioning treatment; the masseuse that insists on talking through your massage; the tradesman that takes TWICE as long to get stuff done because he wants to tell you how great he is at his job. They are all 'talkers'. Know one?

There are a lot of bloggers facing their personal fears this weekend. Find out what those fears are, and why it's so important to face your own.

On my recipe blog this week, I posted about the latest iPhone app that will help you plan your weekly meals. It's awesome!

I also posted the recipe for playdough I've been using for years. The kids LOVE it!

I won't be writing my weekly grateful post this week, or Sunday's Dance post, because I'll be busy tonight painting my toe nails and getting an early night in preparation for the Aussie Bloggers Conference on this weekend (not that I expect to sleep much tonight - too excited)! However, I will say I'm grateful to be attending this conference. It will give me a chance to meet people I've wanted to meet for so long, as well as catch up with those I've met and just LOVE. AND it's being held in Sydney - makes it much easier for me. Hubby will be looking after the kids ALL day and ALL that night! How cool is that? ;)

Call around next week - I'll be writing about the conference, as well as some other stuff. Hope to see you then!

1 comment:

BS said...

Dear Jodie,
Enjoy your conference. We all know that you will be outstanding; your vlogs show us that.
I see that you are listed next to Lori, to whose sad circumstances, you alerted us. Please give her an enormous hug from me.
Now about missing out on our weekly 'Dance' instalment.......
Have fun.