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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Talker

It's no secret I like to talk. 

I'm a 'talker'. That means, I love a good chat. Sure, I have off days where I just don't feel like socialising, mixing and talking about the weather, but they are rare. I'm almost always up for a chin wag, and it's no coincidence at all that one of my teachers nicknamed me 'motor-mouth' in primary school.

Get me and another talker together and whoaaaa - just look at us go. We're talkin' away, often talking over one another (but trying not to, of course). Quite frankly, there's a lot of noise going on. I get that the other person, like me, is itching to get in there and make their point. Tell a story. Muse over something already said. Because I understand the needs of a talker. You know?

However, in some instances, there are the not-so-pleasant 'talkers'. They're the ones who mostly talk about themselves, which is not a terrible thing per se (nothing wrong with sharing), but it's when they talk themselves 'up' all the time it becomes a bit of a bother. Especially, if whilst they're doing it, you could be doing a half dozen other things.

We have this particular tradesman that we use for all those specialty jobs around the house that Hubby just can't do. He's been coming to our places for years. I couldn't be happier with his work. I trust that he'll find any problems that may arise, and I believe he knows his stuff. The problem I have is what comes with the service. You see, this guy is such a talker, that when he has your attention he's in it for the long haul. The more he talks, and the more you listen, the better. I've even tried the old slow backing out of the room towards the front door in hopes that he'll follow, to no avail. It's gotten so ridiculous over the years, that a job that should take about 40-45 minutes max now takes two and a half hours!

But it gets worse. You see, according to my tradesman, he's the expert on everything and isn't shy in telling you so. Like, last year when he came to do a job here for us; he was hammering away, stopping every few seconds to tell me something, and this is pretty much how (part of) the conversation went: "Yeah - my missus likes it when I help out at the school. (tap, tap) They always ask me to MC at the fundraisers, because no one else has the gift of the gab like I do. (tap, tap) They know I can get people to cough up the cash for the auction bit, because I could sell ice to the Eskimos, you know? (tap, tap) Then last year, they got some auctioneer guys to do it instead of me. (tap, tap) I think they wanted to make it more 'professional', but they couldn't sell a bloody thing! (tap, tap) People want familiarity. No one knew those jokers from a bar of soap. (tap, tap) They know if they want the job done, I'm your guy. (tap, tap) I don't know why they got those guys to do it instead." (tap, tap...tap)

I wanted to say, "Really? You don't get that?" But instead, I did my usual, "Oh," and just nodded.

It's gotten to the point where I'm not sure all the good work he's doing is a fair trade off for what I have to endure each visit. But finding a good person for all those jobs around the house is difficult.

He is visiting us again today, but this time I'm not getting suckered in to spending a couple of hours walking around my house trying to find an excuse to escape his incessant banter. I have a plan.

I'm going to use the kid.

Yup, the 4yr old and I are going to be very busy hanging out together in the safety of his bedroom, doing lots of...important stuff. Gluing. Reading. Sleeping on his bed...I don't care. So long as I don't have to face the talker.

Are you a talker? Is there anyone you know who you try to avoid because you know they'll talk your ear off? (It's, ah, not me, is it?)

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Lauren said...

Ughhhhhhhhhhh! I had to leave a hair colorist for this reason and she was soooo good but I couldn't stand it - and I was being held hostage for 2 hours at a time (hours of my life I'll never get back) listening to the inane and boring minute details of her everyday nonsense. More recently, on Saturday night I was trapped at a friend's house listening to her bemoan her husband's business woes. Inappropriate and I don't care. And the amount of wine offered was not proportionate to the amount of conversational pain I was expected to endure. Lx

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Oh, yes. I get that. Sometimes I don't mind a chat at the hair salon, because I know that at some point they'll walk away to tend to someone else whilst I'm waiting for a colour to set in.

But on the rare occasion I'm getting a massage..PLEASE don't talk to me. I just want to RELAX!

ForeverRhonda said...

Oh I hate the massage people that want to talk. I also had a hair person talk to me more than she focused on making my layers even so that I had to get a haircut to fix my first haircut. But I am definitely a talker...and when my and my bestie get talking I don't know if we ever hear anything.

AlyceB said...

Ooh, I feel ya pain! We frequently use my son as an excuse to escape people!!

Jacki said...

I'm not a fan of the talker on the phone who just doesnt't the hint. You can keep saying, "Well, I'd better go" and they just keep rabbiting on! Ahhhh!

Miss Pink said...

Bluey is a talker, and there is only one parent he gets it from. ME. No doubt about it.
You know how i know Mr Black is feeling the affects of alcohol? He starts to talk. Not a lot, but he actually speaks up, throws a comment in here or there instead of a grunt or yes or no when asked directly a question.
Bluey and i get some real good long convo's going on. Only Bluey isn't shy, i am.
In unfamiliar new social situations, i clam up, and very slowly warm to conversation and people, sometimes. But around my nearest and dearest you cannot shut me up. Not just about me, but about any and everything. I ask loads of questions, sometimes way too personal, just because i'm curious. People can decline, but i wonder if they feel pressured by my yaking?
I also interrupt a lot. I don't mean it in a rude way, but like you said, i think of something i want to say on a point, i speak up before i forget or some new thought crosses my mind, then we can resume. Not many people understand that special skill. I'm glad you mentioned it because you make me feel less rude and less alone in my rudeness. It's just us wanting to talk more!! Lol.

Good on you for avoiding this talker. He needs to do his job, then yak it up!

SamanthaC said...

Aaaaaah - I'm a talker too, nothing on my three year old though. She is just full of incessant chatter. It's become so bad that I often tune her out completely and if someone else's child visits - unless they start with my name - then I tune them out too!
Shocking but mentally necessary.

So my tip is - set the 4 yr old on to the handyman.

What's that tool?
Why are you doing that?
Is that a drill?
My daddy has a drill but I'm not allowed to use it.
My brother has his own tools
My brother's name is Miles
My friend Emily gave me this dress
I go to day care on Monday and Friday and my teacher is Amanda and we have to sleep there but I'm not allowed to eat the sugar and the cakes so my mum makes me ice cream, do you like ice cream?

Guaranteed that handyman runs for his life - pity you aren't in Brissy, I'd lend you my 3yr old for the arvo ;)

macsnorky said...

Ah Samantha, I think you and I would get along well - I was going to suggest exactly the same thing! My 4 yr old talks the ear off the Coles delivery guy, and he's only here for 5 minutes.

It works even better if your child is big on asking questions - I know it drives me nuts!

BS said...

I hope you are not paying him by the hour; it sounds as if he can make a simple job much more complicated.

I tend to think most of us, who read and comment on blogs, love to chat. Now what does that say about the blog owners themselves?

Aussie-waffler said...

This will come as an enormous surprise to you, I know, but my sister and step father are and were (respectively) both talkers and yet I was the one who got the Motor Mouth nickname. Go figure ;)