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Thursday, April 28, 2011

How You Can Set Up Your Own Online Store

Ever thought of setting up your own online store?

One of my fave bloggers is Thea of Do I Really Wanna Blog? In fact, I refer to her as the "Blogging Queen", because she has, like, 342 blogs....or something close to that anyway. ;)

She also has her own online store.

I admire people who can sew and knit. My mother used to. So many of my childhood dresses were home made by my Mum. I remember impatiently waiting for her to finish pinning dresses on me so I could go out and play. I also recall one time on holiday - the persistent rain keeping my niece, nephew and I from venturing outside the caravan - my Mum helping me to knit a doll (I could never cast on or cast off).

When I moved away from home to Sydney, my Mum made me a bunch of aprons from various leftover material she always kept a stash of. (At 83 years of age, she no longer sews.) I still have a couple of them. I've always loved aprons. I guess they remind me of my Mum.

So, when Thea had a giveaway on her blog recently, and asked everyone to choose something from her online store that she could send if we won, I couldn't resist choosing her red apron.

Turns out crossing fingers and toes does work after all!

Doing my best Martha Stewart impression
in my Sew Thea original.

I asked Thea if she could explain here how she started her online store. I figured there might be some of you out there who, unlike me, may be a bit crafty/handy (yes, I'm thinking of YOU my dear friend, Jen!) and would like to find out how you could possibly sell items you make at home.

Thea writes...

Not long ago I had a giveaway on my blog, and I was delighted when Jodie's name was pulled out of 'the hat' by my six year old boy. Over Christmas I made a lot of aprons for gifts and put a few on my shop, Sew Thea on Made It. Jodie is now the proud owner of the last one...and she looks fabulous in it, just like I knew she would! (Aw, shucks. Thanks, lovely Thea! - JA)
Jodie asked if I would share how I set up my Made It shop, for anyone who may be interested in doing something like that themselves.  
After my first giveaway (for my 1st Blogoversary) I was so happy with the response to my knitted scarves that I decided to start my own shop on Made It. I was a little lot nervous about it! I've always loved to make things and people often told me I should sell them. But I didn't really know how. I'd considered eBay...then Etsy...then I looked at Made It and knew it was for me. 
It really couldn't have been easier  You just register, click on 'sell' then follow the prompts. They have a great help page that answered all my questions. The hardest part was coming up with a name (I have to thank Allison for that!) Sew.....once Sew Thea was decided upon, I just did it! 

I'm not selling enough to make a living, but it's nice to have a hobby that others can benefit from.
If you are considering setting yourself up on Made It and have any questions, I'm very happy to help.
And once again, congratulations, Jodie! Hope the apron helps you to cook up a storm.

Thanks so much, Thea! You are one clever chooky, in my opinion. I LOVE my new apron. Thank you again :) x

Check out Thea's store, Sew Thea, HERE. Also on Twitter HERE and Facebook HERE. Also see Thea's profile page on Blogger for her contact details.


Michelle said...

Awe thats my very talented sister!!!

Christie said...

Very talented, Thea (and very creative too - I have just finished making a peg apron for myself and one for my Mum for Mother's Day, from your brilliant idea.)
Rit rior Jodie (that was my dreadful impersonation of a wolf whistle)!

ForeverRhonda said...

I am currently learning how to sew but I cannot get knitting for the life of me. That apron is adorable.

River said...

My mum was always at me to wear aprons, so of course I never did. Just recently however, after ruining a favourite t-shirt with sizzle spits from frying, I now wear an apron for frying.

Maxabella said...

I am so admiring of handmade shops on etsy and madeit and the like. It's just such a wonderful concept. x

Thea said...

Thanks for the comments and thanks again for having me here, Jodie! :)

Megan Blandford said...

Great post, Thea! Your talent astounds me :)

(I've won and bought some of Thea's things in the past - my daughter LOVES her fluffy purple scarf and gorgeous pink beach bag!)