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Friday, April 01, 2011

On Mummy Mayhem This Week

Happy Friday ya'll.

And yet another week passes. Admittedly, this week has been a little flat for moi. Not sure why. That's life, huh?

However, two things perked me up this week...

Last night I went out for dinner with Hubby and three other couples (two of whom I had never met before). Was so much fun - girls up one end of the table, boys up the other, and much frivolity ensued. It was a real highlight of my week, I have to say. We went to Sean's Panorama in Bondi and my meal was amazing. So delicious. Great service too. Unfortunately, on arriving home, I discovered spinach stuck in between my front teeth. Yup, I'm all class, people.

In other exciting news, I've been nominated by www.homeloanfinder.com.au as a blogger with the X-Factor. Woot! Thankfully, I was not required to sing. I'm quite certain I'd have never made the list if that was the case. Anyway, there's a bit of voting going on, and I'd love your vote. (I could win an iPad!) I've already voted for myself (natch), but I kinda think one vote isn't going to cut it. So, if you'd be so kind as to go HERE and click on the FB 'like' button underneath the main heading and/or tweet the post, I would SOOOOOO appreciate it. That way, I won't look like a no-mate anymore. ;)

Anyhoo, what happened on the old blog this week that you may have missed?

As I do each week, I found something to be grateful for last Friday...blogging.

I posted the final...yes, final...instalment of The Dance of Revenge. (But never fear - this Sunday I'm doing a wrap up. You'll find out where I had intended the story to go and what was going to happen to all the main characters. As soon as I can work that out myself, that is. Ha ha ha...KIDDING! I know where it was going. Honestly. *cough*)

Last weekend, the fam and I went camping. Camping, people. And oh boy, did I have something to write about that. ;)

This week we're dealing with the night time nappy nightmares. Toilet training at the mo? You'll wanna read this post. For sure.

NEXT WEEK... At this stage I'm planning a post on women forming friendships. I also have an interview currently in progress with a very successful author whose first book debuted at #5 on the New York Times Bestseller List, and her current book went straight there too. Stay tuned for that. I so badly want to tell you about her new book. It's fabulous. Just fabulous.

Well that's about it from me today. Enjoy your day and thanks for reading!


River said...

The caricature of you juggling your boys is the best one yet. Looking forward to your women forming friendships post.

Kymmie said...

I knew you made the top 25 X factor list (and already voted for you)! I'm so excited for you!

And a night out (without the kids) is pretty fabulous. Glad you hit it off with the other girls.

Have a great weekend. xx