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Friday, April 08, 2011

On Mummy Mayhem This Week

Once again, another week has flown by. 

As I write this, my 4yr old is putting the finishing touches on the paint job of the car we're making together.  I suspect there will be a bit of mess to clean up afterwards, but the enjoyment he'll get from doing it - and the time it'll buy me to write this post - will be worth it. (Always thinking ahead, people.)

So, here's what happened on Mummy Mayhem this week:

Without family to turn to, getting a good babysitter was paramount to Hubby and I being able to get out occasionally and knowing our kids were in good hands. We found her, and we're very grateful.

Finally...I posted the last of The Dance of Revenge posts, finishing with the wrap up of the story. I'm a bit sad it's over, actually, but also glad it's not something I feel I have to do each week anymore. ;)

Lies... rumours, stories that escalate often from nothing. Happens all the time. *sigh*

Why do women find it so difficult to 'make the first move' with other women? I wrote about women forging friendships this week.

Yesterday, I wrote a review on Libbi Gorr's new book: The A to Z of Mummy Manners. It's really fab...FUN-NY! And I have three copies up for grabs. Don't walk, people....RUN!

The poor old recipe blog has been SO neglected. I really do hope to post something soon, but, you know, school holidays are coming up and I'm sure I'll be doing some fun stuff with the boys. We'll see!

Also, this week I had another post published over at Kleenex Mums on Parenting Techniques. Why don't you check it out?

Now, the interview with the author I was telling you about is still in the works (meaning I'm just waiting for her answers to my latest email ;) ), and I'm also working on another one of my 'Meet My Friend' posts. The one I have coming up has been a challenge for me to write. It's about my friend, Natalie, and she has struggled with something for almost twenty-seven years, and in 2004 she almost died from it. Like I said...difficult. But there's a message in there that's important, so I'll try to get that one up next week.

I also have a new vlog in the works. It's almost done - I just have to rope the 4yr old in to helping me out with one last little bit. If you liked my last vlog, I think you're gonna enjoy this one. ;) I hope to post it on Sunday at this stage.

Ok, people. Enjoy your Friday! I'll be back tonight with another grateful post. Until then...


Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

Wow, You're on fire here! Look at this place! As for the cream in our coffee, yup it is cream. 10% or 18% Milk Fat baby. So creamy good : )

cat said...

Hi , great to "meet" you. Off to read some posts.

Jill said...

Hello from sunny Cairns!!

Your blog is so organised! The post about making friends is great. Up here in FNQ we sometimes struggle to meet and share with like minded people, one of the pitfalls of paradise I guess.

I am now following you on google and look forward to reading more.

Feel free to drop by our family friendlyblog when you have a minute, we are trying to put together resources for mums!!