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Friday, April 29, 2011

On Mummy Mayhem This Week

So, what did you miss on my blog this week?

Actually, I'm going to cover two weeks here, seeing that I had a lovely little break over Easter and didn't post this last Friday. (Hope you all enjoyed a break too!)

Some of that time may have included another camping trip, which, to be honest, hasn't yet convinced me that camping is a 'real' holiday. Let's just say if you'd been there, you probably would have heard me mutter under my breath, 'I really hate camping,' a number of times during that trip. Like when Hubby returned to the campsite after taking the boys for a shower, only to announce that the 4yr old - wearing his only set of PJs and only jacket, and after being instructed explicitly what not to do whilst waiting for his brothers to finish up - had slipped and fell in the urinal, covering himself in wee. Nice. *sigh*

On that note, on to my latest posts...

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how grateful I was for no routine. (Now the school holidays are over, I'm kinda glad for the routine again, actually. There's just no pleasing some, is there?)

A fellow blogger asked for your advice on her family member who is currently suffering from depression.

How much do you love it when your kids finally 'get' something either you, or their teacher, has been trying to educate them about?

Leading up to Easter, I thought it important to write a post about my sister's death on Good Friday forty years ago. (Thank you for all the lovely comments. xx)

In the third of my 'Meet My Friend' series this year, I interviewed my old school friend Natalie about her 27 year battle with anorexia.

Ever thought about selling stuff you make at home online? Want to know how to set up an online store? My bloggy pal, Thea, shares her story.

Now, next week, I've declared it BOOK WEEK here at Mummy Mayhem! I have a couple of interviews with two very talented authors lined up that I think you'll really like, as well as some books to share with you. So pop back then if you'd like (no pressure!) and we'll chat then.

Enjoy your weekend, people!


Maxabella said...

I appreciate the wrap up as I've had my own bloggy break! Happy days, Jodie! x

Doodah said...

I don't think there's such a thing as a holiday for mums - unless they're on their own or with girlfriends.

The only time you still don't have to clean up after others (depending on the girls, I guess!)

Although, sometimes just getting away from home is enough even if it is camping!