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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sleep, Milkshakes, Cake & Books...Aaaahhh....

School holidays.

I can't tell you how much sleep I'm getting this week. Actually, I can. The last couple of nights I've found myself  in bed before midnight. Which is rather unusual for me (I'm a night person...big time). In the morning - with all the concern about getting the kids to school non-existent (except on Monday, when I had the obligatory memory lapse one has the first day there's no school) - I've managed to continue to sleep while the boys amuse each other and themselves. The last two mornings I haven't shown my pillow-wrinkled face until after 8.30am. Can you believe no one has even come in to hassle me for breakfast? Amazing.

To be honest, it may be a little too much sleep for me. I feel quite tired now as I type this. Or maybe I'm relaxed and well rested? I'm not sure.

Yesterday was fabulous.

I took the 4yo to daycare, then the 9yo, 7yo and I took the dog for a walk to our local cafe. The boys enjoyed these yummy milkshakes:

They also ate a half serve of pancakes with maple syrup each. I had Lemon Kiss cake (joking with the 7yo that I was required to kiss the cake before eating each slice):


Then after heading home for a little while, we made our way to the local library. You know, I haven't been to the library in years. I admit it. I love books, but I especially love new books. Their feel, their newness, their smell... But gosh, how many great books can you get at the library? For, like, free?

The boys picked out about five each, and I picked up Tasma Walton's book, Heartless. Of course, I have a ton of books piled on my bedside table just waiting for me to devour, but I've been curious about Tasma's book since its release, and I have to say the first page really hooked me in. So now I have three weeks to finish it. Maybe it'd be a good idea to at least wake a little earlier and fit in some reading time tomorrow morning?

In the afternoon, we headed to the 4yo's daycare to watch the Easter Hat Parade. Good lord. I tell you, it was the longest parade EVER. Felt even longer than the Christmas Parade I used to go to as a kid in Perth. But gosh the kids were cute. Especially my son. (Not that I'm biased at all.)

Hope those of you who have kids on holidays are also enjoying your time together.

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AlyceB said...

Mm, those milkshakes look good!! Are they sprinkles on top?! I love having "dates" with my son too :)

Kellie said...

Totally awesome. I am all for cakes and libraries. School holidays dont mean much to me right now (my kids are 3 and 8 months), but I look forward to not having to get up early at some stage!

Thea said...

Pure bliss....we have 2 days left 'til holidays, well, one and a half now. Not that I'm counting!!

Jacki said...

Sounds wonderful! I bet your boys are having the best time, gotta love a Mum who takes you for milkshakes and pancakes!

Jane said...

Oh wow, those milkshakes look amazing! Sounds like you had a great day with your boys xx

Penny-lee-R said...

done deal , thats my next book..I love books I can read in a day or 2, just finished a fortunate life....You had a great day it seems, my kids have 2 days to go beofre holdays..yay!

Tania McCartney said...

Can't even tell you how precious your lemon kiss cake is. Here's one for you. x But it's chocolate. xx (and two more)

MultipleMum said...

And a great day was had by all. We got to escape the Easter hat parade this year (not sure why). I feel like I got an early mark! x

Ami said...

What a lovely day! And I agree with all the milkshake comments, they look delicious! Oh and the cake too! xx

nellbe said...

The library totally rocks, we love going there and borrowing a million books for nothing. Leaves more money for milkshake dates :)