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Friday, April 08, 2011

This Week I'm Grateful For...Coffee

I used to drink coffee, socially, in my late teens and early twenties. Then in '95 when Hubby and I moved to Sydney, I couldn't drink it anymore. I think coffee is generally made stronger here (and often not so well), so I had to stop drinking it altogether because it actually made me feel anxious! 

In fact, the only time I'd drink coffee during those fifteen or so years, was on the odd trip to Melbourne. (Now there's a place you find mostly good coffees.)

Hubby has always enjoyed a good cup of coffee though, so for his birthday in 2009, I bought him a really good coffee machine. Put it this way: it grinds the beans and you can make a cappuccino just by pushing a single button. Even I can make a good coffee now. ;) 

One morning late last year, the waft of freshly brewed coffee filling the air, I suddenly felt the urge for my first cup in a very long time. 

And loved it.

Since then, I've indulged almost daily in a cappuccino or latte each morning (and I make a great bubbaccino for the 4yr old). It's a lovely ritual, if anything. A little time to just sit down with an excuse not to move for five minutes or so. 

Thanks to Maxabella for hosting this weekly grateful. Check out her grateful post, and lots of others, here

Are you a coffee or tea drinker? If you drink coffee, what's your fave? Cappuccino, latte, flat white, espresso, macchiato?

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Tara @ Our Whirlwind Adventures said...

Cappucino is my favourite, I like it brown with three sugars. Not black, because I like milk in it, but not white because I don't like too much milk in it. Haha.

River said...

I drink coffee, but not good coffee according to many people.
I drink the cheap instant International Roast. I've been told it's actually the sweepings off the factory floor, but what the heck... it's what I grew up with, what I'm used to, what I can afford. That's at home.
When I'm out it's a cappucino or a hot chocolate.
At home I also have those Nescafe cappucino sachets where you just add boiling water and stir like crazy, then sprinkle with choc-powder, for home made cappucino. They're nice....

Kymmie said...

There's nothing like a great cup of coffee and a fool-proof machine! I have a cofee machine (Nespresso, thanks for asking). Yet, strangely enough I don't drink coffee.

But did you say soy chai latte? Yes, that's my drink of choice. Every. Time.

So glad you asked! xx

MomAgain@40 said...

Skinny cappuccino for me, please! :D

cat said...

Oh gosh, I love coffee. we have an espresso machine and I make the whole range with it. I love the ritual and all that goes with it.

Jane said...

Ooh I love a good cappuccino! Am looking to possibly buy a good coffee machine so I can stop spending a small fortune on takeaways. Cannot wait for my coffee this morning. Have a great weekend! x

Megan Blandford said...

Hubby has all that going here - he's now started roasting and grinding his own beans too!

But he hates most coffee experiences when we go away. Melbourne is, by all accounts, THE place for coffee. (I don't drink the stuff - love the smell, but don't like the taste.)

Sam-O said...

Coffee addict Here! Latte my preference. Illy my brand.

It was bankrupting me, I was buying so many lattes.

I knew I would be the one cleaning the coffee machine if I bought one, so I held off for simply ages.

I recently bought $400 worth of Illy pods and got the machine thrown in. HEAVEN! It makes brilliant coffee every time and it will take us a while to get through the 700 odd shots of coffee!

On the down side, the 19month old Munchkin does a mean coffee machine impersonation - not a sound for 4am!

E. said...

I drink Lattes, generally 2 or 3 times a week. I used to do cappucino's but the chocolate on the top isn't always gluten free.

Most of the time it's my date with a friend time so I enjoy it a lot! Our local McCafe did great coffe but have had a huge staff turnover and now it's disgusting - think lukewarm and no taste.

I have found out when the good coffee makers are on so one friend and I can go there then but otherwise we will go somewhere else. Decent coffee is important!

Lauren said...

How lovely! I don't like coffee...well the taste of it, I like he smell...and I definitely like the art on top of them...some barristers and so clever! Thanks for sharing x

Muddled Up Mumma said...

Glad to hear you have rekindled your coffee love. I too love my morning coffee ritual.

Miss Pink said...

I like the way you're thinking! I have had a post of coffee brewing (get it? Haha, oh my jokes are lame) in my mind for quite some time now. I guess i will just have to spit it out!

Michelle said...

mmm I love a good coffee too.. but am happy to settle for my plunger - I think I'd drink too much if I had the wizz bang machine.

sim at Kookaburra Laugh said...

OMG Coffee! It's an essential part of life. I only need one a day, a good one, you know proper and all that from an esspresso machine. If I don't have it, I can survive but certainly not a day goes by without my thinking about and being truly grateful for coffee.

Anonymous said...

I drink decaf. I don't need the caffeine, but I love the taste, so a good decaf is perfect for me.

Maxabella said...

I don't really drink either. I do enjoy a cup of tea from time to time, but I never really got the coffee thing. It was tough being an Arts student at uni without a coffee habit, let me tell you!! x

Anonymous said...

Strictly a flat white person! I guess I am more the give me my caffeine fix NOW person!

Great blog:)