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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The X-Factor Award...Thingy

I just want to, firstly, say a huge thanks to all those who were so kind as to give me such positive feedback on my last vlog.

I love vlogging. It's so much fun, and mucking around with video is like going back in time to Media Studies in school when I got to make a soap opera once. Of course, editing film back then wasn't easy. These days...easy peasy(ish).

Anyway, this vlog is about the X-Factor award...thingy, I've been nominated for.

I just thought I'd have some fun with it.

Just before you watch, I'd like to say that I make a little joke about the gorgeous, Bern Morley's blog in this clip. You know I love you, right, Bern? I do. MWAH!

Oh, and no children or Talking Carls were injured during the filming of this vlog. Honestly. They are all well, and still remain part of the family, even though they were both the most difficult to film with. (You know what they say...never work with kids or Talking Carls.)

Ok, enjoy. Hope you like it.



Dorothy said...

Surely that effort has got to get you at least 2 or 3 extra votes, right?

You've got mine! And not just because of the vlog.

Now stop having fun and get back to work..!

edenland said...


Oh mate, I wish I could have filmed my reaction to watching this. I was guffawing out LOUD. Please, please always vlog. You must. It's like, your public service to the world.

Thank you - off to vote for you AND watch this again. XOX

Megan Blandford said...

You're hilarious! Love your vlogs!

stink-bomb said...

lmao, thanks for the sunday morning laugh - i needed that today!!


Jane said...

You are hilarious! Again, you've made another vlog that has made my day. xxx

Tara @ Our Whirlwind Adventures said...

Hahaha loved it.
Yes, Jodie, you are kind of a big deal and I voted for you! Hahaha.

DanniiBeauty said...

OMG you are so good, I love your vlogs!!

DanniiBeauty said...

Oh and I definitely voted for you!!

Miss Pink said...

Oh gosh Jodie, i laughed so hard along with Bluey to this. Great great job! (I already voted for you agessss ago ;])

Becky said...

This was SO good! Love it!!

Mrs Woog said...


Love this - you need to do it more often. Off to vote for you baby (again)

Kerri Sackville said...

Ha!!!!!! I won't vote for you, but does Talking Carol have a blog????

Brenda said...

Love it! Remember you'll do the workshop for me. Yes? Yes? Mwahs.xxx

E. said...

That was so cool. I loved it!

Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

PMSL Jodie!!! This was so brilliant, you should definitely vlog more often :)
I will say "I voted for you" but I voted for everyone so it doesn't really have much weight does it?
P.S. I had no idea what Talking Carl was, now my life is complete.

Ms Styling You said...

Oh, you've made my Sunday ... so bloody funny! Off to vote again.x

Donna said...

Oh you have done it again! In tears laughing!!!! Seriously, we need to get you a regular comedy gig - the world needs to know about you!

Thea said...

Oh my gawd!! Just when I thought you couldn't get any funnier.
Would somebody please pass the Oscar to Jodie? Somebody?? Anybody!! lol


BS said...

Good luck in the competition. I am not too sure if I voted for you or not; this tweetbook thingy is not my deal.

Anyway, is there no end to your abilities. We know you as a writer, but now producer, director, actress, comedienne - can you sing? (I love your intro music.)

Being Me said...

Jodie. OH MATE!!! Love love love love love LOVE your vlogs! Always vlog. Please. You are sheer brilliance. I mean, it's one thing to have the idea, but quite another to pull it off. And on a technical note, the editing and camera placements are so skillful! It's a real art, you do it so well. Very entertaining!! xoxox Please do more!

mummymayhem said...

Thank you ALL - you are all too kind. But like I said, I have an iPad already, so I really don't need one. Imagine two Talking Carl's? Ugh!

Kerri - If Talking Carl does not have a blog, he should. He does lots of fun stuff, which includes burping. The kids LOVE him.

BS - I'm actually planning a vlog on why Mariah Carey and I are similar...unfortunately, nothing to do with our vocal ranges. *shakes head in dismay* Not that that would stop me singing though. ;)

And thank you Being Me. I really was going for the arty look when the camera chopped off the top of my head in some shots. Baz Luhrmann eat your heart out, hey? *cough*

whatsinemmasbrain said...

Hahaha! I love this... Talking Carl Rocks... take that Tom the talking cat! I am off to vote! x :)

aumummy said...

Love it. A crack up vlog. You say all the stuff that others would like to say but are too scared to say it.
I agree Talking Tom is better than Carl.