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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Help Me Raise Money for Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

You are invited to help me raise some money for Australia's Biggest Morning Tea!

I was keen to raise some money for Australia's Biggest Morning Tea (ABMT) last year, but I just didn't get my act together in time. (No surprises there.)

This year, I've organised some friends to come for morning tea at my place on Tuesday 24 May, and I thought I'd open up the morning tea to my readers!

All money raised will help the Cancer Council NSW continue its vital research, education and patient support services to help all those affected by cancer. This year alone, Cancer Council NSW are investing over $16 million in cancer research. 

Every cup counts.

Here are some ways you can get involved, either here on my blog or on your own:

Option 1 - Set up your own morning tea & ABMT homepage!

If you think you would like to host your own morning tea, it's really easy to set up. Just go to the homepage for ABMT and follow the links from there. You can set it up super quick, then all you have to do is invite some friends. (Your morning tea can be held on any day during May and June, so you can pick and choose your day.) If you're a blogger, you can do the same thing I'm doing...host an IRL and virtual morning tea to help get extra donations!

I've sent an invitation to my friends with the details of how to donate already, so they can start donating now. I've also given them the option to use my laptop on the day to make their donation (then the Cancer Council will email them a tax receipt). You could do something similar. My invitation was similar to this...just with my personal details on it. ;)

Option 2 - Host a Morning Tea, but donate on my homepage
If you don't want to bother setting up your own homepage, but would still like to get some friends together, you can always do that, then donate at my ABMT homepage.

Option 3 - Just make a donation
If you don't want to host a tea, and you don't know anyone already who is hosting one, but you still want to make a donation, you can make one at my ABMT homepage if you like!

I have set up a link to my ABMT homepage on my blog - look for the tea cup like the one above, click on it and donate away! Or you can get there by clicking HERE.

I'll be back here on the 24th to remind you it's going on, and I'll be live tweeting during my morning tea (#MMTea4Cancer), then posting some pics of the food and the frivolity afterwards.

So, the first step is to pop the date in your diary NOW, and then come join me on the 24th to help raise some money for a very worthy cause!

Are you in?


Denwise aka Denyse Whelan said...

Good One Jodie... I will support, but may require reminder..
Last year I did a real one here for the teacher-mums and bubs at the school where I'd last taught. It was fun. But once was enough. We raised about $100.

Jodie Ansted said...

Thanks, Denyse! I will definitely remind you. ;)

MaidInAustralia said...

Count me in, and I'd like to organise my own too. And now I feel like tea ...