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Friday, May 06, 2011

On Mummy Mayhem This Week

How have you been this week?

I've been pretty well. A little de-motivated at times, but a trip to a gorgeous salon in Paddington earlier this week to have a manicure was definitely a nice, relaxing hour or so. I'm going to tell you about it all next week actually, because I really loved it there. (I also ate not one, but two, of the YUMMIEST cupcakes EVER whilst I was there. Delish.)

Another highlight this week happened this morning. I've just returned from the 9yo and 7yo's school where a special Mother's Day mass and morning tea was held. Magnificent! As always, I got all teary as I stood at the alter alongside many other mothers and friends as our children sung for us and raised their hands over us in prayer. Seriously. I challenge anyone not to get a bit emotional over that. Even if you're not Catholic, like me. ;)

I plan to do a special grateful post tonight for Mother's Day, so come back then or on the weekend to check it out, okay?

So, what happened on Mummy Mayhem this week? Well, it was Book Week!

I kicked off Book Week with an interview with the hilarious author of the newly released When My Husband Does The Dishes..., Kerri Sackville, to find out who she really is. Find out all the important stuff, like, what Kerri would wear to an 80s-themed signing of her book. Yeah, I know. You're impressed by my journalistic skills, right?

Then I interviewed two-time New York Times Bestselling author, Lisa Genova, about her latest book, Left Neglected. I'm also giving away three autographed copies of her fabulous book, so make sure you enter - the winners will be announced next Friday!

Do you have a pile of yet-to-be-read books? I do. It's HUGE. Check it out, and share what your fave books are, and tell me what's in your pile!

I'll be back on Monday with some exciting news. Well, more exciting for me than for you actually, but I'm sure you'll help me celebrate, right? I'll also be telling you about that salon I mentioned above, and I'll share what other stuff you should look out for that I've been playing with lately. Just like I did in this post.

Happy Friday, people!

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MultipleMum said...

A big week at Mummy Mayhem! I will see you on Monday evening I think? Should be a bit of fun x