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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Step Back in Time...The 1920s

Some of you may recall that last year I attended an 80s-themed 40th birthday party dressed as Madonna

Even though I felt a little like mutton dressed up as lamb on the night, it was SO much fun. I felt young again. *sigh*

Our hosts put on such a great bash that night, that when an invitation arrived for another of their parties - this time the wife's 1920s-themed 40th birthday party - I just knew I was in for a treat.

I've decided I don't mind a good dress up. The first thing I did was search the costume shops online again. Originally, I had planned a full tassled flapper outfit kinda number, however I found a lot of the flapper outfits for sale were very...short. Look, I'm just not a youngin' anymore, and although I have no problem wearing something above the knee (I'm not that 'mumsy'!), a dress just below my thighs? Nah-uh. Not for me. (However, on the night there were plenty of the same flapper outfits floating around, and they didn't seem too short at all. Maybe it just looked that way in the pics!)

Anyway, my friend Jen and I decided to see if we could find something to hire this time around.

The first costume shop we tried didn't have a particularly impressive amount of stock to choose from. Much of the stuff we tried on was quite ill-fitting, and it had obviously been worn so many times before - it was pretty much on its last legs.

Next stop was a local costume hire store and BINGO - we found ourselves in 1920s costume heaven.

There were heaps of different styles and colours to choose from. I almost took a lavender-coloured off one shoulder tasseled number, but then I tried this one on and was sold. It was SO comfy, and more my style:

Sparkles, tassels & a teeny bit of lace.
What more could a girl wish for?

The dress only cost $40 to hire for the week! It wasn't actually made as a 1920s costume, but rather as a dress that now acts as a costume that suits the 1920s. I can't tell you how many compliments I had on it on the night, with many thinking it was actually my own dress. One girl said she'd consider hiring it just for a night out on the town! It really sparkled beautifully. (Gotta love some sparkle.) And, of course, I swished those tassels on the dance floor!

Once I had the dress, it was time to get the little added extras to complete the outfit.

I purchased a headband from a party store for $9.95. They had some to choose from at the hire shop, but everything was a tad boring or the feathers looked a little over worn. (Ick!) I put my hair in a bun and attached a diamante hair clip just above the bun at the back (not pictured, I'm afraid).

The positioning of the headband is important -
you don't want extra frown lines! ;)

The earrings I wore I've had for years. You can't see them too well in this pic, but they were little black jewelled flowers with diamantes and a small black jewel drop. (If you work in the jewellery business and you're reading this - please excuse my descriptions!) They're not expensive at all, but went perfectly with the dress.

I wore a pair of my own shoes (some small heeled Jane Debster black strappy shoes). I was kicking myself that I'd donated a pair fairly recently with closed toes that would have been PERFECT. Thems the breaks. I just hope someone else is enjoying them. ;)

I bought a very cool ring from Target (cheap as chips) and bracelet from Diva that was also inexpensive:

I doubt I'll wear the bracelet again, but I LOVE the ring. 

I also bought some long, black satin-like gloves from the party store as well for about $12.00. I wore them to the party, but removed them straight away. It's hard to eat nibblies with gloves on!

I feel like I spent a lot of time in the bathroom at the party.
I wanted to get a full length shot of the outfit.
This is the best I could do. Done!

My friend, Jen, hired a great green number (although it looks almost blue in the pics). She was rocking a blonde wig, and she put together her own headband using a purchased, decorative black head band that she picked up at Diva as well. Then she attached green sequins to it and they matched her dress perfectly. Then on went some black feathers. Fabulous! (She's a clever chooky.) 

The colour suited her perfectly (she has amazing green eyes). It cost her $45 to hire for the week. 

Here's us on the night (with the dog). It's not the best photo - taken with my iPhone by the babysitter.

I wish I'd gotten a better pic of Jen & I together.
She looked AMAZING!

There were some fantastic outfits on the night. One attendee apparently had her cream-coloured flapper dress made especially for the occasion (it was rather divine). Most of the ladies wore flapper-type dresses, but some dressed as 'moles' - you know...as in gangsters and moles! They looked HOT. The host also provided extra feather boas. I wore a blue one for some of the night. ;)

The men, I have to say, all looked rather handsome, many of them slicking their hair back stylishly, with  some even donning a fake moustache. Many wore scarves around their necks and gangster hats. One guy dressed as a woman - complete with flapper outfit, coat, long gloves...the full bit. But he wore SHORTS underneath! Hilarious.

The party itself was held at an old house (built in the late 1800s) locally to me that really set the perfect scene for the night. As we entered the grounds, small lanterns with tea lights lined each side of the pathway as we made our way to the front door, entering through red, sparkly streamers that hung across the doors and in front of some of the curtains throughout the large room.

Some of the party goers. I've never seen so many sequins in all my life!
You can see the room was well suited to a 1920s party.

Once inside, our photo was taken with the birthday girl (unfortunately, I haven't seen that yet!) and many pics were taken with a large, white frame - with nothing in it, obviously - so people could stand behind it ready for their photo.

We were then given a $10,000 note (shame it wasn't real, huh?) which we could cash in for casino chips and play at the roulette, black jack and other gaming tables positioned around the room. (I'm quite sure Hubby will never give me any real casino chips any time soon, as I lost my $10k on the roulette table in about 10 minutes.)

Vases were filled with long feathers and golden dollar signs and the like. (From memory anyway. I'd had quite a number of champagnes by the time I checked it all out!) In one corner of the room, a slideshow of the birthday gal - including photos from childhood right through to the present day - played continually through the night.

Hanging out with some pals in the ladies room. As you do. 

There was also a dance floor, with a DJ playing a mix of everything. I'll be honest, I was a bit disappointed we didn't get to do the Charleston! ;)

The cake(s) were fabulous - in keeping with the gambling theme (and tasty too!)...

I think the birthday girl's sister made it. At least, that's what she told me. I wouldn't be surprised if it was true because the birthday gal makes a pretty mean cupcake herself, so I'm guessing the talent runs in the family.

Overall - a top night!

What's the best fancy-dress party you've been to? If you had a fancy-dress party yourself, what theme would you choose?

 Top image: You know..I can't remember where I got it. If it's yours...please let me know!


Alyce @ Blossom Heart said...

Love the dress! I had a masquerade for my 21st - masks were mandatory! I'd love to have a full dress-up themed party one day. I suppose the next one is 30!

Alyce @ Blossom Heart said...

Love the dress! I had a masquerade for my 21st - masks were mandatory! I'd love to have a full dress-up themed party one day. I suppose the next one is 30!

Maxabella said...

You looked amazing! The 20's is a great theme - guests can do as much or as little as they like. It's a sexy theme, without trying, and gals and guys both go for that!

You did so well. I would wear that dress any day. x

Naomi said...

I love your dress. You look great... I'd find it hard to part with it really!
I love the 1920's fashions, they seem so elegant.

Looks like a great party was had by all.


Aussie-waffler said...

Oh you look absolutely fab Jodie and the actual party looks amazing. I bet a fantastic night was had by all. Oh curses, now you have me craving a 1920s themed party for that big old 4-0 that is coming up at the end of the year. Hmmmmm.

Miss Pink said...

You looked gorgeous Jodie!
I love a good dress up! Sadly they are not done enough in my life!
I had a dress up for my 18th, "Superhero's and Villians" It was a wonderful theme and while only half my friends dressed up (and you HAVE to dress up or you're just lame in my opinion and ruining the fun of it all) there were some really fantastic outfits. Ned Kelly gangs, Sailor Moon, Super Man, Wonder Woman, Jason from Friday the 13th, and me, as "Root Man" which Frisie used to dress up from Big Brother (ok it was around that era, and obviously only people who watched Big Brother would have picked up on it). I think i will have to do a dress up for my 25th this year!

River said...

You all look like you're having a fabulous time. I love the costumes. Even better than the Madonna ones. I think you should have a dress like that made for you. It just looks so right.

cat said...

What a stunning party and you did look beautiful.

We had a very interesting party where we had to dress as the cover of time magazine. Truly creative ideas came out of that one.

MaidInAustralia said...

You look gorgeous! Such fun. I once dressed up as a butterfly for a party in the rainforest. (I was skinny and young back then so I could get away with it!) I don't think I've been to a dress-up party since then.

Ami said...

You look gorgeous! Looks like heaps of fun. Surprisingly enough I don't think I've ever been to a fancy dress party! xx

Thea said...

Oh what fun!
I told you already I love your dress...and that ring....LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!