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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Decorating the Kids' Bedrooms - The Big Boys' Room

Out of all the rooms in the house, I had the most fun decorating my kids' bedrooms. 

I think kids' bedrooms are the easiest, because you have such a wide pallette of colours you can choose from. You can seriously go nuts if you want to...it doesn't really matter! More is more.

A couple of years ago, Hubby and I decided to buy the 7yr old and 9yr old (who share a room) bunk beds so we could incorporate some study space for them. Their bedroom is a fairly good size, but introducing the bunk beds really made a difference to what we could work with. Besides, they were thrilled to have the bunks...even if we were a little nervous about spills and thrills taking place on them. (Thankfully, we've only had one such incident - with the 7yr old falling backwards off the ladder one night. The ambulance was called and everything...but he was ok. Lesson learned.)

Hubby painted the walls fairly bright-ish yellow (Dulux: Seduction - not a very appropriate name for a kids' room, but a great colour nonetheless!).

We bought a bunk bed from a local bed store, then it was on to find a desk. IKEA was our first - and turns out, our only - stop. We've always loved IKEA around here. We have a bunch of stuff we've bought from them over the years. (In fact, we should be honorary shareholders by now. Where on earth is my dividend cheque?) They have such great, affordable pieces...especially for kids. You just can't go past their stuff.

For the boys' bedroom, we bought from IKEA:

- A desk 
- Art drawers
- Two chairs
- Two round floor rugs
- Two wall lamps
- A set of three pop-up baskets
- A set of drawers
- Wall shelf
- Plastic bin
- Some other misc items

We already had IKEA wardrobes and an IKEA (Billy) book case in their bedroom too. Both purchased just before the 9yr old was born! Even though they're not white, they actually fit in quite well.

Here's the room (this pic was taken a while back...it's not quite this neat and tidy these days, I'm afraid).

The boys share a double desk. We've since purchased a pin board 
from IKEA as well to place between their wall lamps. 

The bunks have a trundle underneath. We don't use it for an extra mattress, but as a handy storage space.
The art drawers are from IKEA (awesome storage for all the boys' paper), as are the pop-up baskets on top.

We bought the drawers below from IKEA as well, as a temporary solution to a lack of drawer space, so they didn't match 100%, but kept with the blue and red theme I had going on. They have since been moved to the 4yr old's room, and have been replaced by some IKEA drawers that are the same colour as the bookshelf. (Larger - so they store more stuff for the big boys!)

These were very inexpensive. 

IKEA recently sent out to me their latest Children's IKEA brochure the other day (as well as a cute baby toy I passed on to my friend, Jen, for her nephew, a book, and a soft toy soccer ball that the 4yr old has been kicking around the place), and already I've made a note of some stuff to pick up.

Like this below for the 4yr old's drawers so I can arrange his various clothes in to it, and he can easily access them himself. (Yet another idea I got from Nicole Avery's book, Planning with Kids - although she uses some shoeboxes and old nappy boxes for the job, both of which I don't have currently available!):
The FABLER box - $9.99/set of 3

In actual fact, we're planning to move the 9yo in to his own room soon (currently the 4yo's bedroom - the 4yo will move in with the 7yo). The 9yo really loves to use the desk and has a thing about his own stuff, so we think this arrangement will work well. Especially as he'll no doubt have more homework next year (in year 5) requiring his undivided attention!

We're checking out a bed with study desk underneath it this time, because the 4yo's current room is smaller than the big boys' room. It also needs some wardrobes. When we get that sorted, I'll be sure to post about that as well! No doubt, we'll be heading back to IKEA for some more ideas. ;)

* Please note that even though IKEA sent me a few items, I needed no encouragement at all to write this post, as I've always loved IKEA! Besides, I only blog about what I love.

What are your kids' bedrooms like? Do your kids have a 'theme' to their room at all - whether it be a certain colour(s) or other theme?  

Top image: IKEA


Littlemissairgap said...

Those IKEA Fabler boxes are truly Fab! We have several sets at home & they come in so handy when placed in drawers.

Kate said...

Ooooh, I love those art drawers!! I'm currently in the planning stages of changing our study into a toy storage room - and I've been stumped on what to do with all our art/craft things. I really didn't want those plastic drawer set-ups, but wasn't sure what other options there were. Now I know!! Thanks :-)

Kellie said...

The theme in both my kids rooms seems to be Too Much Crap & Not Enough Space.
I've always loved Ikea too, I wish we had some spare money so I could fix up the bedrooms!

Ms Styling You said...

Love this Jodie - we're going to put my youngest in one of those beds from Ikea that have space underneath - to open up more space for him in his small room.

whatsinemmasbrain said...

I LOVE Ikea, I actually asked to go(made hubby take me)to Ikea on my birthday with the ute a few years ago.... Best Day Ever :)
I sneak back when ever I can...

River said...

You had me running for my paint colour charts to see what Dulux Seduction looks like. Sadly my charts are all solver and Wattyl, so I'm no wiser.
I love, love IKEA, yet I have absolutely nothing of theirs. I love the ART drawers, would they be deep enough to hold CD's?

MultipleMum said...

There is a lot of IKEA love there Jody! It sure looks cheerful and functional and inviting. Lucky boys x

Thea said...

IKEA is our shop of choice, too! Shame it's over 2 hours away and we don't have a trailer!! lol

My boy has the same wooden red, yellow and blue toy with the little cars. I love the noise it makes. :)

Thea said...

PS I forgot to say...your boys' room looks GREAT! I love it.

purely4kids said...

As a fellow mum of 3 boys I'm a massive fan of IKEA - I would actually live in the store if I could. Thankfully my boys love IKEA too, they've had no choice really, their entire room has been furnished from there - LOL.