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Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to Fake It: Tips for Housewives - The Bathroom 'Quick Clean'

Last time, in my How to Fake It tips, we found out how to get the house in order in under fifteen minutes, in the case of the last minute visitor. 

In this instalment of the series, I'm going to give you the rundown on how to give your bathroom that super quick clean. You know - the clean you give it when you don't have enough time, or, quite frankly, can't be bothered and would rather spend your time watching Days of Our Lives or something. (God forbid, but I'm not judging.)

Now this clean - depending on the size of your bathroom, of course - should take no more than 20 minutes, and your bathroom will still sparkle! Well, probably more so in candlelight, but you'll get by. Guaranteed.

I'm going to mention some products in this that will help you with your quick bathroom clean. These are products I have discovered myself - they were not sent to me, this is not a sponsored post or anything - they are simply items I've used myself for years and think will make things quick for you.

Okay, here's what you do:

Step 1: Tidy up
Get rid of all the clothes, dirty knickers, bath toys etc off the floor. Put them in the laundry basket, toy basket or bin...whatever. Just get rid of them.

Step 2: Vacuum
You want to do this step before you start throwing any water around, so vacuum your floor. I prefer the vacuum to the broom, because a) it doesn't throw any stray hairs or the like around - they all get sucked up. And if the shower recess isn't wet, you can even vacuum in there too. I do. ALL the time. Easy; and b) it's quicker than sweeping.

Step 3: Clean the toilet
Now, I actually think cleaning the toilet is a lot easier than people make it out to be. It doesn't take long to clean it properly, but in this case you want a super quick clean and you don't want to go down to the laundry to find all your stuff...so you simply grab some antibacterial wipes or the like and wipe that baby down. Use the toilet brush if you need to and FLUSH! Done.

Step 4: Clean the Shower Recess & Mirrors
Now, don't forget that in this instance, we only have a little time to spare, so we just want the shower recess to not look so...used. Firstly, you have to have a clean floor. If it was wet and you couldn't vacuum as per Step 2, make sure you clean out any loose hair or the like. (Whilst I LOVE my husband's hairy chest - woot-woo! - I'm not a fan of said hair on the shower recess floor. Doubt my guests want to see it either, you know?) I often use a little toilet paper to scoop up any hair or old pieces of soap, razor wrappings, then throw it all in the bin.

Next, if you have a glass shower recess, you want that glass clean, because that's the bit people will notice the most!

I've found the quickest and easiest way to clean glass well is with a Sabco glass & chrome cleaning mitt (pictured on the right). I've been using these mitts for years. Big fan. I guess they're like the poor man's version of Enjo products. (Quite frankly, I've used Enjo for the shower recess before too, and I don't see a big difference at all. Save your money, people.) You just wet it, wipe the glass down in a circular motion, then wipe the glass clean and dry with a soft towel - an old soft cloth nappy works brilliantly. I've bought my Sabco mitts in both Coles and Woolworths over the years. While you're at it, if you have any mirrors in your bathroom, use the same mitt for those. It'll clean them up perfectly.

Now, the tiles in the bathroom just require, in this instance, a 'spot clean'. I use a Sabco 'One Wipe Bathroom & Laundry Mitt'. Once again, wet it, wipe over the offending spots on the tiles then dry with a cloth. Quick as. If you have any build up of mould going on, then you might want to spot clean those with some Exit Mould or similar.

Now arrange the shampoo bottles etc on any shelves neatly. Now the shower recess looks clean!

Step 5: Clean the bath
Whether your bath is part of your shower recess, or separate, it's the same deal for both. Use the Sabco bathroom and laundry mitt to wipe over then dry with the cloth again. Easy.

Step 6: Clean the basin
As per Step 5 - clean your basin. You're almost done!

Step 7: The Quick Mop
I once trialled a cleaner for my house just after the 4yo was born, and was appalled to notice that his way of 'mopping' the bathroom floor was to simply spray it with a mixture of water and bleach, then use a damp mop to go over it. That's it?! (I was so discouraged after that, I never bothered employing someone to help with the cleaning. I just became a martyr instead. Ha!) I still don't agree with this practice - a good mop requires a bucket of water and bleach or similar and a real mop.

However...for a 'quick clean' it's more than suitable. You can always do the proper mop tomorrow. Or on the weekend. Or next week. Whatevs.

Sabco can help out here too. I love their microfibre mops (pictured left). They are easily removed because they velcro on to the mop base, so I often use them without the mop base (I don't mind getting down on my hands and knees to clean a floor - because I find a lot more dirt that way)! They're great for quick cleans and spot cleaning. So, spray your floor with a mixture of bleach and water (including the shower base/floor of your shower recess), then mop over with a fairly damp mop. No bucket required for this quick clean. ;) (You can throw the Sabco mop in the wash afterwards too. I love that part.)

Step 8: Dust
You're almost done. Using the cloth you've been using to dry everything with, go over any dusty (visible) surfaces. Your cloth is damp by now, so it'll pick up the dust.

Step 9: Give your bathroom that 'fresh' smell
Remember the lavender and water from the first How to Fake It? Same. Spray some lavender and water around, or even use a sprig of perfume. (Although, allowing your toddler in to the bathroom so they can help themselves to the bathroom cupboard and break your favourite bottle of perfume on to the floor is not a great alternative to this. On all levels. Trust me.)

Step 10: Make yourself a cuppa
'Cos you're finished, and you deserve it!

Hope you've enjoyed these tips. Be sure to catch the next How to Fake It instalment, coming soon to a blog near you!

Well, this one. Natch.

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Ms Styling You said...

I'll be sure to pass these invaluable tips on to my husband. While I have a cup of tea. x

macsnorky said...

Are you serious? 20 minutes? That's my "proper" bathroom clean! *shame* My fake it clean involves a couple of Pine O Cleen wipes over basin & vanity, around the edge of the bath, and a bucket of hot water splashed in the tub to rinse the dust away.

If that's not clean enough for last minute visitors they can clean it themselves ;)


Anonymous said...

You make me feel ashamed! That is my super duper bathroom clean, my quick one is unscrew the lightbulb, what they don't see won't hurt them!

Mrs B said...

oh dear. Another who needs to hang their head in shame. That is my 'deep clean' of a bathroom!

I'm with Macsnorky, thank the heavens for those Pine O Cleen wipes!

Jodie Ansted said...

I should say...only mop if it needs it!

I have three boys, so I can't get away without mopping - especially around the toilet. You know? ;)

I'm lovin' macsnorky's clean. She can write my tips from now on!!!

Mrs B said...

I must admit, I am so going to look for that mop. I have three fountains.. err boys as well. What they do to the toilet is beyond disgusting!

MultipleMum said...

I am about to go and clean the bathroom. See you in 20! x

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Rah said...

you = brilliant :)

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

Loving this series idea, you are the master!

River said...

Your twenty minute job is my weekly full clean too. There's only me here, so the bathroom doesn't get grubby so much as dusty. A quick vacuum takes care of that, the shower is wiped dry every day and the antibacterial wipes do the toilet.
Just in case of unexpected visitors I make sure the mirrors and taps are shiny and there's a full roll of paper on the spindle.

Posie Patchwork said...

Love it all, you clearly spy on me when i clean the bathrooms. I use enjo cloths & gloves & train my children to change clothes IN the laundry, it's brilliant, no trail of knickers!! I also . . . have everyone put all their toothbrushes etc in the drawers & every time i've tried to use a pump hand wash the children make a mess of it, so i just don't have one. So our counter tops in the bathrooms are completely bare. We live in Army housing, it's not our dream home, so i don't care, Spartan will do right now, times a family of 6, we could clutter up lots if we wanted to!! Love Posie

Robyn said...

Love the posts everyone. Guess what....little boys do grow up eventually!! I certainly did my fair share of mopping the bathroom - often several times a week. Thanks for the tip about the Sabco Mitt. - I'll be buying one this week. I've always steered away from these thinking they were probably a waste of money but whatever makes the job of cleaning the bathroom quicker. I recently converted to using bicarb and plain no-name vinegar to clean the bathroom (sink, bath and toilet). I just got sick of the fumes and chemicals. It definitely works so give it a go. Bicarb on soft cloth/brush to scour and then sprinkle on vinegar and finish the job whilst it foams.

Lorraine The Party Times said...

love this post!

London Cleaners said...

Great post. It will be very useful for people who need their homes to look clean, but don't have the time to clean them.
Regards! :)

Lavine said...

Great tips! When a bathroom is scented and smells nice, it leaves an impression to your visitors. A quick spray of air freshener do the trick.

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Corinth said...

These tips come in handy for moms who are very busy at work and household chores. Even our Long Island plumbers advised these to us.

Ryan Phelps said...

I use Sabco glass & chrome cleaning mitt for cleaning my bathroom tiles and glass as well. I think the product is very effective and easy to use.