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Friday, June 03, 2011

On Mummy Mayhem This Week

It's time for the weekly wrap up. 

Before launching in to what happened here this week on my blog, I just want to ask everyone to think of blogger, The NDM, of Not Drowning Mothering, and her family as they prepare to say goodbye to Sgt Brett Wood today, who was killed recently in Afghanistan. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, NDM. xx

Ok, so here's what happened on the blog this week:

Last week I was grateful for independence. My 9yr old made me mighty proud in particular a couple of weeks ago.

I wrote my first 'How to Fake It - Tips for Housewives' this week (and plan to write more). This week, we're dealing with the drop-in visitor.

This week I showed you how we get crafty with paint around here at Chez Ansted.

Then I discussed the pocket money dilemma - and tell you what I plan to put in place for my kids.

As you can see at the top of my blog, I have a list of posts coming up soon here at Mummy Mayhem - so keep an eye out for those.

Have a lovely Friday, all.

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