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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Snorer in Denial

Do you snore? I SO don't. *cough*

In my teenage years, after I would jump in to bed at night, I'd hear my parents' radio blaring from their bedroom. They'd listen to some suspense thriller type radio serial for a while (and admittedly, I would too - I got rather hooked), and then I'd hear them bid each other goodnight, kiss, and all would go quiet.

For about five minutes, that is.

Suddenly an almighty snore would erupt from my parent's room. I always thought it was my Dad who snore, but in actual fact, a lot of the times it was Mum. I don't know why, but I grew up thinking that snoring was a 'guy thing'. After all, aren't we ladies a little too delicate to make such a terrible noise?

When pregnant with my first son - as is the case with a lot of pregnant women with their organs pushed up around their neck - I started to snore. I knew this because I would wake myself with that sort of snort and blockage feeling in the back of my throat. 'Ah, it'll pass when the baby's born,' I would think, and happily roll over (as much as I physically could) and go back to sleep.

Three sons later, I find myself sleeping heavily most nights. When not woken by one of the kids crying out, or the sound of the dog's nails on the wooden floors, indicating he has had enough of sleeping on the floor in our bedroom and has headed off to see if he can find a comfy bed - or couch - to snooze on, I sleep pretty well, thank-you-very-much.

Except, that is, when I suddenly feel a prodding in my side by Hubby, and hear him whisper, "You're snoring!"

I was in denial about this semi-regular accusation from my husband for a long time. In defence, I almost always put it down to a potential cold. Even one I wasn't absolutely certain I had yet, but considered was probably coming down with soon. (Ahem.) And in actual fact, I truly was quite certain that it was really Hubby doing the snoring, and in his delirium after waking from said snoring he would then accuse me of being the snorer.

However, over time - even, curiously, when Hubby was away for work, or on a cycling holiday with his buddies (don't get me started) - I find myself waking with the same SNORT, GAG, COUGH I used to do back in the days when I was heavily pregnant, and in recent years....okay, weeks...I've come to admit defeat.

It is true, people. I am a snorer.

There. I said it. Sigh.

Do you snore? Does your partner? Does it drive you CRAZY? Have you or your partner done anything about it?

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Miss Cinders said...

I do, yes. All my life. Although I am suspected of having sleep apnoea so that'd explain it. I hate it. When I'm pregnant I'm like a freight train gone wrong.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh Jodie, you're funny! I snored terribly through both pregnancies. I wasn't fully aware I was doing it, until I woke myself up a couple of times, just like you describe here. Then when prompted, hubby admitted I had been snoring for a while. He was sweet enough not to mention it until I probed. I don't *think* I snore anymore, but now you've sparked my interest and I might question hubby again, as I know he probably wouldn't tell me if I was ;o)
Could you try laying on your side?? I've heard of people sewing a ball into the back of their PJ's, so they won't roll onto their backs and snore. A little extreme maybe!?

Jean said...

Yep I'm a fully paid up member of the snorers's club...but luckily my husband is too so my kids get it in stereo in our house XXX

Susan @ Reading Upside Down said...

Of course I don't snore. I'm far too delicate and gentile for that! :-) Apparently my annoying nighttime habit is mumbling while I sleep.

My husband, on the other hand, is shocking. I have told him on more occasion that he is seriously at risk of being suffocated in his sleep. I've even slept on the lounge one night because it was driving me crazy and he just wouldn't stop, no matter how many times I thumped him on the back.

I find my husband's snoring is much worse when he is overtired. On those nights I try to fall asleep before he does since I'm a sound sleeper and once I'm asleep I don't care what sounds he makes.

I used to work for an ENT and we had lots of men come in for surgery to correct snoring, mostly because their wives had refused to continue sleeping in the same room as them because they couldn't stand the noise. :-)

Mum on the Run said...

Oh - Hubby snores, therefore I kick...hard.
The surgery has been mentioned a few times but I'm not at that level of irritation just yet.

Penny-lee-R said...

i'm not a snorer, but do groan,grunt and chat sometimes *aparently* my hubby snores, but only while on his back as well, a shove in the side always shuts him up.cheers

4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle said...

Oh dear, way to much truth in this one for me. I am now waking myself up mid snore and yes my parents were the same as yours (who knew snoring was hereditory?)

I've heard that all the really cool people snore...okay, that's a lie but I know heaps of groovy snorers, really, I do!

Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

Yep, I snore. LIke you, it started during pregnancy with my first and just never went away. It always gets worse during pregnancy so I'm terrible at the moment.

The night before last I actually woke up choking which was a horrible sensation. Last night I propped myself up on a lot of pillows and was much better.

Miss Pink said...

I won't lie, sometimes I snore. It is so super rare, usually when I have a massive head cold and my nose is blocked up.
Mr Black snores though, and as a very light sleeper is drives me nuts. I kick him or shush him.

MummyK said...

I've always snored. Turns out I have sleep apnoea. The cpap machine is a blessing and now I just sleep sounding like darth vader, but not as loud :) It is quality sleep.

River said...

I do snore, but it's a fairly recent thing, started a couple of years ago during one of the worst hayfever seasons I've ever had. Now I snore mostly in the winter, or when the hayfever gets hold of me.

MaidInAustralia said...

Though it pains me to admit it, I also snore occasionally - usually when I have a cold and sinus though. When my daughter was in hospital recently and I slept by her bed in an armchair, I was sick myself, and kept waking myself up with my snores. The nurses and Miss 8 thought it was very funny!