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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Stuff to Look Out For

Occasionally, I find stuff I want to share with my gorgeous readers. Sometimes I find it myself, other times people send me something to try out (yippee!). When I like it, you're sure to find it here in my 'Stuff to Look Out For' posts!

The Pop-Up Laundry Hamper
The first thing I want to share with you I found myself in Coles. It's something I should have included in my How To Tame the Laundry Beast post recently.

We have a space issue in our house. Our laundry is essentially a cupboard. Well, not really - but it may as well be, it's so small. I have a couple of laundry baskets, and seriously - I have no room for them as it is. So imagine my delight when I found the following at my local Coles:

The Evolve pop-up laundry hamper

I think the brand is Evolve (I couldn't find anything online to link to). It's a pop-up basket and from memory, costs around $10.

It's a great space saver!

It starts like this (well, actually a little smaller. I've never been very good at folding down the beach tent either):

It comes in a another little bag.

 Then opens to this, before being fully opened:

Easily tucked away in our laundry.

I have two. They're also great to store toys in that you've just picked up off the floor! (See my How to Fake It: Tips for Housewives for more info on that. ;) )

Yogi Bear - on DVD & Blu-ray
The boys were excited to receive the latest offering from Warner Bros Video: Yogi Bear. *Sigh* I have such fond memories of the old Yogi Bear cartoons I used to watch as a kid. The idea that a bear could talk...wait. Whaddya mean they don't really talk? Oh, man!

Of course, Yogi has come a long way since the 'old days' when I was a youngin'. This new version combines live action with computer animation. It's one of those 'save the day' kinda stories kids LOVE. The 4yo started watching the movie, with the big boys deciding they'd do something else. Until, that is, they walked past the tv. Next thing I knew they were all watching, laughing and enjoying. I had 80 minutes of 'me' time. (Score!) Thumbs up from the boys.

Here's a trailer your kids might like to watch:

Yogi Bear will be available on a 3D Blu-ray Pack, featuring a 2D hi-def copy of the film (RRP $49.95), Blu-ray Combo Pack, featuring a hi-def, a standard def and a digital copy of the film (RRP $44.95) and on a single disc DVD (RRP $39.95). You can also get it On Demand (RRP $5.50) and you can Download it as well (RRP $24.99)! How cool is that? Release date: 15 June.

Sukie - My First Novel
Here's something for the young, future writer in your life that I found online recently!

I discovered this Sukie - My First Novel book with 4 pencils set on hip hip hooray. It's a great website actually for finding something a little different for birthday parties and the like AND they're currently having a sale at the moment, so if you're quick, you can grab this - or many other gifts online for newborns through to 12 year olds - at a discounted price! Woot!

Sqwishies from Sqwishland
Forget Pokemons and Bakugans, people...there's a new craze in town...!

Sqwishies are the latest craze in the States, and they're hitting our stores. My boys were sent some 'capsules' of Sqwishies - which are basically little, soft, squishy (get it?) figurines (pets, if you will) that fit on to the ends of pencils. You can collect different types: regular, rare, ultra rare, crazy rare and the most sought after - Sqwabble. (The 9yo keeps talking about the Sqwishies 'evolving from' - just like in Pokemon!) You can collect them and also play online with them in a virtual setting at www.sqwishland.com. Kids can take care of their pet, feed it, play against others in what the company is calling a 'safe' environment.

My boys were absolutely THRILLED with the Sqwishies. They're already asking about where they can buy and collect more (they're available at selected stores like Australian National Geographic, Angus & Robertson, EB Games, and various airport and toy stores) and a pack of six in a capsule will only set you them back RRP $7.95). I love that they're small. All the Pokemon cards and Bakugans take up space!

To be honest, my boys found the virtual online world a little tricky to navigate. They're a little too impatient to read instructions, actually. We probably won't play them online, as we have a 'no computer games' rule during the week, and with pets that need feeding every few days, this won't suit us. But the boys won't care, because they'll just love collecting them. And at least, if I step on one, it won't hurt my feet!

We have always been a HUGE fan of LEGO DUPLO in this house. Over the years, the boys have accumulated a police station, dinosaurs, zoo animals & scenes, trucks and all sorts of LEGO DUPLO. It's so much fun, and even the bigger kids still enjoy playing with it. (But ssssh - don't tell them I told you that.)

With the release of the movie, Cars 2, comes the LEGO DUPLO inspired by the movie.
LEGO DUPLO Cars 2 Big Bentley RRP $69.99

Oh, and how the 4yr old LOVED the above set that arrived for him last week. When I woke up the morning after it arrived, he'd already found it and - with the help of his big brother - had it built already!

All the fave Cars characters here!

The 4yr old's having a great time here playing with his Cars

LEGO DUPLO have a great range of new products hitting the market. Here's a couple of them:
I LOVE this one...LEGO DUPLO Doctor's Clinic RRP $99.99
LEGO DUPLO Emergency Helicopter RRP $34.99

There's really not much else for me to say other than you seriously can't go wrong when it comes to Lego. You just can't. The kids will love it. See the full range of Cars 2 LEGO DUPLO HERE.

That's it for now. Hope you've found something you like here!


Maxabella said...

The laundry basket is genius. And Coles! Who knew?!

We have Squinkies, but I'd never heard of Sqwishies... I wonder if they are related!?


Gemma @ My Big Nutshell said...

The Evolve pop up baskets are fabulous! I have two that I keep in the car, they work superbly when I collect my children from Nonna Frans and they have a bunch of random things to bring home. Not to mention when I go to Aldi and then forget my bags and its pure joy when I have these babies to load into.

Those sqwishies look fun too! And that first novel is enough to suck me in and those pencils.... I can feel them on the paper right now.

River said...

I remember seeing those popup baskets on the shelf at work and thinking I've got one of those at home. Mine has mesh sides and came free with a magazine years ago, but I never seemed to use it, so I gave it to a friend who has it hanging over her bath to hold all the baby's bath toys.

Jodi @ The Scribble Den said...

What a fabulous website. Hip Hip Hooray! Thanks for sharing. Love it!