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Friday, June 03, 2011

This Week I'm Grateful For...Rain

I'm a summer person. 

Not in the lie-out-on-a-towel-for-hours-trying-to-give-myself-skin-cancer kinda way, but I just like the warm weather. I love wearing t-shirts and shorts and I love nothing more than warm summer evenings eating our dinner as a family out on the deck.

However - even though it seems to have ceased for the moment - the recent cold and rain that Sydney has been experiencing has been a welcomed change.

There's nothing cosier than being at home, the heating on (yes, I'm blessed to have heating), knowing that my big boys are dry and warm in their classroom just up the road - me, sitting in my study with the dog curled up at my feet, blogging - the 4yr old having a cosy snooze in his bed - whilst the rain pours down the study windows.

So this week I'm grateful for rain.

(Although ask me again in a few weeks if it starts up again...it possibly might be a different story!)

Thanks to Maxabella for hosting the weekly grateful.

What are you grateful for this week?

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Emma said...

Ah, a nice, cosy post. I love rain too (and summer!). Absolutely adore it. The only time I got tired of it was when it rained every day for 10 weeks (we were in the tropics and that was following a cyclone).
And if it has to be cold I think it may as well rain as well - especially if it's a day when I'm at home and can curl up with the fire and a blanket :)

Kellie said...

Your Grateful is very similar to mine this week!
Heaters and slippers and hot Milo - the very best things about Winter :)


Alice Becomes said...

i love the rain, it always feels so calming to me! and yes, I love to get all cosy indoors while the wind and rain falls outside....

Gill xo

Miss Mandy said...

mmm, I don't mind a spot of rain, but I'm fearful this is going to be a long winter, given that summer was so miserable.
But as my parents are farmers, I'm sure long term it will be a good thing.

Shelly - Tropical Mum said...

Rain makes me think of a hot cuppa, inside with the heating on, warm slippers, looking out at the rainy view over the valley at the property in Canada. Thanks for reminding me of that.

Cate said...

Yep, I can take a day of beautiful pouring rain (as long as it's not a day I'm teaching PE!!) - but that's about it. One day, and I'm pretty over it. But then it's June 4 and ready for summer again!!
have a great weekend

Naomi said...

I am a Summer girl too. Give me warmth over cold any day!
I do though love a rainy day... as long as I'm not teaching!

Jane said...

Rain always feels so cosy. As long as I'm inside, I love the rain. Being outside on a rainy day is a totally different matter! I'm a summer girl too, but I'm growing to love winter more and more every day. xxx

Renee said...

I love the rain and winter if a) i dont have to go outside b) we have lots of yummy food and c) if we have fun things indoors to do. Luckily it's a long weekend and we are having lots of family fun time indoors (though it's only day one - by day three I'll most likely be screaming!)

Love that pic xx

Visiting from Maxabella - I'm a new follower :-)

River said...

I love the rain. I even like walking in the rain, as long as I'm on my way home where I can then get dry and warm.

jody said...

i do like the rain if i am cosy and warm, i think it may just be a cold long rainy winter though!
Hope your having a good weekend!

Amelia {Weddings, Babies... Everything} said...

I also love rain. I agree that there is nothing better than it pouring outside and you're cosy and warm inside. It's almost a reason to be lazy guilt-free. :)

Maxabella said...

I used to love the rain, but not since children. I fret when I'm not with them and it's pouring. I worry that they are wet and cold. School kills me. x