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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Week That Was... Cabin Fever (again), Sushi and a little Mag Mention

Fortunately, the sickness that invaded our home last week has gone. Pretty much, anyway.

The 7yo has a bit of a cough, and there was a moment last Tuesday (my 'day off' as Hubby likes to refer to it. Yeah, right) when my phone rang just as I'd sat down to a coffee at the local shopping centre (I was there to do the food shopping, Hubby!), to hear the school secretary on the other end. The 7yo had come downstairs from his classroom to announce he didn't feel too well. She was great though: she insisted he spend a little time in the sick room first, and - thankfully - he managed to recover, and I managed to finish my cappuccino. Phew.

The weekend, however, was fairly uneventful with the rain. (When will it ever end?!) Hubby took the 9yo and 4yo to the Museum of Contemporary Art on Sunday afternoon - we've often taken the kids to museums and art galleries in the past -  whilst the 7yo and I did a little food shopping and ate sushi together. (The only one of my three children who will touch the stuff.)

On Monday, the fact that the boys had spent the good part of a week cooped up at home started to show, with much screaming and silly (noisy) antics going on. I've since decided it must be a complete fallacy that the elderly lose their hearing with age....it's surely because they've spent the good part of their lives listening to screaming children. Gah!

Hubby, God love him, packed them all in to the car and took them to the local indoor swimming centre, allowing me some much needed quiet time.

Something pretty cool that happened this week was the (albeit brief) mention of Mummy Mayhem in the July issue of Madison Magazine (released this week)! The mention came in an article about Stacey of Sunny Mummy, which included an interesting read about blogs helping mums, mumpreneurs, etc. Something I'm sure the bloggers out there will particularly enjoy checking out -  so consider picking up a copy next time you're at the newsagent.

I've been cooking a lot of wintery type meals lately: soups, curries and the like. I made a really yummy Lamb Biryani the other night (Hubby LOVED it) which I posted on my recipe blog yesterday. I've neglected that blog for some time. There's just not enough hours in the day, I tell you. However, I do have a few recipes I want to post, so I'll make sure I do that soon. *crosses fingers*

On MM this week, I published some more How to Fake It - Tips for Housewives and this time we're learning about the Bathroom 'Quick Clean'. Next, I wrote a post about Giving Kids Choices, and there were some interesting comments on that one. I showed you how IKEA helped me to decorate my big boys' bedroom a couple of years ago, and I joined in a weekly photo meme this week, with this week's theme being 'Dads'.

I hope you enjoy your Friday, as well as your weekend. I'm hoping to film and post a new vlog next week. I was going to do it on Tuesday, but I felt too tired, and instead sat on the couch and watched Downton Abbey and ate leftover chocolate pudding. (So, yes, Hubby...last Tuesday really did feel like a 'day off'. For a change!) If you haven't watched an episode of DA yet, you are SERIOUSLY missing out. Best show on the tube in aaaaages. Yup. I'm totally hooked.

Catch you soon, ya'll.


Jill of All Trades said...

Glad the sickness stuff has passed. Nothing harder than sick kiddos.

Kellie said...

High five to Hubby for getting the kids out of your hair!
I might have to make my Irishman read this, prove to him that other men really do leave the house with their children and that he should too!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh Jodie, I can relate to the feelings of cabin fever. I think we actually broke a record this week for the most number of consecutive days INDOORS... not leaving the house, once! It felt quite liberating today, when the sun shone and the wind blew. Even hanging the washing out was enjoyable.
Well done with the magazine mention. I actually looked at that copy of Madison today, considered buying it, but didn't. I might just go back and purchase :o) Here's to a cabin fever free weekend! xo

Thea said...

Oh boy, what a week!
Congrats on the mention in the mag...that's cool!!
I've missed everything this week because I've been knitting, crocheting, sewing....
So just catching up now! :)