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Friday, June 24, 2011

The Week That Was... Fever of the non-Bieber kind, Cooking Disasters & a BIG Toy for Me

What a week it's been...

Just when I thought the household was becoming illness free, the 4yr old woke with a fever one night this week, and it was all downhill from there. The 9yr old was next. He has only recently recovered from the dreaded lurgy, so this is a complete bummer. He missed his soccer gala day yesterday - which he wasn't too pleased about (they won. I haven't broken the news of this to him yet) - and he's missing a 'mufti day' at school today. (Although, he did decide he wasn't completely missing out, seeing that he's wearing mufti at home anyway. Upside.)

Therefore, our nights have not been interruption free, but at least we know it's not forever. *crosses fingers*

Yesterday, to break the boredom, I decided to bake a cake. I had intended to make an orange poppyseed cake, until the 9yr old announced his dislike for it. So instead, we attempted a kind of invention test - a la Masterchef - by changing the cake to a lemon one. I'm not someone who tends to do her own thing in the kitchen. I would prefer a recipe, and I measure. (No guessing for me.) And guess what? Yeah. It was a flop.

Actually, it didn't taste too bad, but when I turned it out it just broke up everywhere. A complete mess. Ah, well. Live and learn, hey?

The week in general has been challenging for various reasons, however there was a fabulous high point this week for me.

Take a look at what Toyota gave me to play with for a couple of weeks...

The Toyota Kluger

Niiiiiiice, hey? How cool is that?!

On Tuesday I drove down to Caringbah in Sydney's south to their Eastern Regional Office to do a bit of a car swap.  Oh, my lord. I seriously thought I was picking the car up from a dealership, but this place was HUGE! (The receptionist - who was terribly lovely - told me that 560 employees work there. Massive.)

Anyway, now I'm driving around in 'my' Kluger. I had great delight in calling Hubby as soon as I was on the road. "Hello!" I greeted him. "I'm on my bluetooth!"

"Good on you," was his reply.

He's super jealous, people.

The 4yr old in particular is so excited about the car. He keeps saying, "Can we go for a drive in the blue car today, Mum? Pleeeeease?"

Anyway, look out for some fun posts about my adventures with the car over the next couple of weeks. My pal, Jen, is joining me next week for a bit of a road trip, and I'm also planning a little guest post of some sort by Hubby, a la Top Gear.  ;)

Just in case you missed anything on the blog this week, I wrote about small acts of kindness, I admitted to something I've been in denial about for YEARS, and I talked about 'Duck Days'. Find out what they are.

Anyway, I'm signing off now. I can't stay in my pyjamas ALL day, you know. ;)

Have a great Friday & weekend all...

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Han & Moo said...

I have a Kluger and absolutely LOVE it. The space, the drive, the room....heaven. Have fun! X

River said...

I LOVE the Kluger!!
My daughter had one for a couple of years.
(I don't drive).

Being Me said...

Hey they look orright don't they, those Klugers! I looove that you're calling your hubby from it. Bwahahaha that is something I'd do. Naughty.

Jenn Brigole said...

I love reading your posts. They're fun and light. :) Hope you all feel better soon. A bowl of soup would be nice too. I can't stop thinking about soups lately. lol

MaidInAustralia said...

We've been living on soup since we've all been sick. It works wonders doesn't it? And I wish I had a real car for a while.
Mine is a clapped-out lancer with half the front hanging off and a ding in the boot. Oh and it's full of kids' crap, clothes and crumbs.

Kim said...

I want to go for a ride in it too!! :)

Donna said...

Whoa, nice ride you got there - a well deserved silver lining after such a shitty week! Hope health returns to you all again soon xx