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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Week That Was...

This past week has been a mixed bag for me. Some definite highs and some definite lows. Oh, yeah.

Usually on a Friday I do my 'On Mummy Mayhem This Week', but typing this up last night, I suddenly decided to make it my weekly wrap up instead. Not just about what happened on my blog, but what's been happening in my life over the past week.

Why not? Let's throw caution to the wind and mix it up a bit!

I've been looking after sick kidlets for most of this week. The 9yo has had all but Tuesday off from school. The 7yo had Wednesday off and is home again today with the 9yo. The 4yo's fine. He's just his usual, challenging self, but at least he's had some extra company. (He and the 9yo built Lego for quite some time yesterday - quietly - which was nice.)

The boys aren't that ill that it's creating a lot of extra work or tugging at my heart strings as is usually the case when I see the boys unwell (it's mostly sore throats, feeling a little warm, having a bit of a cough, sniffly noses). However, as a consequence of their being home, I'm suffering a little cabin fever. (As is the dog. The poor dog is busting for a run.) Then again, the c-c-cold weather Sydney has been experiencing this week has made it far easier to be at home in the warmth of our heated home.

Both the big boys received awards at school on Monday, which was a high EXCEPT that the 9yo was home sick that day, and because the 9yo was home sick, I wasn't at the assembly for THE FIRST TIME THIS YEAR and, of course, missed out on seeing the 7yo get his much anticipated first award of the year. *sigh* (Thank God for Jen, my semi-official photographer, who took a pic of the 7yo - award in hand - and texted it to me.)

I had to cancel a much anticipated catch up with a fellow blogger today (due to aforementioned illness), however, that worked out ok because her child is sick too. Which, of course, is not good - but you know what I mean. I didn't feel so bad about having to cancel.

I received an interesting, not so pleasant email this week (which I won't go in to details about here), but then I got a REALLY great email from someone else about a little something I might get to have fun with and blog about here some time soon, so that worked out well. (Can't give you any details yet, but I'll certainly keep you posted. Let's just say it might provide me with another Jen & Jode's Big Adventures post!)

For all of the lows this week though, a definite high that pretty much cancels them all out anyway, was my night out with Jen on Wednesday (the post I just linked to above). I'm still on a high after that night!

So this week was filled with some highs and some lows. That's just the way life goes... (Far out. I should turn that in to a song. How poetic of me.)

This week on the blog... I was grateful for rain. I shared five ways I think you can get a little more organised. I told you what my latest obsession is. I shared some great products I love at the mo, and I gave you all the details about my fab night out with Jen to see Mary Poppins! (I can't stop linking to this one, huh? LOVED it!)

This week, I also had a post over at Kleenex Mums published on arguing in front of the kids. I ask: is it ever ok to argue in front of your kids? Pop on over there and tell me your thoughts on that.

Well, that was the week that was. Enjoy your Friday and weekend all!

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Ms Styling You said...

Jodie, you know those boys are just serving their Man Flu apprenticeships, don't you? Hope next week is brighter xx

Zoey @ Good Goog said...

Hopefully you've had a great weekend! And @Styling You love your comment about man flu apprenticeships xo

So Now What? said...

Busy bloody week there Jode. Hoping this one is less full of sick kids and more full of you time xx