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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Week That Was... The Kindness of 'Strangers', Gelato & Old Friends

The week that was...

With a ski trip planned this year, I took to Twitter recently to ask my lovely tweeps for advice on what online store to use for ski clothes for the 4yr old. (Twitter is really handy for that stuff!) I received a number of helpful replies, but one in particular knocked my socks off.

The lovely Kirsty of 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle (on Twitter as @shamozal) was in Oz by chance when I sent out the message (she currently resides in Qatar) and happened to have a size 5 ski suit which she no longer needed (not a lot of snow in Qatar, apparently) and offered to send it to me. Just like that. It arrived this week and FITS PERFECTLY.

Kirsty's generosity is proof, once again, about the kindness of (almost, sorta, kinda, but not really) strangers. Kirsty has never met me - she only knows me through my blog and Twitter - and yet, she was kind enough to do me a HUGE favour, and go out of her way to do it. (Thanks again, Kirsty. You're a lifesaver!)

Kirsty's not actually the first blogger/Twitter pal to help me out. Bern of So Now What (@Bern_Morley) has single-handedly ensured that I do some ironing on occasion by sending me tv series on DVD to watch. My husband should personally thank her for that. (Thanks, Bern!)

*     *     *     *     *

When Hubby and I took our two eldest boys to Italy in 2005, Hubby became obsessed with gelato. Every day we'd have to get at least one serve of the stuff. He almost always went for chocolate. I loved banana with fresh whipped cream (hmmmm).

Anyway, he decided then and there he wanted a gelato-maker. We searched the streets of Rome for one. Lots of fake Louis Vuitton handbags, but no shops with gelato machines. (I'm certain we were looking in the wrong places.)

However, later that year I bought Hubby one on sale at David Jones for his birthday, and he's made gelato ever since.

His signature flavour is dark chocolate. It's the best chocolate gelato I've EVER had. Served with fresh whipped cream to soften the flavour, it's delicious!

Last week, over three nights, he made pistachio, coffee and choc chip gelato to take to friends for dinner on Saturday night. They were all yummo.

What a clever Hubby I have.

*     *     *     *     *

Friends of ours from Perth arrived last week with their two boys. They are staying not too far from us, so we've enjoyed their company on a number of occasions. It's always lovely to catch up with people that we've known for a long time. There's a familiarity and ease that goes with that kind of friendship. Our boys have loved having their sons to play with. They've also enjoyed the odd late night over the past week (tsk, tsk). They'll survive. It's been worth it. Safe travels home today, K & L. xxx

*     *     *     *     *

This week on the blog, I had an overwhelming, wonderful response to my post Some Days, Life is like a Bag of Lemons. Thanks everyone. xxx It was time for a rant about Supermarkets this week. Thanks to those who joined in! I continued my fiction writing (SO much fun) for Write on Wednesdays. And I shared a list of stuff I think you should look out for. Including my two giveaways! Check them out and enter...winners will be drawn next week.

I even managed to post my scone recipe on my recipe blog, as well as my latest fab food find.

Have a lovely weekend, ya'll.



Yvette Vignando said...

Loved the story of the ski clothes - generosity is in abundance on Twitter - another reason to stay. Have a good weekend Jodie. x

Cathy said...

I love hearing stories about people's generosity...and when it's from 'strangers' it's even more special! When I recently posted about my friend having breast cancer, a complete stranger messaged and said she had a book from a breast cancer survivor that she wanted to send to her. Thought that was so beautiful.
p.s. you were making me hungry discussing all those luscious gelato flavours! yum!

River said...

What a lovely thing for a friend to do!
I must get back to reading her blog, haven't been there for a while.
I love gelato, if I ever have a bigger kitchen I'll be getting on of those machines myself.

Thea said...

Pistachio gelato sounds so yum!
Did you see the pumpkin icecream on Masterchef last night!! That looked wierdly good. :)

Megan Blandford said...

LOVE Twitter friends!!

Jane said...

Mmm hubby's gelato sounds delicious! Wish I had a personal gelato maker available all the time :) xx

Susan @ Reading Upside Down said...

It sounds like you have had a lovely week. I'm so glad. The gelato sounds delicious, I'll have to make sure I give you plenty of notice if I ever manage to call in to visit so that you can have a batch waiting for me when I arrive. I'm particularly partial to lemon or orange gelato (just in case you were wondering).