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Monday, August 29, 2011

Musical Interlude

Lately, I've posted something here on a Sunday, but this week it didn't happen. Let me explain...

We've discovered something over the last year about the 9yr old. The boy has an ear for music.

Awww. Just like his Mum, hey?

He started guitar lessons last year, and took to it instantly. However, we've also found that he can sit at a keyboard and just pick out a song on it. Just like that. *clicks fingers*

In fact, on Saturday - using the same toy piano I used to write BLOGGING! The Musical (ahem) - he completely put me to shame (some may argue that's not a particularly difficult thing to do) by working out how to play Dynamite by Taio Cruz on the darn thing. Can you believe it? I mean, mostly single notes, but there's a section he actually worked out the chords for. And even with my piano 'skills' I couldn't have worked that out. (I did actually play piano for a couple of years in primary school, people - but then, you probably guessed that already when you saw my musical writing, huh?)

So yesterday, we drove in to the city and decided to invest in this:

Oh, people, let me tell you...I've been rediscovering my youth the last couple of days by picking out the same songs that used to stump me as a child: The Blue Danube (my mother's favourite), Fur Elise (I can only play the first bit) and English Country Garden (I can only remember the right hand so far). I even managed to work out how to change the sound to a harpsichord and picked out Greensleeves by ear (you know...the ice cream truck song that apparently King Henry VIII wrote). When I'm in one of my devilish moods, I'm going to mess with the kids' heads with that one. ;)

Anyway, the plan is to get some lessons happening for the boys. Then, my kids will no doubt form the better-looking although, I might be slightly biased version of this just with keyboards, obviously:

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Do you play an instrument, or did you as a child? (Recorders don't count, readers. They're not instruments - just parent torturing devices, aka 'PTDs'.) Do, or will, your kids play an instrument do you think? If so, which one?


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Daisy, Roo and Two said...

What a clever little man! I love that Dynamite song too! Haha.
We're planning on putting the kids in either piano or guitar lessons, whichever they prefer, and I hope they enjoy it and like it! It's such a good skill to have! I'm planning on leaving home when the recorders come out. I will take up residence in a separate home and Pal can be the stay at home dad whilst I avoid the PTDs.

Maxabella said...

My Max is mad for 'Dynamite' - can't quite imagine him learning it on the keyboard though. Your boy is very good! It's obviously pure genetic talent.

Forget the Boyband, don't think I didn't take one look at that professional keyboard and think Blogging: The Musical was on its way! x

bloggingmumof3 said...

as a musician that is so exciting hey. i'm hoping to book my daughter in for violin lessons next year...to be like mummy hehe

Susan @ Reading Upside Down said...

My children attended early childhood music classes at the local conservatorium from the age of 2 - no instrument lessons, just songs with actions, etc gradually learning rhythm, pitch, tempo all while having lots of fun. Their final year (when in Yr 2 at school) involved a term each of keyboard, violin, guitar and percussion. Youngest is now in his second last year of the program and is learning recorder.

Once finished with The Con classes, my older son (then 9) started learning saxophone to play with the school band. He is still having lessons now (aged 12). My daughter (10) started piano lessons this year and has raced ahead. She loves playing, has an awesome teacher and The Con classes have set her up with a sense of musicality that make learning much easier.

My youngest wants to learn the bassoon or the harp. We'll see...

We have an upright piano, but I think I'd like to invest in a good electronic keyboard (with weighted keys) for my daughter. Very envious of your purchase.

As for me, I learned piano, flute and violin as a child and still play the first two (to be honest, I never really mastered the violin). I have also put together a rather wicked audition piece using finger cymbals and kazoo for Blogging: The Musical. :-)

Thea said...

Yes, piano here.
I had lessons for 8 years and did up to Fourth Grade exams with honours every time (bragging!)
So I am practically salivating at the piccy of your new purchase. I love to get my hands on a keyboard!
Your lucky boys, I bet they have many happy hours on it.

Miss Pink said...

Bluey must be similar to your 9 year old. On a kids piano my parents have at their house he sat down and worked around "Happy Birthday To You" and some other kiddies song, all.on.his.own.
I have a keyboard and taught myself to play it at 16. MY bestie could read sheet music, taught me the acronyms and so I got to writing it all down on sheets of music and fiddling around. I had a few songs down pat but lost it once I had Bluey because I haven't really had the time since having him (nap time is "my time" but can't play a noisy instrument then can you?).
I really want to get Bluey into Violin lessons. It suits his personality and he expressed interest in it a few years ago.

Meredith @ thinkthinks said...

Ooh - we have that exact same digital piano for our daughter. Like you I sat down with the book to tinker but sadly I am no pianist. Our girl is the musical one in our family, bit like your son. She started with flute in the school band, and was found to have a very good ear. Her flute teacher also teaches piano, and encouraged her to give it a whirl, hence the purchase last year. We have been delighted with how she plays.

I'm afraid she didn't get it from me at all. My brother has an amazing ear for music - has played guitar since he was a teenager. I think he gets the credit.

Jayne said...

I played the viola in my local youth orchestra as a child. Very much regret not continuing.

My girls' school has a fantastic music department. My youngest daughter plays the piano and eldest is a very talented drummer.

Anonymous said...

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River said...

Nothing at all musical in my fingers. Two of my grandchildren have learnt piano and guitar though and they're quite good. My sons both know how to play drums and another grandson can also play drums. My son-in-law plays saxophone.

strawberrysmum said...

*puts hand up*

I had organ and piano lessons for a great majority of my primary and secondary school years... not that it's done me much good, now I wouldn't even know how to play Fur Elise either! It's amazing how you forget. (Although I still remember most of my "chords".)

I still have my old upright piano at mum's and can't wait to bring it "home" so my 3 year old can enjoy it. Expensive business, piano moving! But we'll do it one day.

Whenever she's at Nanna's Scarlett adores bashing away on the piano, my little mini Mozart in the making!

I think a musical education for kids is a wonderful idea - as long as they love it :)

Motherhugger said...

Two of my daughters are in the school band program. One plays percussion (in three bands - started with one last year - may be four next year - I count it as practice) and the other plays clarinet. The third says she wants to play trumpet, but the fact is, she'll play the instrument she is allocated depending on who gets what instruments in the band program.

What it means for me is that we we're at school at 7.20 most mornings. I hadn't counted on that.

Friends with older kids say that what instrument you play can strengthen your application to selective school, ie, if they need a tuba player, or French Horn, you're in.

Sannah said...

I can only play the first bit of fur elise on piano too! I love it though :)
I learnt violin as a child, was ok at times. My second son is learning piano, and loves it, and seems to be picking it up quite quickly (not like your little man though - that sounds fantastic!). My first born has a really good ear, but doesn't want to learn anything. He loves singing, but doesn't want to learn an instrument, and doesn't want singing lessons. I'm not sure if I should push him into it, or just wait to see if he shows an interest.
xx Sannah

Coupons said...

I played clarinet in the band when I was in school, but I didn't like it and ended up quitting. Now I'm trying to find time to learn bass. My daughter wants to learn violin, and we managed to find a cheap one, but haven't found any affordable lessons yet.