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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Proposal

A post about the rules of engagement. ;)

I was watching a news report last night about a man in China who proposed to his girlfriend dressed as a dancing carrot, along with 48 others dressed the same way accompanying him with his dance moves.


The good news is, he got out of the carrot outfit before getting down on bended knee. And she said yes. (Brave woman, no?)

When Hubby and I became engaged, it was pretty low key. We were at home. There was no bended knee, no candlelight and certainly no dancing vegetables were involved.

And it was perfect.

I'm not in to the big, grand gesture when it comes to marriage proposals. I'm not saying no one should have them - they're just not for me.

I've known people who have proposed on bended knee in the middle of a busy restaurant. Some have proposed, or been to proposed to, on the beach of a tropical island. One guy I worked with years ago proposed to his girlfriend via a banner dragged behind a small aeroplane.

None of which would be my style. (Well, except perhaps for the tropical beach. So long as there was no bended knee and no crowd of people to witness it!)

It's not that I'm not romantic. I think I am. But perhaps I'm too much of a realist (the cost of some of these proposals? BIG waste of money in my mind), and I'm a definite fan of not planning too much. To me, the impromptu proposal done on a whim late at night in your own home is as equally, if not more, romantic to me as a well planned one.

But we're all different. Much blessings to the carrot man and his bride-to-be.

If you're married, what was the proposal for your own marriage like? Did it live up to your expectations? Exceed them? If you're not married or engaged yet, what kind of proposal would you like to receive or carry out?


jazzygal said...

Just came across your blog! Our proposal? Well, put it this way.... I was kinda like Charlotte at Harry in SATC ...'name the date...name the date'!! Lol! 'tis a wonder he didn't runa mile!

xx Jazzy

Melodramatic Me said...

I was proposed to on the Pont du Art (Bridge of Art) in Paris with Notre Dame Cathedral as our backdrop. We then went back to our hotel, drank champagne and watched a fireworks display from the Eiffel Tower. Definitely not low kew, possibly a bit cliched, but I soaked up every minute.

Rhonda said...

My husband proposed to me on bended knee (quite a feat for him considering how terrible his knees are) in front of the first hotel we stayed at together. Nothing fancy, no crowd, just a spot that meant something only to us.

Kylie Ofiu (Aspiring Millionaire) said...

My husband proposed in the car outside his mum's house. Very impromtu, no ring, he just decided then he wanted to marry me so asked. lol.

Mrs Woog said...

Mr Woog proposed while we were making the bed. He had the ring in his pocket. He had had it for a while but could not find the right time. Making the bed was the trigger. Ahhh the romance!

Jane said...

I've been told that my proposal will come as a complete surprise. I have no expectations, but I know it'll be good! xx

Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

We got engaged at home too. He had planned to pop the question after dinner while sitting on a park bench where we first kissed, but he got impatient at asked at home the night before.

In my mind it was perfect. We were surrounded by moving boxes as we were about to go travelling.

I'm not one for big gestures either.

Sam-O said...

The Workaholic asked me at least 10 times in 10 different ways over a five year period, including a fax to the MD's fax machine...

In the end though, I had a holiday after a very stressful 18 month project and we were watching TV one evening a couple of days before I was returning to work and I turned to him and said, "I think it's probably about time we got married". He jumped up and dragged me to the car. I asked where we were going, his reply?
"To our parents to tell them before you change your mind!"

My parents actually didn't believe it and took weeks to be convinced it was real.

His mother, yawned, rolled over and went to sleep. His Dad made an effort, moved out of the bedroom (sleeping biatch MIL) and cracked open a bottle of champas.

Very romantic!

Jodi @ The Scribble Den said...

Oh great topic!
We were visiting Adelaide when hubby proposed. We were near Rundle Mall and had split up to do some shopping.
When we finally met up in a side street off Rundle Mall he grabbed me, got down on one knee, pulled out the ring (which he had just bought) and proposed. Right then. Right there. Right in the middle of a busy, hot summers day in January.
I said yes immediately. One because of course I wanted to and two because I was a tad embarrassed!
But I wouldn't change a thing :)

Naomi said...

Love this topic.
No grand gesture for me either. Hubby showed me his great grandmothers ring and asked if I'd like it. I said yes, but I probably wouldn't wear it (so romantic!)

In my defence, I love the ring, but I don't wear it much I'm scared of antique diamonds and pearls going down the drain at work!

Best proposal I ever heard if was a friends, she had been living with her now hubby a while, they were on holiday and he insisted on walking down some romantic jetty out onto the tropical sea... she turned to him & said 'You know I'm a done deal, ' He replied "yep" that was that!

Mum on the Run said...

Saw the carrots. Hmmm.

I was taken out for dinner and carried on like a spoilt princess bitch because he was adament that we take his dirty, sandy, beachy old four wheel drive full of paddling paraphenalia and I didn't understand why we wouldn't put my nicely dressed ass in my nicely cleaned car.

Turns out, the car was irrelevant as a limo picked us up from dinner and of course the champagne had been in the back of Hubby (to be)'s dirty beast.

As soon as the limo driver asked if it was my birthday and I squaked "Nooo-ooo", I knew what was coming. He waited til we were at Kings Park overlooking the city and I was just about wetting myself with anticipation!!!

The clincher for me was that he had rung my Dad in Ireland - who he had never ever spoken to - and asked. I'm not traditional as such, but that took balls!!


MummyK said...

On text message! We were living in different countries. It was happy but painful too.

Kellie said...

My Irishman hasn't asked me yet.
But if I were able to pick the right moment, I would want him to do it at home. I don't like being the centre of attention so if he did it in front of people I'd probably say no haha!

But if he were dressed like a carrot, well, that's different....

Mum's the Word said...

I love hearing proposal stories; the good, the bad, and the just plain weird! For me, it's all about the love that's behind the proposal :)

My story? My then-boyfriend proposed to me whilst I was in labour!! And then we both forgot that we were engaged until about 2-weeks later :)

Anonymous said...

No romantic proposal story in this house. But have you read this? http://love-you-big.blogspot.com/2010/05/once-upon-time.html It makes me cry! xx

Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

Dancing vegetables don't really do it for me.

I wrote a blog post about this once and deleted it because it's such a boring story.

I'd had a really bad day at my course after a run in with another student. I went home and went to bed at 11am and did not plan on getting out until dinner time.

Map Guy came home on his lunch break with a bunch of flowers. I told him they were lovely but that he was an ass for waking me up. Then he pulled out a ring... and then he pulled out the phone and said "ring your mum, I'll make lunch".

We had lunch and he went back to work.

Ms Styling You said...

My husband did get down on his knees. In his undies. Nothing else.

strawberrysmum said...

*Sigh* I would have loved a romantic proposal.

However, after nearly 6 years dating I was despairing of ever getting any proposal at ALL.

So I was ridiculously pleased when hubby went down on his knee at the local pub, in front of all our friends, and proposed. Probably disporportionately so, given the lack of thought that went into it.. hmmm.

Then again, the Big Romantic Gesture is just not what my guy is about, and it's not what made me fall in love with him - so I don't know why I expected him to turn into Hugh Grant from Notting Hill at the proposal stage.

As it was my proposal was very "us", very sweet, very natural and very spontaneous, surrounded by all the people we loved. And I was over the moon - and still am :)

Becca said...

At the end of a trip around Europe, on top of the Effiel Tower.
He had been carring the ring around in a sock for 3 weeks and was terrified of me finding it or him loosing it.
He went down on one knee, there were heaps of people around, he asked me, I said yes and everyone who saw what was happening clapped and said congratulations.
It was lovely.

Miss Pink said...

I told Mr Black if he ever proposed to me in telly or the radio or some such i'd say no to make it more entertaining.

But I am with you. Not into the public grand gesture. I think it should be something personal that reflects the both of you, and I would hate for it to be public. I'd rather keep it private, because afterall it is between just us two.

Meagan said...

No extravagant proposals for me either-not my style!
My hubby proposed to me on our very first Christmas evening together:) Christmas is extra special for us.

Hunter&Ivy said...

Hi Jodie, my husband proposed on bended knee, in a restaurant and I was so shocked that I couldn't stop crying...so much so that I heard a lady ask her partner at another table whether I actually wanted to marry him because I was crying so much, she thought I must have been miserable about the whole idea!

Anonymous said...

Mine was not in an overly romantic location but a lot of thought went into it & I have to give him credit as we were only 19. Poor bloke - I turned around & asked him if it was some sort of sick joke!

Liz said...

The way my (now) husband proposed was totally hilarious, very much 'him'.

He set up an email account called 'Liz's engagement ring'. The 'engagement ring' sent me an email telling me that it had been lost, and I had to find it based on the clues provided (one clue led to another, etc), which launched into a morning treasure hunt around places and venues that were significant to us.

Hilariously, I was really annoyed at him for going out for a long bike rider super-early that morning, little did I know he was planting all the clues.

Eventually the clues led us back home and he got on one knee. I don't think he even asked the question, it was assumed.