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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Write on Wednesdays - The Fight

This week's Write on Wednesdays with InkPaperPen is a Masterclass with none other than Kerri Sackville. 

Regular readers here will have met Kerri on my blog before. Kerri has suggested this week we write a story from our life - giving it the title The Fight.

I did wonder at first how I could incorporate this in to my weekly story, and then it came to me. Years and years ago, a friend of mine was seeing a guy who was also seeing another girl at the same time. My friend knew about the other girl (he told me, and I told her - long story!) but was so smitten with him, she was willing to allow it to happen.

As you can imagine, as her friend, I found this incredibly frustrating. And one night - after seeing her boyfriend out with the 'other woman' - a couple of other girlfriends and I confronted her, and the conversation between Cassie and Kate you're about to read is based on that conversation. I obviously had to change some stuff to reflect my own story line, but it's pretty much there. (Oh, and not long after that abovementioned night, my friend dumped the guy. Woot!)

Anyway, let's see how we go. I totally abandoned the five minute thing again. Sorry. And again, I'm open to any advice!

If you're interested in reading the story so far, you can find the links here.

*     *     *     *     *

After her breakfast with Kate, Cassie walked slowly to work. She didn’t start until nine, and in fact, most days she was lucky to be at her desk at all by a quarter after. Friday was the only day she managed to arrive on time, thanks to Kate.

Cassie’s thoughts now turned to her best friend. She hoped Kate would finally snap out of her obsession with Nick. They hadn’t been together for a number of months now, and Cassie liked it that way. Nick had been the only person who had ever come between them. In the time that Kate had been with him (just over eighteen months, Cassie reasoned), she and Kate had constantly been at loggerheads, and their friendship had almost ended for good.

Cassie recalled the night she and Kate had headed to The Oaks in Neutral Bay with friends for a few drinks – the first Christmas after Kate had met Nick at the snow. It was the day after Boxing Day. As far as Cassie knew, Kate hadn’t seen Nick since a couple of days prior to the Christmas break - not that Kate would have told her otherwise, though. It had gotten to the point where Cassie had to pry any information out of Kate about her meetings with Nick. She knew that Kate's resistance to share anything about Nick was partly her own fault. She couldn't help but express, at any given opportunity, her dislike for him, and for their relationship.   

After noticing Kate’s sudden absence from the impromptu party that had started upstairs in one of the private rooms, Cassie had searched for her friend. She eventually found her huddled in a corner of the hotel’s courtyard. Texting on her mobile.

Cassie didn’t need to guess who the recipient was.

Kate didn't notice Cassie walk towards her and look over her shoulder only to see the words, Miss u…want u…wish I could see u… lit up on Kate’s mobile phone screen.

Cassie, frustrated by what she saw, moved in front of Kate. “What are you doing, Kate?” she  asked her friend accusingly.

Kate looked up, startled. “I was just…I had to text someone." She hastily shoved her phone in to her handbag. "It was too noisy up there,” she said, motioning with her head towards the hotel's upstairs rooms. There was silence between them for some time. They looked at each other, both waiting for the inevitable war of words they knew would eventually spill from their lips, yet hoping at the same time they wouldn’t be spoken.

“Why are you doing this, Kate?” Cassie eventually asked, a feeling of frustration washing over her. “Where do you think Nick is right now?” Kate didn’t answer; instead she looked down towards her feet, before picking imaginary lint from her skirt. “Who do you think he’s with? With her? His wife? For God’s sake, Kate, it’s Christmas. He’s probably with her right now.” Kate moved to turn away, but Cassie quickly positioned herself in front of her friend. “No. Don’t walk away from me. It's time you faced this. Don’t you get it? He’s with her. They could be in bed together right now. He’s probably lying there naked next to her, Kate. Telling her he loves her.” Cassie’s voice rose. “He has both of you. When he’s not with you, he’s with her!”

Kate had then looked up, tears in her eyes. When she spoke, her voice shook, “It’s not like that, Cassie. It isn’t. I know he wants to be with me. He just…he can’t. Not yet.” She then looked pleadingly at Cassie who rolled her eyes, and placed her hands on her hips. “I know this hurts you, Cass. But Nick isn’t Paul. He’s not.” Her voice trembled again. “He's not.”

Cassie looked angrily at her friend. She wanted to slap Kate. Slap her full across the cheek and knock some sense in to her. Instead, she threw up her hands in defeat. “That's it. I can’t help you anymore, Kate. You’re so blind." She turned to walk away, but then suddenly turned back to Kate. "You know, I thought you were supposed to be the smart one. But this... You’re acting like an idiot. A fucking idiot.” Cassie turned and walked away.

Later that night, as Cassie had lay in bed listening to the constant whirring of the ceiling fan, the vision of Kate standing in the courtyard at The Oaks under the fairy lights in the trees played over and over in her mind. She tried to shut out the memory of Kate burying her face in her hands at hearing Cassie's words; her shoulders shaking with each sob. Cassie's heart ached for her friend, and her own tears fell as she thought of what she had just lost.

It would be three, long, difficult months before Cassie would speak to Kate again.

*     *     *     *     *

As you can see, I change the viewpoint from Kate's to Cassie's. I had thought about doing that earlier in the piece (a bit inspired by Kylie Ladd!), but had abandoned that for some reason. The decision to move to Cassie's viewpoint was partly prompted by Gill's comment on my last post, because I was feeling the same way about liking Cassie more than Kate!

If you'd like to join in with WoW, or simply read some other entries this week, head on over to InkPaperPen


Sheri Bomb said...

Aw this piece! So very familiar to me unfortunately, I had a very close friend in a similar relationship not too long ago. Been there and seen that all before. It sucks to watch a friend be put through that and allow themselves to be put through that. Cassie was pretty harsh though, not much sympathy for her friend. I get that too because I've been there too but ultimately, it can happen to the best of us.

Can't wait to

Miss Pink said...

Wow. All I thought through that was how sad and painful for you to have to have something similar happen between you and a friend. Raw but wise words.

Sarah Mac said...

I love the continuation of this story and I think you have conveyed the mixture of frustration, anger and understanding so well.

Seeing a friend allow this to happen to them is heartbreaking.

InkPaperPen said...

Ahh, you went with Cassie this week! Interesting change in perspective. I wanted to SLAP Kate too. Kate grates on me and I think Cassie's honesty is refreshing. I definitely prefer her as the main character but again, that's just my opinion. I can't wait to hear what Kate does for 3 months without Cassie? How will she cope?

I could picture this scene perfectly - we used to frequent The Oaks when we lived in Sydney!

Sannah said...

Hey Jodie! I haven't had a chance to read your earlier pieces (will try and get there soon - so time poor!), but I really enjoyed reading this, and really felt that I knew the characters quite well, even though I hadn't read the earlier parts.
It seems to be quite a common thing, for a girl to love a man and truly believe that he wants to be with her even when he is with someone else, and I could feel that Cassie and Kate each felt their parts so genuinely, that their honesty would result in them not talking to each other for quite some time.
I am glad that you prefaced the story by telling us that in real life your friend finally split from him!
I really enjoyed reading it, and I am looking forward to reading more from you!
xx Sannah

Anonymous said...

Oh women like Kate annoy me no end! I could certainly feel Cassie's frustration with her - I think I shared it, in fact.

Megan Blandford said...

3 months? Oh the tension!

Anne said...

Oh Jodie. Don't we all know someone like Kate that we want to slap. I'm enjoying how this story is evolving.

Anne xx

K.D.Storm said...

you did an awesome job with this. I have had a few friends who have been like this and I have traveled this road myself. It was well written and very interesting.

Sif said...

I love it, especially the dialogue, very real. I was confused reading it from Kate's point of view (hmm, or was it Cassie's. damn, I don't know now). I guess that is because I've become so used to the voice, I don't notice the names so much, but when you switched the closeness in the names paired with a new and different voice (which you did really well, btw, I totally felt like I was inside someone else's head) was confusing to me and a felt a bit like I needed on of those grid showing who was who and which boyfriends they'd had on what order...

Andy @ Words and Pen said...

Forgive me if I'll say, "I envy you...so much!" I tried to make my own series of stories but i didn't survive, I have to end it quickly. Yours is really, really interesting. You always know how to incorporate the prompt to your story to continue the flow. I salute you!



Stephanie said...

I think we can all say we have had friends like Kate at some point. I think you ended this piece with such great suspence. I am excited to see how well these two characters deal with not speaking to eachother for 3 months.
Great job!

Kerri Sackville said...

I really enjoyed that Jodes - it felt very real to me. I want to know what happens! x