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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Beauty All Around

There's a good reason I've had a little pause on my blog this week...

When I was going through the process of becoming a Catholic many years ago, the catechist who ran our meetings said that we could see God in everything beautiful around us. The trees, the flowers, the ocean, a newborn baby...everything. All we had to do was take the time to look around us, and thank God for what we saw.

I think, whether you believe in God or The Universe or perhaps just coffee (I believe in that too!), it's the same concept. Take the time to see the beauty that surrounds you each day, and relish in it. It's amazing how good you can feel just by doing this simple act.

So this week, I'm not blogging as much, but I am relishing in all of the beauty around me. Especially the Spring flowers that line the many garden beds I've cycled past this week.

What beautiful things have you admired recently that you're thankful for?



Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

A lovely sentiment. I'm grateful for my newborn boy being healthy and my beautiful family of five.

River said...

I'm admiring the rose bushes in the yard in front of my flat, in particular the one that absolutely covered in gorgeous big apricot blooms.

Rhonda said...

it's changing to fall here and i noticed a slight chill in the air the other night...it was a beautiful clear night with the perfect sprinkling of stars across the sky. absolutely gorgeous.

Susan @ Living Upside Down said...

It's been a very difficult week for me, with the unexpected passing of a close friend's brother and general emotional issues that are never too far away.

Through it all, I've been focusing on the fact that you need to chose to focus on the positives. Thank you for your lovely reminder that God did put beauty in everything, if we can just take the time to look for it.

This week, I've enjoyed watching the many native birds that are around our neighbourhood (rosellas, cockatoos, lorikeets and kookaburras amongst others). Love that we live close enough to bushland that these birds are constantly in our area.

Thea said...

It has to be the flowers for me, too. And the scents....ahhhhh....smell that jasmine. :)

Wanderlust said...

Love the sentiment (or philosophy, really) and I completely agree. When I hold that perspective, the world seems to be a more beautiful place. I wish we could all see others and our planet in that way, maybe we would be more respectful.

Right now I'm seeing my children through those eyes. They are just gorgeous souls (as are all children).

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with all of this. I am now one to stop and look around and delight in the small things. It took a while!

Found you via Kristin.


Louisa Claire said...

What a lovely idea. Have you blogged about your conversion to Catholicism? Would love to hear about it.

Jodie Ansted said...

Hey Louisa...yes, I have! I had to give a speech on it in church last year, and I posted the speech here: