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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The BFF Catchup at Ginger & Spice

In my third post for Malaysia Kitchen Australia ('MKA'), I headed out to Ginger & Spice in Neutral Bay with one of my BFF's (and official MM photographer - and soon to be MM co-product reviewer), Jen. 

Even though Jen and I see each other most weekdays, and some weekends at school sports and the like, we don't often get a really good, long chat. We're always surrounded by kids, or at the very least the four-year-old who loves Jen and chats to her as if she's come over for coffee just so she can catch up on all his news. Sigh.

I had hoped to get my other BFF, Mardi, to join us. Can you believe she and Jen have never met, even though they were both at my 40th birthday party last year? I know! How ridiculous is that? (I was so caught up chatting to everyone, I didn't think to introduce them. My bad.) Unfortunately, Mardi couldn't make it (her hubby was already going out that night). Next time, Mard...next time!

Anyway, Jen and I headed off to Neutral Bay for a bit of a chin wag and some food.

Firstly, the restaurant had a surprisingly good feel to it. I was surprised, because the only photos I'd found on the Internet beforehand really didn't do it justice. As Jen said, if it were her local restaurant, she'd be pretty happy about it.

Here's what we ordered and ate in between non-stop (except for food hastily being shoved in our mouths) chatter:

Roti Prata - $7.80
Tasty, but dense and rather greasy. But we could forgive the greasiness because of the taste. :)

Curry Puffs - $10.80
Pretty tasty, and not too greasy. The sauce was yummy too.

Malay Satay - $12.80
We had the chicken satays which were yummy. I would have liked the satay to be a bit chunkier, but the flavours were really good. * Jen's fave dish of the night.

Serai - $18.80
Pan-fried chicken with lemon grass (you can also choose beef or prawn). This was really tasty and very moreish. A good choice for people who don't like spicy food as it was completely mild. In heat...not in flavour. *My fave dish of the night.

Chilli Prawns - $22.80
The prawns were cooked in a tomato and chilli sauce and were a mild heat. Although they were certainly nice, they were also probably our least fave of the night.

The service was good, and no one got testy with Jen and I when we were the last ones to leave! It should be noted that this restaurant accepts cash only, which they advised both when I booked and when we arrived (which a lot of restaurants don't do - that drives me nuts!).

I give it: 3 out of 5
Jen gives it: 3 out of 5

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Do you and your BFF(s) head out for a meal together on occasion? Do you have a regular catch up - even if it doesn't involved food? 

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Mum on the Run said...

Mmmm. That all loos great.
I have had a couple of besties from high school days and the three of us try to get out for a meal every couple of months - to make up for all those interruprted conversations!
Since finding a FANTASTIC Malaysian restaurant a couple of years ago, one particular bestie won't even consider anywhere else! Luckily, the food is phenomenal.

Mum on the Run said...

Hmmm. 'Looks' great. Not 'loos' great - you didn't even mention the amenities!

Megan Blandford said...

We ate out at Malaysian last night too! Yum!

I've only come across one place out of our MKA experience that did roti PERFECTLY - tasty, not greasy, just right. It was awesome.

MomAgain@40 said...

There is nothing that I treasure more than meeting with my BFFs, but sadly it happens not enough...
It sounds like a great night out! The food looks yummy!