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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Big Mess

Welcome to the school holidays.

School holidays - where routine for the most part, thankfully flies out the window and kids take over the house.

It would have to rain, of course, wouldn't it? The very first weekend of the two-week school holidays. After a week of brilliant, warm sunshine ...BAM! Down comes the rain.

I couldn't wait to ride my new bike on the weekend with the kids. Apart from a quick trip on Saturday morning to the local cafe with two of them (the nine-year-old was playing cricket again), that was it. We were pretty much house bound after that.

So, what happens when it's too wet to head outside? The kids get "creative" around the home. They suddenly rediscover all the crap stuff they have hidden away in toy boxes and storage containers and in the 'activities cupboard' (as we call it). Then, whilst Hubby and I are busy sleeping doing important stuff, they pull it all out and THROW IT AROUND THE HOUSE.


The family room. DVDs on the floor. PJ pants, pillows (from cubby building),
Lego Bionicles, games...it all has to go.

The kitchen. The 7yo & 4yo made a 'shop' in the kitchen. This photo was actually taken after I had
moved some items. Cos, you know, I had to get to the fridge and pantry and all that. 

The worst room. The 7yo & 9yo's bedroom. Where do I start? See all the tissues on the floor?
Unused. I think the 4yo took them out. PJ pants, clothes, boxes, MORE Lego.
Books everywhere. To be honest, it wasn't great before the holidays. It got worse though.

The 4yo's bedroom. Lego, books, clothes.
The desk missing. It's in the kitchen. For the shop. Natch.

The formal lounge room. I guess it got too messy in the Family Room, so they figured
they'd move in here! Yes - that's the 7yo's bike in the front. There were cushions on my couch.
Where are they are now? ON THE FLOOR!

The formal dining room. Let's hope no one's coming to dinner any time soon,
because it's now Lego Central in here. *sigh* (Actually, it can stay for the hols, but
the pieces on the floor have to be picked up, & a few misc items put away.

So, what to do in such a situation, you're wondering. How on earth can I get my house back in order?

Stay tuned, people...I have me a plan...

How are the school holidays going for all you parents out there? Are you holding it together? Please tell me at least one room in your house looks as bad as this?!


Christie said...

I love knowing I'm not alone xx That table full of lego is just awesome.

ejorpin said...

Lego is SO great but man is it ever messy!

ps. at least your house is full of fun mess :)

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Oh love, does your plan involve moving? (joking). Kids-bless 'em.

MrsTully said...

My husband would die, seriously.
I think it's great they're occupied and the lego on the table looks like heaps of fun!

Mum on the Run said...

Praying for sunshine your way. :-)

Megan Blandford said...

So. Fun couple of weeks ahead, then?!

MissPosy said...

LEGO! What a collection. Jeez. That takes me back...

River said...

Sweep it all under the rug.
No one will notice....

I'm curious now about what your plan is.

Lisa Lintern said...

Oh...I need to know what your plan is stat! Lego does my ruddy head in!!!!

Mrs BC said...

Your kids look like they have heaps of fun using thier imaginations, which is just wonderful! Does your clean up plan involve an industrial strength leaf blower?

Rebecca Emin said...

I love these photos. Our house can look exactly like that after a weekend. I'd love to know what your plan is.

Lib said...

Oh you make me feel soooo much better...except for the fact that our house is smaller and we have only girls (therefore no lego) this could be our place!
My plan involves a cleaner who unless she's struck by lightening arrives tomorrow at 7:30am!!!

Sim said...

This made me laugh and feel quite physically ill all at the same time. Good luck with your plan!

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Most of my apartment looks like this, most of the time. You are not alone. But my girls are pretty good to clean up most of the time. The 2 year old loves tidying up (she is one in a million, I am sure, and I hope this continues!)

Ironmum Karla said...

This is the first time I have visited and love this post. I will remind myself of these photos when I think my mini tornedos have run riot.