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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Car from The Future...

Have you seen the ads on tv where the woman takes her hand off the steering wheel and the car parks itself? 

I bet, like me, you didn't really fully believe it would work, right?

Well, I'm here to tell ya it does.

I was given a new Ford Focus to test drive for a week recently. To be honest, I really wasn't expecting big things. I just thought it might be a 'nice little car' to dash around in for a week, so I was very pleasantly surprised with what I found.

This baby is amazing. First of all, it looks good. Like, sporty and cool. Most mums, like me, are driving around in people movers or unimpressive 4WDs (and then there are the horrible 4-wheel driving mums who need to be made to walk everywhere, because they think they own the road. But that's probably a rant for another time.) 

It has so much gadgetry, that when Craig (the dude who dropped it off) started demonstrating everything it could do, I thought I was suddenly in an episode of The Jetsons. I half expected to push a button and have a hot meal served to me.

When I, in turn, demonstrated the car to Jen, she was all like, "Get the *@#% outta here!" We were going to rename the car 'The Get The *@#% Outta Here Fabulous Ford Focus', but then I didn't really think Ford would go for that. Not sure why...just a gut feeling.

Cool retro looking dashboard

The nerve centre

Then when I rattled off the amazingness to Hubby, he was very much, "What-e-va," UNTIL, that is, he got in the car and I showed him in person what it could do. Next thing, he was off in MY Ford driving around and calling me from the blue tooth.

It has Voice Recognition - you can tell the car to dial a phone number, and it will. Seriously. Then you can talk through your blue tooth. You can even programme in numbers, so you can just say, "Jen!" and it'll dial Jen. (If you want Jen's number BTW, just email me and I'll give it to you. She'll be most pleased.)

You can also do some other cool stuff with the voice recognition, and you'll see that in a mo.

And of course it has the amazing, Jestons-like Auto Park Assist. Press a button, drive past a parking spot on the side of the road and the car will tell you if you can fit and THEN it will PARK IT FOR YOU. As in, the car drives itself!

I know what you're thinking, 'Get the *@#% outta here!'

Take a look...

Wait. Is that the phone ringing? No doubt Top Gear Australia calling me about joining the team, huh?

Other great stuff:
- Keyless entry
- Stylish interior
- Fabulous boot space for a sedan
- Pretty good power for its engine size (including sports mode)
- Side mirrors that automatically close in when you lock the car, and automatically open when you enter the car
- Audio connection to your iPod etc
- Front & rear sensors

Not so great stuff:
- Keyless entry a bit hit & miss
- A little squishy with leg space in the back
- Stereo sound quality so-so
- Won't make you a hot meal (bummer)

Anyway, head to the website and check it out for yourself. In fact, go test drive one. You don't have to buy it - just do a bit of tyre kicking and have a go. Great way to spend a Saturday arvo, I say. ;)

Thanks, Ford. 


Lisa Lintern said...

Please, PLEASE, PLEASE can I be your Stig?

Jen at Semantically driven said...

My car is from the CD era. I've gotta do everything!

Mum on the Run said...

Get the %^&* outta here.
My mouth was opening while you were parking.
Well, while the car was parking it's freaking self!!!
I would have got my licence in that baby, no worries!
I had a Ford Focus about 4 years ago. Is this my punishment for seeling it?? It was awesome, but it did not talke or park. Refund please.
Thanks for the laugh.
I always love your facial expressions.
Thinking a glass of wine with you would actually require 'Tena' assistance.

Madam Bipolar said...

That car is the shizz man. Now that I am a car blogger, I know about cars, and I want that one. In black xx

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

I haven't been by for awhile, and just wanted to tell you your "latest Vlog" is perfect. The songs the concept, the format. Loved it! Probably as much as you loved the Focus : )

Laura a.k.a rah said...

Actually, I'll settle for even the faux coffeemaking version
Loved the video, thank you!

Thea said...

OMG Jodie!!
Oooohhh EEEmmmm GGGeeeeee!
No way!
No freaking way.
I can never do those parks....like I don't even try.
Sign me up, I want one of those cars...STAT!

And it is so cute and sporty.
I'm a 4-wheel drive hater.

Lovin' you and your vlog as per usual.

Oh, btw, coffee please.

Jodi @ The Scribble Den said...

A car is no longer just a car is it?

Louisa Claire said...

I love your vlogs & this car looks totally amazing!

Louisa Claire said...

I can't believe that not only you did that park but you FILMED yourself doing it - you are amazing, that would have had me stressed beyond words!

Jaimee Hunter said...

Very funny. My daddy just bought a ford pick-up and I covet it so! I wonder if it will park itself!

Donna @ NappyDaze said...

Oh man that parking system is my idea of heaven! Meanwhile you had me at Jetsons, was hooked from the minute I saw their pic featured ;)

PS Yet another enjoyable vlog as well, you never fail to entertain! xx

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