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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Double Date Night at Chinta Ria

In my second post for Malaysia Kitchen Australia (‘MKA’), Hubby and I head to Chinta Ria at Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney for a double date with our friends, Jen and her hubby, Mr P.

Hubby and Mr P used to work together years and years ago, and that’s how Jen and I met. To be honest, Jen and I see much more of each other these days than what our husbands do – seeing that our kids attend the same school – so when we all get together we have such a great time, and talk non-stop. Mr P is so fun-ny. He’s what people may well refer to as ‘good value’. I don’t think he’s currently taking bookings to attend parties, but hey – if you’re interested, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Mr P loves the personal touch when dining out. At Chinta Ria, all the waiters wear cute little name badges. Mr P was all like, “Hey, thanks for that Gina,” and “Excuse me please, Gina, can I get another beer?” I think the waiters liked it. One though got a bit confused when Mr P said, “Well, thank you Trainee, but I’m thinking perhaps you have another name?” ‘Trainee’ finally relented and gave Mr P his real name, which quite frankly I can’t remember now. I shall forever think of him as Trainee.

Chinta Ria doesn’t accept bookings for dinner, but we decided we were okay with that, and we probably waited less than ten minutes for our table. It was a Saturday night.

The restaurant has a nice atmosphere with obligatory candlelight, colourful bowls on the tables and lots of colourful adornments in the restaurant.

We immediately ordered some champers for Jen and I, and the blokes ordered a beer each. (And we got champagne glasses AND an ice bucket. Bonus.) Mr P ordered a ‘Lucky’ beer. Check out the cute bottle:

When ordering, Mr P said to Gina (the waitress), “Hey, Gina, could I please have one of your Lucky beers? I’m hoping to get lucky tonight.” *winks* Let’s hope Gina knew Mr P was referring to Jen - not her!

Then Hubby decided to just order a bunch of stuff for us to eat. Here’s what we had:

Roti - $4.90
I think we ordered two serves. It was pretty good. Nice and light, but a little dry in parts.

Satay Ayam - $7 for 2 serves
Delicious! The chicken satay was chunky and so flavorsome. I really loved it. You can get beef satays too.

Ella’s Wrap - $9 for 2 serves
These are prawns wrapped in fine pastry and fried. Now to be honest, we weren’t sure what to expect. Sometimes when you order seafood or meat inside pastry it tastes like something pulled out of a box in the freezer and thrown in the microwave, you know? Not so this dish. It was absolutely delicious and so fresh. A really pleasant surprise. 

Beef Rendang - $24
Probably the overall favourite dish of the night. Flawless. Delicious. Tender. A must order. *Hubby, Jen & Mr P’s fave dish of the night.

Chicken - $23 (?)
You know what? I didn't write down the name of the chicken dish we had. Seems it wasn't memorable at all. We all agreed this was a bit…meh…for us. I felt it a little gelatinous in texture, which I’m not a fan of. I wouldn’t order it again. Whatever it was. (Sorry!)

Assam Fish - $26.50
We all thought this was pretty good, but I liked it especially. The fish was tender, and it was coated in something that made it really flavorsome. *My fave dish of the night.

Prawn Special - $28.50
We had a prawn special on the night. The dish was really yummy. 

Overall the food was yummy, the atmosphere was great and I thought that the service was pretty good too. Although, toward the end of the night we were given the dessert menu and no one came over to ask if we’d like anything from it! To be honest, we were all too full anyway, but to be asked would have been nice. :)

I give it: 3 1/2 out of 5
Hubby gives it: 3 1/2 out of 5
Jen & Mr P give it: 3 1/2 out of 5

Do you ever head out on double dates? Where do you go? Who do you go with?


Megan Blandford said...

Always good to have a fun night out with friends, minus kids!

Melissa said...

Last time we went out on a double date it was WITH KIDS. Not a very relaxing experience... I spent more time outside with the 2yo looking at the fake crocodile in the fishpond than inside in the restaurant *sigh*. Your post took me back to my pre-kid days though… My husband and I used to go to Chinta Ria when we first met.

Holly said...

I love Chinta Ria! I really miss it since moving interstate. There is nothing in Hobart which compares with Chinta Ria, either in atmosphere or food!