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Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Recipe Box: Shortbread Biscuits


If you feel like a doing little baking this weekend (or with the kids during the school holidays), and in particular would like something to have with a nice cup of tea, head over to Mummy Mayhem's Recipe Box for a yummy Shortbread Biscuits recipe.



River said...

My daughter, no-one, make my shortbread biscuits for me. Lemon flavoured, heart shaped and dipped in chocolate. Yum.
I love the bike in your previous post, so sparkly and pink trimmed.
Your birthday food also looked wonderful, especially that bbq'd chicken!

Thea said...

I was just there (The Recipe Box) and saw...and commented. :)
You've inspired me to bake...and I hate baking.

bigwords is... said...

If I see anymore yummy sweet treats I am going to go insane!! They look delicious. Damn diet!! Hope all is well xx