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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Shopping Spree

I'm not very good at buying clothes. 

I'm not someone who regularly wanders the shops looking for new stuff. In fact, I only tend to do that when I need something new for a special occasion, and I can't find anything in my wardrobe that works. Or that no one has seen before.

This is not a sponsored post. I wish it was, because I'd save myself a FORTUNE, but I really like Esprit clothes. (I actually thought today, that considering the amount of times I've mentioned Esprit on Twitter or on this blog, I should have their PR company throwing clothes at me. And then I immediately concluded: 'Why would they do that? I'm already BUYING THE WHOLE STORE ALREADY!' Silly me. )

The clothes suit my body shape. They're mostly casual (which is what I wear 99% of the time), and I know my size, so I can pretty much walk in, grab a bunch of stuff and know it'll fit. (Well, mostly.)

I tend to do this annually. I avoid shopping like the plague, so when I walked in today I reckon I had no less than twenty items in the change room with me to try on. I bought eleven of them. 

Unfortunately, I didn't really realise until afterwards that I kind of stuck with a bit of a colour theme, branching out only in a couple of items. See if you can guess the theme:

Yup. Lots of blue and white going on here, isn't there? 

I'm already re-thinking the white denim jacket. Will it really get enough use? I was excited to buy my first blue denim jacket though since, oh I dunno, 1987 or something. I was wearing three-quarter white (Esprit!) pants when I tried it on, and the blue denim looked awesome with it. (Even if I do say so myself.)

There's a silvery item on the navy blue shirt in the middle, which is a necklace I purchased at Diva. And the purple t-shirt at the top of the shot? It's not really my size (one size up), but I picked it up - without trying it on - because it was marked down to $12.95 or something. Also, the short, white denim shorts...they're a little...snug. But I figured, as soon as I start my fitness programme (*cough*), they'll be perfect.

You see, when I shop like this (which is very rarely - like I said, it's mostly an annual thing) I get a bit carried away. Suddenly I want shoes, bags, jewellery...the lot. It's a good thing I couldn't find any white sandals afterwards in Myer today, and couldn't be bothered checking anywhere else because my arm was about to drop off lugging around the two bags of clothes I was carrying. Otherwise, Hubby would surely go in to heart failure when he eventually spies the bill. (Like, even more so than he undoubtedly will.) 

Let's just say I most definitely made the $150 mark I had to reach to use my $50 discount voucher. 

And then some. 

My excuse is that I don't do it often, and it's my birthday this weekend as well (do you like the way I just casually slipped that in?), so that's as good an excuse as any, right?

Do you like clothes shopping? How often do you go? Do you have a favourite store/brand you favour? Do you go on 'shopping sprees' or are you more of a planner when it comes to clothes shopping?


Photographer Mum said...

I find that clothes shopping takes me forever and ay usually buy bits and pieces here and there. I did go (about 2 years ago now) on a big clothes shop which was fun - I went with my mum and sister. It was a great day. I don't have many Espirit clothes - maybe I should try there...

Miss Pink said...

No way has it been a year since your birthday! I feel like that came around quickly! I remember bloggy talk of last years.

I used to HATE clothes shopping. Actually I still do, but i'm forcing myself to get into it because when I do find the right item to add to my wardrobe it does feel amazing! Not liking how expensive it can be though.

River said...

I hate clothes shopping. I'm short and...err...plump...so fiding things that fit and don't look dowdy is hard. Especially on a frayed cotton thread budget. So I mostly stick with jeans and t-shirts, which I get from either K-Mart; Target or Harris Scarfe. In all of those stores I know which brands fit me. Unfortunately I don't know what suits me....

Jaimee Hunter said...

Happy Birthday, Jodie!

Christie said...

I'm a non shopper (but you probably already knew that about me). So I rarely buy new clothes. That said, I did find a $2 rack at the op shop last week and got myself 2 pairs of jeans (one pair was pink!), a red knit bolero and brown knitted dress to wear over my (pink) jeans. VERY happy.
I love blue, but rarely buy it, I really should buy it more!
I can imagine your stash of clothes would really suit you.
I'd better put in a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY JODIE just in case I don't see you around on the weekend. Got anything special planned? xx

strawberrysmum said...

I hate clothes shopping too.

My problem is I'm always 'losing weight' (or saying I'm going to), so don't want to buy clothes at size X, when of course, in no time at all, I'll be size X! That would just be a WASTE.

Of course, I never get to size X so go around looking completely daggy indefinitely.

I'm also a major cheap ass and when I do buy clothes (always in bulk, like you!) it's usually at Target or even Kmart :)

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh good on you Jodie! Nothing like a shopping spree. I am a self confessed shopaholic. I LOVE clothes shopping, but since becoming a Mama, my wallet has been saved somewhat from the weekly (ok daily) purchases I used to make :o/ But when I do clothes shop now, I'm a bit like yourself and go nuts with clothes and accessories. I'm feeling a bit itchy to hit the shops just writing about it!
I love your choices by the way, nothing says Summer like blues and whites :o) xo
Oh and Happy Birthday for the weekend!

Janelle said...

I quite enjoy clothes shopping,I just don't think I'm very good at it! My problem is I know in my head exactly what I want to get, but nothing in the stores ever matches up. So I get frustrated, angry, hungry and tired and I make bad decisions and then have buyers remorse.
I did however manage to enjoy a 5 hour shopping expedition this week, I had a birthday too :)