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Friday, September 09, 2011

The Week That Was... Father's Day '11, Keep on Ridin' & The Ugly Side of Spring

Time to reflect on my week...

Father's Day was relaxed. Hubby went for a bike ride early on Sunday morning, so I kind of got the sleep in!

The 9yr old made the pancake batter and then woke me just in time to help him cook the pancakes. This was a respectable time, around 7.45am. (Very respectable when you have kidlets.) In fact, it was the one morning in aaaages that the 4yr old slept in, and then didn't even climb in to bed with me!

The boys were very excited to give Hubby his handmade cards (the 7yr old had made three of them), and some delicious macarons that we'd purchased the previous day (pictured). He got two chocolate ones, then one each of caramel, blueberry, strawberry and pistachio. Nom.

Then it was time for brekky.

We served the pancakes up hot off the stove with fresh blueberries, strawberries (with a little caster sugar sprinkled on top - something my Mum always did) and ricotta.


They were delicious, and Hubby was most pleased. He further celebrated the day by lazing in the sun before getting up and washing my car. (Bonus!)

*     *     *     *     *

The 4yr old recently threw away his training wheels on his bike with gay abandon. (Okay, not quite). Anyway, he is riding like you wouldn't believe. After the pancakes on Sunday morning, I walked with all three boys as they rode their bikes to the local shops, and the 4yr old had no trouble keeping up. As Hubby has three bikes himself (yes...that's right...THREE), I'm thinking it's time I got me a little jazzy number. Something like this:


Or at least something like that. The basket is a must though.

Of course, the only two things that will spoil my image of me riding on the above bike, wearing a floral dress and bright pink lipstick is: a) I have to wear a helmet, which just doesn't look cool with a floral dress; and b) bright pink lipstick doesn't really suit me.

I'll keep you posted.

*     *     *     *     *

Together with the increase in temperature, the flowers blooming, the trees regaining their leaves, the fluffy, cute baby ducks waddling about and the arrival of my birthday (soon, people...soon), Spring also brings with it something more sinister.

The dreaded gastro bug.


We said hello to the gastro bug this week with the 7yr old falling pray to the insidious tummy bug on Wednesday night. As I cleaned up the mess from the 7yr old's bed, the 9yr old - lying on the top bunk and currently being an expert in all things re the human body (studying it at school) - gave me a lesson or two as to why the body releases such substances. (This did not help during the cleaning process, I can tell you.) Then he suddenly said, "Mum - did you brush his teeth?" I replied that I had, and he sighed in relief and added, "Oh, good. Because, you know, the acid in his mouth after puking could damage his teeth."

Please forward any questions about the human body to: knowitall9yrold@mummymayhem.com.

Thank you.

*     *     *     *     *

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What did you get up to this week?


Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh I just love boys! They're incredible with the things they will come out with. My Mr3 astounds me with his knowledge of you guessed it... just about everything! And he's only 3! Imagine once he gets to your boy's ages :o/
Loving your pics on this post Jodie, that Father's Day breakky looked unreal... Mmmm!
And go on, get a pretty bike and wear whatever you want on it, you deserve it :o) xo

Penny said...

Jodie I just love your weekly wrap ups. I sit down with my Google Reader on Friday nights so yours is always up the top and always entertains me. Thankyou!

Penny said...

Jodie I just love your weekly wrap ups. I sit down with my Google Reader on Friday nights so yours is always up the top and always entertains me. Thankyou!

Kathryn said...

Found you via twitter, so now I'm following :)
I have a bike almost exactly like that! Unfortunately it's in storage right now, but I'm getting it back next week.
Hoping the gastro bug has vacated the premises and all is well again.

Mum on the Run said...

Love your top bunk expert!!
And that bike. Too bad about the practicalities of it - like the helmet and sensible shoes bit.
Have a fab weekend.

Ms Styling You said...

Yes! You need that bike. The helmut unfortunately too. Maybe just imagine when you're riding it that you're not really wearing it. Only thing to give it away will be the resultant flat hair ;)

Jaimee Hunter said...

I love your 9 year old! That's so awesome. I hope y'all feel better soon!

Jodi @ The Scribble Den said...

Yes the ugly side of spring has sprung here too, with flu. eeewk!
I do love that adorable little duck picture though xx