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Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Week That Was... Skylandering with Bloggers, The Big Parenting FAIL & Accessories Organisation

Time to reflect on the week that was... (a little late this week, because I couldn't get my pics to upload yesterday. Sigh).

Last Friday I went to a fab presentation on a new game called Skylanders featuring that cutie-pie dragon Spyro. That's the 4yr old playing the game on the right. Far out. It's amazing. It's out next month and will be on a multitude of gaming platforms (we're a Wii family - but you should see the graphics on PlayStation. Wild), and I can't wait to play it. I mean, I can't wait for the boys to play it. ;)

I got to hug Brenda from Mummy Time again and Mrs Woog commented that the 4yr old was really clever working out the game. I assured her it was obviously because I let him play waaaaay too much Wii at home.

Nintendo make GREAT babysitters. (Kidding! There's no need to call DoCS just yet. *cough*)

*     *     *     *     *

On Saturday, the 7yr old - together with around 149 other kids - was 'confirmed'. That's a Catholic church thing. There were Bishops there and everything (you know...the ones with the long, high hats). The ceremony included kids from a bunch of different schools and parishes, supposedly because they wanted the increased 'community feel' of the event. Personally, I think it was probably because the bishops couldn't be bothered traveling from one ceremony to another. Quite frankly, I don't blame them.

It was good though. Short, sharp, a quick blessing over each child and done. It was like going to mass in Ireland - in, out, thanks-for-coming, people.

A massive parenting fail occurred on the day though. On the way to the ceremony, the 9yr old (already 'done') piped up with, "Hey, did you buy [the 7yr old] a watch, like you did me?"


We had completely forgotten about a gift for the 7yr old. Nice.

The 7yr old, in turn, asked if he could have an Angry Birds toy instead, to which I replied, "Well, no. You need a special gift for your confirmation. Something you'll keep forever."

He said, "Well, I can give the Angry Birds toy to my kids some day, and besides, I'm going to grow out of a kid's watch too, you know."

Good point. Dammit. 

*     *     *     *     *

I was over at Nikki's place at Styling You the other day (if you're not following her blog, you should be - her blog is like the oracle for all things beauty, health, fashion, blogging and more). Anyway, she did a video on how to organise your accessories. Man, you should see the stuff she has! Impressive.

Anyway, it got me thinking about how I store my own jewellery. Mind you, I don't quite have the amount of necklaces Nikki does. (Funny, because I used to wear a LOT of them back in the 80s and early 90s.) I never know what to buy, as I always feel like I look a bit lame in them. But I'm slowly buying a piece here and there.

But the ones I do have, I wear, and I've never known where to keep them. Nikki's post gave me an idea to buy some hooks and attach them to the inside of my wardrobe door and....well...here's the start of things to come...

Cool, huh? I have more hooks and will add more soon.

*     *     *     *     *

This week on the blog I wrote about an ex-work colleague's account of being in the Twin Towers on Sep 11, ten years ago. I also wrote about a shopping spree I had this week. (BTW - I told Hubby the final amount, and he was totally fine about it. Of course, I did tell him after he had consumed a couple of glasses of scotch & dry, so perhaps that may account for his relaxed view on my purchase.)  For WoW this week, we were encouraged to choose the first paragraph of our fave book, and rewrite it. I chose Jane Eyre. (Oh, I know. Sacrilegious!) Then yesterday I posted my review of the Ford Focus, including a video demo I made. Vlogging and driving at the same time. There's skill in that, people.

On my recipe blog, I reviewed the new Junior MasterChef Australia Cookbook.

What did you get up to this week? Do you have a lot of accessories? How do you store them? 


Maid In Australia said...

I don't have a lot of accessories. Usually I just wear one or both of the kids.

Ms Styling You said...

Very impressed Jodie! And I started with only a few which I've built up over many years. The challenge is still the same ... actually remembering to wear them!