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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Week That Was... A Surprisingly Great Birthday, What Made Me a Proud Mum & One-On-One Time

Time to wrap up the past week...

I had a surprisingly fabulous birthday last weekend. 


I didn't expect much. After all, it was only my 41st birthday (*yawn*). Nothing spesh, right? But it felt all that and more. 

It started the day before my actual birthday with a dinner on Saturday night at one of our fave restaurants – The Bluewater Café at Manly Beach. The café has a selection of food for the kids, juice boxes and ice cream with topping. How can you go wrong? 

Then there was this, for Hubby and I:

Lamb & Haloumi skewers with cous cous salad for me.

Pork ribs and Roasted Kumera for Hubby.

Apple & berry crumble for dessert. Nom. 

The following morning, I woke to find this in the hallway:

Isn’t it divine? I asked Hubby if he had seen this post. He hadn’t. Amazing. 

I LOVE my bike. Just like I wrote on Wednesday, I've been enjoying riding it so much this week, I haven't had time to blog. 

The next morning, the nine-year-old made his special pancake mixture, then Hubby cooked the pancakes and we ate outside underneath the umbrella, because the weather was PERFECT!

Delicious. Lovin' the summer fruits.

Later, I arrived home from taking the four-year-old to a friend’s birthday party (I know! Can you believe someone threw a party for their child on my birthday?!) to find these:

Awww....thanks, Hubby.

 Hubby then cooked a yummy dinner. (He was totally on a roll, right?) Chicken marinated with a bunch of fresh, yummy herbs, garlic and...other stuff (I don't know, you see, because I didn't cook it!). He cooked it on the BBQ.

T'was delicious!

 My parents sent some money, so I bought myself this lovely, Spring-inspired bag (to go with all the blue items I bought recently).

Lovin' all the flowers. 

And because I had some money left over, and David Jones had 30% off some jewellery this week, I also bought this ring.

Love. The metal looks plastic in this pic...much better in real life!

 My friend, Jen, bought me some lovely stuff for the desk I will eventually set up in our study. I'll probably be posting on that at some stage, then you can see it. (I love it.)

So, for a 41st birthday, I thought the whole thing was pretty special - thanks mostly to Hubby.

Thanks to everyone on Twitter and Facebook and on my 20th Anniversary of my 21st Birthday post for your birthday wishes!

*     *     *     *     *

On Saturday last weekend, Hubby took the four-year-old with him to the nine-year-old’s first cricket match of the season. I’m very proud of the nine-year-old. His team from previous years didn’t form again this year (most will start a new school next year, and will play for a school team, so therefore the matches will clash), so he opted to play with a bunch of kids he’d never met before on a Sunday (then double up in the new year). Something I doubt I’d have done at his age. (Turns out, there weren't enough players for a Sunday team, so he plays Saturday on a team that are okay with him leaving at the end of the year. Bonus for all of us!)

Anyway, according to Hubby, he played really well. His new team won the match by about sixty runs, and the nine-year-old retired not out, reaching close to his maximum runs allowed. Woot!

So proud of my boy. For giving something a shot and stepping out of his comfort zone, more than anything else. 

*     *      *     *     * 

Anyway, whilst they were all there, the seven-year-old and I got to spend some quality one-on-one time together. A very, very rare thing these days. We sat outside under the shade of the umbrella in the morning (obviously getting a lot of use this week), and drank coffee/bubbaccinos, and chatted. We looked up funny words in the Dictionary and tried to put them in sentences. He helped me tidy the house, took out the recycling and unloaded the dishwasher before packing away some toys in the family room. 


Later, we headed to our local shopping centre so he could sell raffle tickets for the school's fundraiser, and afterwards we both enjoyed sushi, followed by a quick trip to Target before getting a special cupcake each to eat in secret together (sssssh - don't tell the other boys!). 

He said more than once, “Mummy, I love spending time together, just you and me without the other boys.” I loved it too.

*     *     *     *     *

On Wednesday, I was watching the four-year-old playing soccer during his weekly sport's class. He was laughing and smiling; he was having a great time with his little friend. 

I was suddenly overcome with emotion when I realised that there is just one more school term left before we'll have no more one-on-one days together and he heads off to big school. 

I partly blame the moving music that was playing on my iPod at the time for the impromptu tears that fell. 

The four-year-old has been lucky in one way, having so much Mum time these last few years. But I'm still certain we can do more this last school term than what we have been doing so far. 

And we will. In fact, we've already started (more on that later). 

*     *     *     *    *  

I only wrote a couple of posts this week, which I think I've pretty much linked to in this post. But you can check them out on my sidebar on the RHS. And over on my recipe blog, I wrote about The Art of Baking. (Tips welcomed!)

Have a great weekend, ya'll. 


Ms Styling You said...

I love birthday weeks. My own the most. Obviously. But love others who embrace a birthday festival too x

Thea said...

Awwwww, now I want a pink bike!!
Love your bag and ring.
What a fabulous birthday. xx

edenland said...

I teared up at this post ... it's just beautiful. All of it - the bike, the mindfulness about where you're at. So gorgeous Jodie.

I ADORE your bike. It was so lovely to see you and your little guyo yesterday.


Mum on the Run said...

What an uplifting post!
So glad you got suitably spoilt on your day.
Major kudos for the amazing bike - without reading the post.
Guess that's why he's the one!
Such beautiful sentiments about your kids.
Loved it.

Mum's the word said...

Oh Happy Birthday~ I love love love your bike! gorgeous! glad you got spoilt~always makes it so nice! x

MissPosy said...

Birthday weeks are the best - sounds like yours was fabulous.

Love the bike!!

Wanderlust said...

Wow, what a great birthday! I *love* the bike. Beautiful. Happy birthday, lovely.

Wanderlust said...

I have to ask, are your floors always that clean? They just shine! I feel so shabby in comparison. :p

Megan Blandford said...

LOVE the bike!

Thrilled to hear you had a wonderful birthday - I think the years it's a 'nothingness' birthday are often the best. No expectation.

Jodie Ansted said...

Wanderlust...to be honest...NO! I had just mopped them a few days before. First time in aaaaages. Besides that, they always look better in photos than they do in real life. ;) xxx

Louisa Claire said...

Happy birthday! So lovely to be spoilt - looks gorgeous!!

Maxabella said...

Oh happy birthday, Jodie! I'm sorry I missed the big day. I love your shiny new bike. I went for a ride on the bike I got for my birthday last week last weekend and it nearly killed me. Must ride more. x