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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

New York...Here I Come...

By goodness people, I'm off to New York. 

Hubby suggested just a few days ago that we should take a trip to New York together. Just the two of us. I've never been to the States before, and I've wanted to see New York for a very long time. But more importantly than that, we've never been away together without the kids. EVER. In fact, this will be the first time anyone else has looked after the boys for us overnight (and then some). Our boys have never even slept over anyone elses house before without us in tow.

The flights were booked this morning.

I'm part excited, but also very, very nervous about such a prospect. I don't like to fly, and coupled with saying goodbye to my kids for a week....ugh. I can't think about it too much.

I feel selfish, even though I know I'd encourage any other couple to do this. What can I say? I'm complex like that.

Today, I'm going off to buy myself a cheesy New York travel guide. I hope that by looking through it, I'll become more focused on the fact that I'M GOING TO NEW YORK!

I am. In a matter of weeks, I'm going.

Hold me, people.

Do you travel without your kids? How do you cope? Are you afraid of flying like I am? 

PS - Sister C, I know you'll be reading this. Surprise! I haven't told Mum and Dad yet. I'm working up to that. They are going to worry. :(  Don't say anything to them for the next couple of days, hon. xxx


Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

Yes, I travel without my kids. My parents went away without me when I was a kid and I actually have fond memories of these times sleeping over with grandparents, relatives and friends. Plus got great pressies when they came home.

I think it can actually be good for kids (and mums) to see that they can survive without each other. You also really appreciate each other when you return.

For me, I also want to know my kids will OK without me if an emergency arose. One less thing to stress about.

Plus - it's New York!! You'll have an amazing time. It will be wonderful to spend time with your hubby too.

Ironmum Karla said...

Hi Jodie, stumbled across your blog and enjoyed reading your posts. You will love new York and the time will fly ! I did New York on my own for a week about 7 yrs ago and was such an amazing experience. Just want to dig up my old photos now! Excitement plus!

Jane said...

HOW EXCITING!!! Make sure you tell me all about your trip because I'm going in February and cannot wait. You will have the best time, I'm sure! xxx

Miss Pink said...

I am so green I make the Hulk look yellow.

Do not worry about your boys. They will be FINE and excited to see what you come back with for them.
Enjoy your trip!!!

Jacki said...

Ahhh! Jodie, that is AWESOME! I love NYC! You're going to have the best time. It's easy to say, but try not to feel worried about your boys - they'll be fine!

Christie said...

I'm so excited for you Jodie!! NY!!
I have not been away without my kids before, I am having trouble organising ONE night in Melbourne without them. That said, if the offer was NY I'd be making it happen. Go, enjoy, all will be good with the world ;)

MummyK said...

Acck take me with you!!! Jealous!!!

Lisa said...

My ex and I travelled to the USA in 2000 without our kids (8 and 10 at the time). It was a semi-work trip, but even if it was all play I still wouldn't have felt guilty for leaving them at home. I knew they were well cared for by their grandparents and it didn't hurt them one bit! Not as far as I can tell anyway ;-)
You'll have a fabulous time!

Brenda said...

Wheeeee!!! Have an awesome time there, Jodie baby.xx

Susan @ Living Upside Down said...

So very jealous! A trip to NY, a week-long holiday and a husband who suggests trips to New York! How awesome is that?!

I know that you will miss your boys, but I'm sure that will love their own mini holiday being spoiled by family while they visit. Plus I'm sure you will bring them back wonderful gifts and think about how lovely it will be sharing the stories of your trip with them (and us too, of course).

As for flying. You will be fine. Really. xxx

Amanda said...

Oh I'm soooo excited for you but I also understand exactly how you feel. I too am not very good at flying - I seem to be getting worse as I get older and I always worry about leaving my boys. We do it so rarely though that I really enjoy it when we do have a break and I'm always so excited to see them when we get back. You are going to have a wonderful time. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Being Me said...

Oh, Jodie! What an amazing trip!

I don't travel without our girl, no I don't. We've had one overnighter together without her in five years and that's it. Need/want just hasn't arisen yet. I might feel differently once she's at school, I guess, but.... I suppose it'd be a far different story if we had people to call on whom we could trust wouldn't get a ruffled feather or stress if they had her (you know?).

I am stoked for you. Wow what a journey you're in for! I just randomly @'ed you in to a tweet I did about a vlog I'm doing on Twitter and you've deleted your account :( I've missed something, obviously xxoxo Hope you're taking care of you. Much love.

Denwise aka Denyse Whelan said...

Have a wonderful time. It will be hard to leave the boys. But it's time. Time for you and hub to look into each others eyes, clink glasses & say "I love you" ....... Not "who just said they need to go to the toilet"
Parents who love each other as you two do, need time alone to remember that......I know it's a different story for every couple, and I was lucky to have my parents take our kids while we could have little breaks. We used to do the same for our grandkids but my hub's PD means fewer nights over for the kids as he needs his peace & quiet.
Last week Jodie I was a bit concerned as you were feeling over-tired. I think your hub has found you the tonic!
I am also booked for NYC in July 12 for BlogHer, so my lovely lady...can I borrow you & your book when you get back!!!!!
Have a ball! love Denyse xx

Lisa Lintern said...

OH WOW! You go girl! What an amazing time you will have. Yes, it will be hard leaving the boys initially but as so many before me here have said, it's time to dedicate some special time to the 'original two'...
Can't wait to hear all about it. xoxo

Alice said...

Have never actually done an extended trip like with hubby, minus kids. Though I did go to my sister's wedding in Brazil, with our youngest earlier this year. Wish that hubby could have gone with with me then.

New York is one of my fave places in the world. Have been there twice, long before I met hubby, and then again in 2001, before kids. Have a wonderful time. You'll love it!!