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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stuff To Look Out For

Last week, I wrote a 'Stuff to Look Out For - 10 Great Gift Ideas for the Kids'. This week, I'm sharing a few other products with you. 

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First up...the following product I absolutely adore. It would make a beautiful gift for that special lady/girl in your life.

I was offered a pendant by Koolaman Designs. Koolaman Designs was founded by two sisters (Lisa O'Keefe and Stacey Clayton) four years ago who decided to start a small business to keep them busy while their kids were at school. They named the business after Koolaman Station, a 73,000 acre sheep and wheat property that has been in Lisa's husband's family for decades. The business itself is made up of a team of rural mums in NSW and Vic who handstamp the jewellery from their homes.

Mine has my three boys' first names stamped on it.

I can't stop wearing mine. I feel like my boys are with me when I have it on. LOVE.

There's a bunch of pendant designs to choose from and the company also do cufflinks, keytags, bangles, chains and they even have a Christmas range. Check out all the products here.

I was sent one of the OTI ('On to It') Organisers recently.

Firstly, I love purple. In fact, when I eventually get around to organising my half of our study, I've already planned a lot of white with a little green and purple featured throughout. So this is perfect!

It's not just pretty though. I'm really impressed with the layout and all the useful extras the diary has.

I love the page set out of the main section of the diary. There's space to write appointments etc, and then there's a column for planning your daily exercise, meals and a To Do and People to Contact box. Like this...

Click to enlarge for a better look.

It also has an inner sleeve pocket for papers/receipts, a 'Going Away' section to list travel arrangements, an Entertaining planning section (list the Event/party and all the details there), sticky notes, a pen and a removable Contacts & Info section.

I really love mine. To check out the full range or purchase one for yourself, check out OTI's website.

Okay, this product is amazing.

When I was offered The Knot Genie, I was intrigued, but with three boys (and naturally curly hair myself I tend to wear au naturale most of the time) I didn't really feel I could test it properly. So I scored a Knot Genie for my friend, Jen, to use on her gorgeous daughter, Miss C.

To be honest, when you first look at it - and especially after you feel the comb - it just doesn't feel like it's going to get through the knots. Jen assures me it does. (She said it pulls a little, but nothing like a normal comb would.)

But really impressive are these BEFORE and AFTER shots Jen took:



And with a ponytail. Gorgeous!

How's this? The Knot Genie was one of the gifts included in this year's swag bags for celebs at The 2011 Emmy's.

You can order your Knot Genie from here.

BABY BOWL - Kim McCosker
Here's an Australian published cookbook for baby's first foods.


I used Annabel Karmel's first food cookbook when my boys were little. And look, it was fine, but it's great to have an Australian cookbook which takes in to account our local produce here. Kim McCosker is the author of the 4 Ingredients bestselling cookbook series. This book has a lot of great features, including:

- a handy list of weights & measurements
- a list of kit tools for making baby food
- info on storing food, defrosting & nutrition
- allergies
- menu planner

The book is set out by age then there are sections on finger foods, foods for in the car, foods for babies when they have a cold (to boost their immunity etc).

I sent my copy to my niece (she's my age) who has a bubba, and she was looking forward to trying the recipes. I'd buy one for sure if I had another little one again. (Gah!)

Pick up a copy at your local bookstore. (I saw it in Coles as well.)

I was sent some Finish Quantum dishwasher tablets and encouraged to get messy in the kitchen.* Ha! Like I need an excuse to get mucky!

Finish Quantum have a Messy Meal Challenge going on at the moment. They're on the hunt to find Australia's messiest meal family. Families are encouraged to submit their videos or pics of their messy meals at www.messymeals.com.au by 22 October (so get in quick!). They'll select the three most entertaining, and then the public vote for the winner.

The family that wins gets $25,000 and star in the next Quantum Finish tv ad!

Now, seeing that I don't put my family on my blog, so therefore wouldn't put them in a tv ad either, I thought I'd just give the Finish Quantum tablets a run for their money and see how they fared after our own messy meal:

Moussaka for Main.
That created a LOT of dishes!

Can you imagine the chocolate mess after this?

Chocolate Mousse completed. Nom.

I did what I usually do when preparing the dishes for the dishwasher - I rinsed them quickly, whacked them in and VOILA! They came out beautifully clean. I was impressed, because sometimes I have leftover residue on my dishes, especially after meals like this (and then I have to scrub them. I hate that). I'd recommend the Finish Quantum tablets, for sure. 

* For full disclosure, I also received a Woolworths voucher for my food. However, I was not paid to write this post - all of my opinions are my own. I wouldn't tell you I liked something if I didn't!

So there you go. Some great products to look out for!


Kymmie said...

Thanks for sharing Jodie. I love my dishwasher tablets (I use these ones too!) and I have a Koolaman Designs necklace exactly the same. So beautiful!

The knot genie does sound like magic, because with long haired boys, it's a nightmare in the mornings!


Mr P said...

OMG Jodie...this is Mr P, you know me, I am the Dad of Miss C and the lucky husband of Mrs Jen. Can I say, unprompted, unfunded, unsponsored....I love the knot Genie. I don't do promos. I don't do talk about your thoughts stuff....blah blah blah. I am basically a grumpy person. But when I heard that you had done a review on the Genie and not included a view from a dad then I had to say something. Can I say I LOVE that damn thing. I used to fight with Miss C about looking tidy and getting piggy tails done...it was a drama. This thing (and I don't know how) makes the hair, tidy, manageable able to be put into piggy or pony tails easy. I love it, I am impatient and as fast as i can do the hair it can take it and we are done and off to school. if it was $100 i would buy it. I swear I love it. If you want less stress in the morning and more time to ponder the global financial crisis then OMG buy this ....full stop. You will wonder what the hell you did with your time before you owned it. It was like I said to Mrs Jen "why didn't someone invent this before"...bugger i missed out again.

Jodie Ansted said...

Mr P - I am lovin' your input here. So much so, I reckon you should join the MM team and become a reviewer.

Give my love to the misses. J

River said...

Totally unrelated, I have an award for you at my blog.

I love the jewellery with your boys names on it.

Jayne said...

I have the purple OTI Organiser. I can't wait for 2012 so I can use it. Those meal plans on the same page as everything else are what sold it for me.