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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Write on Wednesdays - Choosing My Own Adventure

It's time for Write on Wednesdays ('WoW') with InkPaperPen

Well, there has been a little bit of a hiatus with Cassie and Kate's story as of late, as I haven't contributed to WoW for a few weeks. Gah!

Anyway, I'm making a little time to get back in to it this week, with the theme to basically choose a theme previously posted on WoW and either try it or retry it. I've chosen 'I remember'...

*     *     *     *     *

Cassie sat at her desk, reordering the files in front of her in to alphabetical order. I hate filing, she thought, and looked around to see if she could busy herself with anything else. She glanced over at Tom, one of the sales guys on the desk. “Hey Tom,” she called to him. He looked up, and smiled at her in anticipation. She held her breath. She must be desperate for an alternative to filing to have bothered him. He was always hitting on her. Like at the office Christmas party last year when he cornered her at the local bar, and with his breath smelling of stale beer had leaned in closely and asked if he could take her home and ravage her body. She’d had to physically push him away. She shuddered at the memory. He wasn’t awful to look at. In fact, he was very good-looking: dark, short hair. Brown eyes. A perfect, white smile. But on the inside, he was as ugly as they came. Egotistical. Crude. A typical sleaze bag, in Cassie’s book.

“You have anything for me?” she asked, turning her nose up slightly at him, hoping her body language would send the message she intended it to.

He smiled wider, “Oh, you bet I do,” and he glanced down at his pants.

“You’re disgusting,” she said and immediately started busying herself at her desk.

He laughed. “You love it,” he shot back, and then he turned and went back to tapping away at the keyboard again.

Cassie sighed. Looks like it’s filing for me then, she thought to herself and started to get up from her desk. Being stuck in the filing room would probably be preferable to only Tom for company. Everyone else was in the weekly Friday wrap up meeting.

Just then, her phone started to ring. She sat back down and picked it up. Perhaps Kate was calling for a chat. “Good morning. Worthington Finance, Cassie speaking,” she said brightly.

“Well, hello there. I was hoping you’d pick up.” Cassie smiled broadly. It wasn’t Kate. It was Dan.

“Hello yourself,” Cassie said quietly, smiling to herself and drawing the phone closer to her ear. “I’m surprised you remember my name, you’ve been away for so long now.”

Dan laughed. “It’s only been a week. I remember you.” He paused before lowering his own voice. “How could I forget someone as special as you?” Cassie smiled again. She could hear the genuineness in his voice and her heart suddenly swelled. Dare she think he was missing her as much as she was missing him?

“You still coming back tonight?” she whispered hopefully in to the phone.

“Yep. My flight’s in at seven. I can meet you around eight, if that’s okay?”

“Perfect. But I warn you; I’ll be starving by then. FYI: I get very grumpy when I’m hungry.”

“Really? I can’t imagine it. I guess it will have to be something substantial then. Do you eat steak?”

“Of course!” Cassie replied, scoffing.

“Okay, okay,” Dan laughed. “I should have known. How about we meet at The Oaks at eight? I’ll cook your steak for you. I’m an awesome cook, actually.”

“Really?” Cassie replied. “That might come in handy. I’m hopeless. But whilst I lack in cooking, I excel in other areas.” She was flirting with him. They had been texting back and forth in a similar vein all week.

“Well, perhaps after dinner, you’d like to show me what you can do?” He laughed. Cassie giggled. Suddenly, Tom cleared his throat, and Cassie realised she’d almost forgotten where she was.

She cleared her throat. “Well, I have to go. That sounds fine. All good. See you at eight, then?” Her voice was all business again.

Dan laughed, “You have company, huh? No problem. We’ll pick up where we left off later tonight. See you then.”

“Looking forward to it. Bye.” Cassie replaced the receiver.

She glanced over at Tom who was sitting back in his chair, smirking at her. She shot him a look of disdain before getting up, grabbing the pile of folders and walking towards the filing room, smiling triumphantly.

*     *     *     *     *

To read more entries, or to take part in WoW yourself, head over to InkPaperPen.


Miss Pink said...

I have missed these.

Lisa said...

ooohh! Can't wait for the next instalment! :-)

Stephanie said...

Yay! I've missed this story!
I smiled a little myself when she was talking to Dan on the phone. I love a good romance phone session! LOL.
Lovely writng Jodie! Excited to read the next chapter of this beautiful story.

Kimberlee said...

You are just such a natural with this whole storyline. Great writing. :D

Sarah Mac said...

I've missed this story too so I'm very pleased you're back!

I love a bit of romance, all that anticipation and hope:)

And Tom? Hmmm, we've all come across HIS type before!

Great story.

InkPaperPen said...

I have missed the story too! I see you have your bank name? Good choice. Sounds very realistic.

How gross is Tom??? When he gestures to his pants...ew. Though I think he could add a layer to this story. Perhaps, he is not as ugly on the inside as he seems? Or perhaps he is? You could keep us all guessing if you decided to add a bit of depth to his character..He could provide the curveball twist in the plot! Just throwing ideas at you, not sure whether you have a plan or are making it up as you go. I love that Dan is cooking Cassie's steak. It's like a modern day hunter/gatherer thing. Come to The Oaks and let me grill your steak? Perfect.

Lovely to have you back, Jodi

Janelle said...

Yay, go Cassie! Love a bit of phone flirting at the office. And Tom - um, hello, sexual harrassment?!

I have totally been drawn in to this story, it's like hanging out for an episode of your favourite TV show each week!